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Are we There yet? Current adoption status of various technologies
  • Well you have to state why it wasn't good. It was incredibly region-dependent, but if you live near one of their endpoints the latency wasn't noticeable and the quality was great, as it was for me.

    In the end I got to play a bunch of games for free, and have an extra controller I still use, so there's that. They made us whole, at least, after they shut down (I even imported my into the breach save game into Steam with Google takeout after)

  • Spacetop G1 is a $1900 laptop that uses a pair of Augmented Reality glasses as a display - Liliputing
  • There are people reverse engineering the glasses right now (I have a pair):

    One of my longshot projects is to convert my framework laptop main board to exactly this. I basically use the glasses a lot more than the screen at this point (it's more convenient at night before bed)

  • This week in KDE: Triple buffering and other sources of amazingness
  • I installed the beta with this, and I believe this fixed a bunch of flashing while streaming games from a KDE desktop in Wayland when streaming over 120fps using Sunshine (the desktop would flash every now and again, this didnt happen using Hyprland, which I switched back from)

  • Released: NVIDIA 555.42.02 Linux Beta Brings Wayland Explicit Sync, GSP Firmware
  • By some definition. They have always been usable to some degree because I think animators or something use Linux commercially on Nvidia, and for gpgpu they are still top class on linux (nothing comes close)

    They haven't always been the best for gaming or desktop (Wayland) use though, since Intel and AMD opened up their drivers.

    Arguably in my experience Nvidia has been far less buggy for the last 30+ years on x11, and with this change they may have finally reached parity on Wayland, haven't tried it myself.

  • New Teslas might lose Steam
  • I never wait around while the car is charging (generally only charge at home), but this has been useful for waiting to board a ferry, actually being in the car on a ferry, and waiting for road closures to clear.

    I also do have a steam deck, and this is basically the same thing but with a bigger screen.

  • Does anyone use emacs as their main terminal emulator?
  • I went the other way, I've used emacs key bindings for over a decade and switched to evil because it appears most things in doom emacs worked better.

    Magit is still a bit of a mess with evil, though, but is manageable.

    Maybe one day I'll switch back again, but my fingers know both.

  • Does anyone use emacs as their main terminal emulator?

    I've been using konsole (and iterm2 on my work mac) for most of my working career, but on the linux side, I've recently switched to Kitty, but now I'm wondering if I can finally get used to just using emacs on both.

    Does anyone use emacs as their main terminal? Is there one better than ansi-term that supports modern features like libsixel?

    I still can't quite get used to the keybindings (like C-c twice for ^C) and some other weirdness.

    Scanner Sombre: Analysis of a Flawed but Underappreciated Game
  • I guess you and I just have different tastes. I don't think I've watched 1 hour+ videos that were just repeating, but the only ones I've watched that are that long are Dan Olson and Super Eyepatch Wolf.

    With those I intend to watch half now and watch half later, but end up engaged enough to just watch them through in a single sitting

  • Localllama setup for $100k.
  • Depends on what you're doing with it, but prompt/context processing is a lot faster on Nvidia GPUs than on Apple chips, though if you are using the same prefix all the time it's a bit better.

    The time to first token is a lot faster on datacenter GPUs, especially as context length increases, and consumer GPUs don't have enough vram.

  • Composerize - online tool converts docker commands to compose yml
  • I guess it's finally to the point where selfhosters can admit to using k8s and not be bombarded by comments saying it's overkill, which has happened in the past for:

    • Self hosting at all
    • Using VMs
    • Using containers
    • Using docker compose
    • Using k8s (⬅️ I guess we are here)
    • Using helm charts or whatever ends up replacing this

    Anyway, I believe there is a tool also to turn docker compose files into k8s manifests if we want to take this a step further!

  • Self-Destructing Chips: Researchers Unveil Techniques to Thwart Sophisticated Cyberattacks
  • Still, having this option can't be a bad thing. Ultimately it's an engineer (or PM I suppose) that decides to use this chip based on the product requirements.

    Sometimes you want to fail closed, or purposefully fail catastrophically if some constraints aren't met.

  • Enable Firefox's revamped tablet interface on Android
  • Not gonna bother setting up Nightly (switching browsers is a pain), but I hope this carries over to Samsung DeX's desktop mode, one of the updates a few months ago made the font way too large in DeX mode, making it almost unusable in that mode.

  • Streaming games using Sunshine (the gamestream implementation) now works a lot better on nVidia/wayland Is NvFBC for X11-only? · LizardByte/Sunshine · Discussion #2060

    When I try to use NvFBC inside hyprland (a wlroots-based wayland compositor), it seems like it looks for an X server: [2024:01:24:13:59:45]: Error: Failed to create session: Version mismatch betwee...

    Is NvFBC for X11-only? · LizardByte/Sunshine · Discussion #2060

    Yes, yes, I know, buy AMD, but I already have nVvdia to use CUDA, but this new patch on the nightly branch (on arch, you can use sunshine-git but with my patch here: finally makes it so that I don't have to "dual boot" into X11 to get game streaming at full performance.

    Prior to this, wayland-based streamers had to make a round-trip through CPU ram, and now it stays within GPU ram and thus we can stream 4k on nvidia/Wayland!


    PSA: If you are having trouble with your pals leaving their breeding pens

    ... check that the breeding ranch is fully within your base's blue circle.

    The building is massive, and the game lets you have part of it outside, but I ran into a ton of bugs with pals going into a weird state where they can't be assigned after they un-assign themselves to the pen (usually when fast travelling).

    (Edit: this is before patch 1.3.0)


    Palworld | TGS 2023 Trailer | Pocketpair | Multiplayer | Character Customization

    Anyone heard of this? I've been following it since the first few trailers looked fake, but now I'm more convinced this is going to be a real game (and actually looks kinda good).


    New Framework Blog: Production Update on AMD We are not sustainable

    We are not sustainable. And neither is any other device maker. This industry is full of “feel good” messaging, but generates 50 million metric tons of e-waste each year. We believe there's a better way.

    We are not sustainable

    > Production update on Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) > > We continue to be on track to start shipments before the end of the month on the new Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series). Last week we shared that SMT (Mainboard production) had started, and this week we’ve begun final assembly of laptops. We also pulled some early units to send out to press reviewers to make sure that you can see exactly where we’ve landed on performance and battery life. We have another happy bit of news to share with you: our Lead System Architect Kieran was able to implement a firmware solution to reduce power consumption when using HDMI and DP Expansion Cards on the back two slots. The only remaining power issue is with USB-A Expansion Cards on the back slots, which we are investigating a future USB-A Expansion Card hardware revision to resolve.

    Looks like the first few AMD laptops have been manufactured and press samples have been sent out!


    Is there a good reason why AMD APUs just aren't used with massive amounts of (V)RAM just like the Mac M2 is?

    Is it just memory bandwidth? Or is it that AMD is not well supported by pytorch well enough for most products? Or some combination of those?


    Anyone have a good working hibernate set-up in Linux?

    My set-up is roughly analogous to this:

    Summary is that I use full-disk encryption (FDE) and use the TPM to decrypt the swap, and use full lockdown mode with a kernel patched to allow hibernation.

    Suspend-then-hibernate (in my opinion) is a must-have feature for a laptop that goes in a backpack -- if I close my laptop's lid and put it in my backpack, I expect it to both not overheat, and to have some amount of battery left regardless of when I decide to take it out again.

    Anyway, does anyone have it working well, or any other tips?

    One thing I've been toying with is using a systemd script to drop the filesystem caches before hibernating to have it resume faster.


    Don't use Proton Experimental for Baldur's Gate 3 (anymore)

    It causes a bunch of weird controller errors, such as when a controller disconnects (or if the deck goes to sleep), it can't reconnect again.

    Just let it use the default version (which I believe should be Proton Hotfix, or whatever Valve decides it should be since BG3 is an AAA headliner, they'll want this to work)


    Anyone having controller / multiplayer split-screen issues on Steam Deck?

    I use primarily 8bitdo controllers (in xbox emulation mode, so they show up as xbox controllers), and so far I've ran into several major bugs; wondering if others have experienced the same (i.e. it's something wrong with my setup) or found any workarounds

    1. The controllers show up as 2 controllers when steam input is turned on -- to workaround this, I need to go into Steam's controller settings and turn off "Steam Input for XBox controllers", and they show up as one again.

    2. It seems to have controllers working, they need to be connected before the game starts.

    3. When loading a game with 2 controllers connected to the same computer, if you go into the session manager to move characters around (hit start -> LB I think), your first player's screen disappears forever and is unusable.

    4. When a controller disconnects, you have to restart the entire game to reconnect them -- I can't figure out how to rejoin if a controller goes to sleep.

    Edit: forgot to mention this is on (stock) steam deck. Turns out the problem was Proton Experimental, it works a lot better when I turn off "Force use of specific compatibility version".


    Using the framework to upgrade multiple Samsung SSD firmwares has been a breeze.

    I just had a second Samsung 980 PRO start dying, and had several more in my homelab cluster, so I was dreading doing this on my desktop computer (I have a small form factor), but it was a breeze on the framework.

    I used a gparted liveUSB with the firmware on it (the tool is actually just a x86_64 binary), unscrewed the back screws (the captive screws makes it so I don't even need a screw tray), then took off the keyboard, and popped in the SSD, pop the keyboard back in its magnet and go and upgrade.

    The brilliant part is that the keyboard is attached by magnets, and is easy to pop on and off to replace the SSDs, and before I knew it, all 5 SSDs were upgraded.


    Anyone else on Telus PureFibre 3Gbps?

    Yes, yes, who needs speeds this fast, but it was cheaper than my 1Gbps plan before this.

    Anyway, we switched for 3 weeks and it's been down twice for us now (both on weekends). It's like I'm beta testing their new backbone or something -- any other early adopters want to share their experience?

    2023-07-19 Edit: since posting this it went down 3 more times. The TELUS on-hold music is starting to give me PTSD. There was something wrong with their backend where my network access hub kept getting un-registered (and my account getting unregistered), multiple times, but it's been okay for 24 hours now (knock on wood).

    A tech came by monday morning to look at it, and all they did was call their backend team, but he gave me specific instructions to give the frontline support, which was useful, but still frustrating.

    I'm at I think about a 50% rate on "if we get disconnected, we'll call you back".


    What's everyone's favourite "oh shit" live ISO?

    I've been using gparted live for the most part to repair all sorts of stuff, but I'm wondering if anyone else has any other more modern recommendations, preferably even ones with Wifi or more graphics card support!

    I also find installing deb packages to be way slower than they should be on a modern system (what are deb packages doing that alpine apk and arch packages don't??)

    Bonus if they boot fast, too.


    self hosting (somewhat private) images and videos (or RTMP streams)

    Does anyone have a recommendation for someone with a domain name and a k8s cluster where I can set up a simple image and/or video host?

    I don't want to have to use Imgur anymore, and am more than capable of setting up cloudflared, and just want to share a screenshot or two, or perhaps show some friends something cool in a video game without having to go through YouTube or Twitch.


    Anyone figure out how to update without reinstalling it?

    I've had the green "update available" icon forever in, has anyone tried anything to finish the update?


    start search when hitting Enter (or ✔️) on the touch keyboard

    Right now when you hit Return (or it actually turns to a ✔️ in the search bar), all it does is close the keyboard. I think the better behaviour would be to do the search.

    Great app btw, and didn't know you were on my home instance (and country?? 😁)


    Anyone self-hosters using IPv6 internally with k8s/k3s?

    Just wondering how many of us use ipv6 for our local hosts, as with my router upgrade, my ISP only allows me to have 253 IP ipv4 addresses (and I don't want to have to buy a new router/gateway, a 10gbe router/gateway is expensive).

    Anyway, do you guys use statically assigned ULA addresses? Statically assigned global addresses? DHCPv6? SLAAC? What do you guys do for DNS resolution, avahi/mdns everywhere (given that ipv6 addresses seem to change all the time).

    I've currently mostly gotten ipv6 working (dual stack) on machines I touch, my my k3s cluster is out of commission until I can figure out a way to not have them consume any precious ipv4 addresses.

    I'm not even sure what prefix I want to choose for the cluster / service CIDR, should I be using a ULA or the one specified, 2001:cafe:42::