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Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs
  • They can even list there and sell Steam keys on their website and not pay any of that to Valve, with the only stipulation that Steam keys cannot be sold for less than on Steam itself.

    So basically:

    1. You don't need to publish there
    2. But if you do, you can still publish elsewhere
    3. And you can sell Steam keys directly with no cut to Valve

    You only pay the 30% cut for sales made through Steam.

    That's incredibly reasonable.

  • Hilmar Pétursson: Making CCP tech open source will enable Eve Online to live forever
  • No, the portions outside the EE directory are both open source and free software because it satisfies the definitions of both. The software in the EE directory satisfies neither. The combined work is neither, it's a mix of FOSS and source-available.

  • Hilmar Pétursson: Making CCP tech open source will enable Eve Online to live forever
  • From reviewing the license, the portions under the ee directory are not open source, they're source-available with some additional grants of rights given certain conditions.

    Here's the definition I use for "open source", and here's the one I use for "free software". Most (all?) free software licenses meet the definition of free software, but not all open source licenses meet the definition of free software, so that's why I tend to set that free software is a subset of open source software.

  • me💻irl
  • hairpin NAT

    I use a Mikrotik router, so it probably does. I'll have to check it out. I assume it can do SNI-based routing just like haproxy, but if not, I'll have to move haproxy to my LAN and just do a TCP tunnel in my VPS.

    But yeah, doing this and internal DNS should make for a more robust system, thanks for the breakdown.

  • Unofficial Reddit API
  • I think it's fine, but the emotional downvotes really bother me (i.e. people seem to prefer consensus over quality of discuss, just look at any post criticizing Biden). That's not different from Reddit, it's just not better.

    But there's plenty of good discussion, so I'm happy for the time being. But I'm not really loyal to lemmy and don't see much point in the fediverse/activitypub, so the only thing holding me here is the lack of a better alternative.

  • I'm working on a P2P Reddit/Lemmy alternative using Iroh. Any interest? Thoughts?
  • Not yet, I don't release projects until they're useful for others with just the documentation provided, and I've been taking a bit of a hiatus due to family vacations and whatnot.

    I do have a private git repo I'm working in, and I'll make it public once it's usable. I have basic infrastructure set up and multiple clients can communicate, but they don't yet share the full state. Next steps are:

    1. Clients should be able to connect and sync the full state by just fetching differences
    2. Some basic level of moderation - planning for something like a web of trust, but with transitive, fractional trust
    3. Stress testing and a rapid rollout plan for relays (needed to connect peers); I have one relay, but I'll probably need a swarm if it gets any kind of traction

    It'll probably take a few months of work to get there, but I have the basics of 2 in the works, and I think the library I'm using for 1 is going to get a 1.0 release soonish, so I might delay until then. Things that won't work when I launch:

    • web - it'll be a desktop only app, but the client is built in tauri, so web may be an option eventually
    • mobile - tauri's mobile support is still in beta, so I won't launch with that (and it's a lot of work getting releases going)
    • non-text posts - only links or text are supported, markdown works too
    • fediverse bridge - I'd like to build this, but I don't understand ActivityPub well enough to just jump in yet

    Anyway, I'll post on a few places once it's ready. Maybe by the end of the year, by probably not.

  • Unofficial Reddit API
  • Yup. I'm excited about P2P alternatives, where you get the benefits of centralization (one namespace like /r/whatever instead of instance/c/whatever) as well as the benefits of decentralization (no single point of failure).

  • Unofficial Reddit API
  • Yup, I had been looking for alternatives for years, but none seemed "ready." When the API change was announced, my definition of "ready" suddenly changed and I came to Lemmy. It's good enough, but I'll bail as soon as something better comes along.

  • [Hardware Unboxed] I Tested Every Game I Own on an Intel Arc GPU
  • "The algorithm" is merely tuned for what people tend to click on and watch. There are no backroom bosses deciding what arbitrary hoops people should jump through when making content, it's just how humans tend to pick content from a sea of options.

    It only "drowns out" ideas that are less popular among viewers in a similar way as political polling tends to ignore smaller parties. If you want niche content, you're going to have to dig for it, and that's true regardless of what "the algorithm" does.

  • What does the Libertarian candidate really believe? | Chase Oliver | Just Asking Questions, Ep. 25

    The L.P. presidential candidate clarifies his views, amid criticisms that he is too "woke."SubscribeYouTube: https://podcas...

    What does the Libertarian candidate really believe? | Chase Oliver | Just Asking Questions, Ep. 25

    This interview mostly goes over social policy, so I hope there's a follow-up with fiscal policy as well.

    Here's an AI-generated transcript, which has some mistakes but hopefully is helpful. I tried copying it here, but it was too long.

    Some interesting tidbits I liked:

    • Liz challenged Chase on gender affirming care - his response was "no to surgery before 18, yes to medication if parents and doctors agree"
    • open borders - wants an "Ellis Island"-style system where you register and then get to work, while still maintaining a strong police presence to keep out criminals
    • courting those on the right of the LP - wants to work together on common causes, but will disagree on social issues
    • vaccine mandates - no mandates from the government, but private businesses absolutely can; he thinks businesses requiring masks/vaccines is stupid because it limits customers

    The whole discussion was pretty interesting, and I think it's interesting that Liz Wolfe came out as more conservative than Zach (apparently, Zach rarely discusses personal opinions).

    So far I'm pretty happy with Chase as the candidate because:

    • he's pretty well-spoken - reminds me a bit of Gary Johnson with less "aloof"-ness
    • he appears confident and seems to do a good job justifying his positions on core libertarian principles
    • very different from both Trump and Biden, so he should contrast well
    • going after young voters - he's young, and he's highlighting issues that young people seem to care about, so I'm hopeful that'll resonate with young voters

    I certainly disagree with him on some issues, but I think he'll be a good voice for the party. I would like to see more discussion on economic policy though.

    Anyway, what are your thoughts? Are you excited for a Chase Oliver campaign, or do you think the Libertarian Party should have made a different choice?


    IRS opening free online tax filing program to all states

    This is exciting for me because:

    • I model ny taxes in my spreadsheet anyway, so I'm likely to notice a mistake
    • I usually use FreeTaxUSA to file for free, and this means there's one less party to share my personal information with
    • my state's taxes are pretty simple, so I don't need state-specific tax software

    I hope this helps simplify things for some people and save a bit of money as well. I'm going to try it out next year.

    Do any of you estimate your taxes? Are you interested in trying out this service?

    1 Aeon Desktop Brings New Features in RC2 Release

    Contributors developing the Aeon Desktop are happy to announce a major milestone with the launch of Release Candidate 2 (RC2) images. Within the last 24 hour...

    Aeon Desktop Brings New Features in RC2 Release

    Looks like most of the improvements have nothing to do with GNOME, so they should also probably impact Kalpa (the KDE MicroOS distro).

    I'm particularly interested in these developments because I'm going to upgrade the CPU on my NAS (old Phenom II -> Ryzen 1700), and I'm considering reinstalling w/ MicroOS. It's currently running on an old SATA SSD, but NVMe drives are getting so cheap that it's probably worth an upgrade.

    6 Chase Oliver Is the Libertarian Party's Presidential Pick Chase Oliver is the Libertarian Party's Presidential pick

    Chase Oliver of Georgia won the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination in dramatic fashion on Sunday night.

    Chase Oliver Is the Libertarian Party's Presidential Pick Chase Oliver is the Libertarian Party's Presidential pick

    > Oliver's victory on Sunday night was a blow to the Mises Caucus, the right-leaning faction that took control of the Libertarian Party at the 2022 convention and that had orchestrated Trump's appearance at the convention. That faction's preferred candidate was Rectenwald.

    I'm not a fan of the Mises Caucus, so I think this is hilarious.

    > There was widespread media attention in recent weeks fixated on whether the Libertarian Party would nominate a prominent non-Libertarian like Kennedy or even Trump. > > Neither got anywhere close to winning. Kennedy was eliminated after the first round of balloting, while Trump did not even qualify for the first round and received just six write-in votes.

    Good on you LP.

    Now, I know next to nothing about Chase Oliver, but being gay and young will certainly set him apart from the old men he's competing against. I hope he'll get a good amount of media attention to spread the libertarian message.

    Anyway, what are your thoughts? Did the convention make the right call? Would one of the other candidates have been better? Would you prefer no candidate?

    6 Bill Perkins - Memory Dividends, Time Buckets, and Maximizing Net Fulfillment

    Bill Perkins, author of Die with Zero, joins Chris Hutchins on the All the Hacks podcast to discuss memory dividends and how to spend money!

    Bill Perkins - Memory Dividends, Time Buckets, and Maximizing Net Fulfillment

    I haven't finished listening to this, and unfortunately there isn't a transcript. According to the comments, the transcript exists on Spotify (I don't have a subscription, sorry), so that can be an option.

    Anyway, I'm well on my way to my number, so I've been thinking about maximizing my time while I wait for the market to do its thing.

    I've been listening to a lot of The Money Guy show recently, which has a lot of overlap with the FI mentality, and the recording theme is to optimize for enjoyment. I think that's something I've been forgetting recently, so I'm glad I found this podcast to help keep me grounded.

    Anyway, thoughts? How are you spending you time now? How to you expect that to change when you're FI? Are there changes you'd like to make to optimize things today?

    0 OpenVINO Arrives in openSUSE Releases

    While focused on the openSUSE Innovator initiative as an openSUSE member and Intel Innovator, it was frustrating for me to see that openVINO did not have sup...

    OpenVINO Arrives in openSUSE Releases

    From the website:

    > OpenVINO is an open-source toolkit for optimizing and deploying deep learning models from cloud to edge. It accelerates deep learning inference across various use cases, such as generative AI, video, audio, and language with models from popular frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, ONNX, and more. Convert and optimize models, and deploy across a mix of Intel® hardware and environments, on-premises and on-device, in the browser or in the cloud.


    Average Retirement Savings Balance by Age

    Here are just the number for all of you degenerates who just want some milestones for your spreadsheets.

    Average total retirement savings by age:

    • <35 - $49,130
    • 35-44 - $141,520
    • 45-54 - $313,220
    • 55-64 - $537,560
    • 65-74 - $609,230
    • >=75 - $462,410

    Average 401k balance by age:

    • <25 - $5,236
    • 25-34 - $30,017
    • 35-44 - $76,354
    • 45-54 - $142,069
    • 55-64 - $207,874
    • 65 and older - $232,710

    And retirement savings targets from various advisors:


    • 1x by 30
    • 3x by 40
    • 6x by 50
    • 8x by 60
    • 10x by 67


    • 1x by 35
    • 5x by 50
    • 7x by 70

    Anyway, do you like metrics like these?

    9 openSUSE Asia Summit Set for Tokyo

    openSUSE.Asia Summit will come back to Tokyo, Japan The openSUSE Project is exciting to announce that openSUSE.Asia Summit 2024 is going to be held in Tokyo,...

    openSUSE Asia Summit Set for Tokyo

    Important dates:

    • expected summit date is Nov. 2 and 3 soon after Open Source Summit Japan
    • call for speakers is going to end around the end of July

    There will be another announcement in a couple weeks.

    0 Planned outage of Weblate on May 14th

    The openSUSE will undergo a critical update with the migration of Weblate to a hosted solution. Shifting to a hosted solution for the web-based localization ...

    Planned outage of Weblate on May 14th

    May 10, 2024 (text in body)

    > For crying out loud, Jonah! Three days late, covered with slime, and smelling like fish! … And what story have I got to swallow this time?


    May 10 2024 (text in body)

    > You know what I’m sayin’? … Me, for example. I couldn’t work in some stuffy little office. … The outdoors just calls to me.


    May 10 2024 (text in body)

    > Look! Look, gentlemen! Purple mountains! Spacious skies! Fruited plains! … Is someone writing this down?


    May 10 2024 (text in body)

    > Sure, I’m a creature—and I can accept that … but lately it seems I’ve been turning into a miserable creature.

    2 Try Cockpit in Leap Release Candidate

    openSUSE Leap 15.6 exited Beta and entered its Release Candidate phase with build 669.1 last week. You can get Leap 15.6 RC install images from get.opensuse....

    Try Cockpit in Leap Release Candidate

    Looks like Leap 15.6 will ship with Cockpit, which looks pretty cool.

    I just set up a new VPS w/ Leap 15.5, so I'm thinking about giving this a try. I'm not a fan of YaST on the CLI, and I'm not going to install a GUI on my VPS, so being able to just SSH tunnel to the admin panel sounds really nice.

    Has anyone tried Cockpit (project link for the lazy)? It seems like it can manage most popular distros, so that's a pretty big value prop over YaST, which is pretty much only for SUSE. It looks like it's a RedHat project, but it's cool that openSUSE is pulling it in for 15.6.

    0 openSUSE Factory enabled bit-by-bit reproducible builds

    In March, the configuration for building openSUSE Factory was changed to be bit-by-bit reproducible (except for the embedded signature). Following this, the ...

    openSUSE Factory enabled bit-by-bit reproducible builds

    Monthly Recommendations Thread: What are you playing?

    It has been a while since the last one. So...

    Tell us what game you are currently, or recently played, greater than 6+ months old.

    If the game happens to be on sale, a link would be a plus.


    I'm working on a P2P Reddit/Lemmy alternative using Iroh. Any interest? Thoughts? Anyone interested in discussing a Lemmy/Reddit alternative? - Lemmy.World

    This is still very much early-days, but I’m thinking about building a distributed link aggregator. Some notes: - no servers (all P2P) except to connect peers - no “instances” so everything is in one namespace (so like reddit /r/community, not lemmy instance/c/community) - everyone is a moderator - m...

    The link goes to a related post on another community so I don't have to duplicate it here.

    Basically, I'd like to discuss tech options for a Reddit/Lemmy alternative. Here's what I've found:

    • Iroh - early days alternative to IPFS promising improved performance and application control
    • Appleseed - old-ish proposal for a distributed trust system - I'm thinking of using it for moderation (i.e. if you block/report similarly to someone else, that will get automated; you could also explicitly trust someone else [e.g. a CP-detector bot])
    • TrustNet - builds on Appleseed - still reading through the paper to know what it adds over Appleseed, if anything


    • distributed storage - worried the fediverse will scale poorly (become too expensive)
    • distributed moderation - power-hungry mods suck
    • local-first - cache/host stuff you care about, reserve some space for preservation


    • make money - it's a hobby for now, everything would be FOSS
    • image/video hosting - legal issues if you get random CP or something
    • preserve all data - I'd rather sacrifice older/less popular content than lose users - community can run caching servers
    • fediverse compat - P2P makes that difficult, but a bridge should be feasible

    Thoughts? What am I missing?

    Also, would anyone like me to post updates? It'll mostly be stuff from my research, if I post code, it won't be for a while (I have limited time).


    Anyone interested in discussing a Lemmy/Reddit alternative?

    This is still very much early-days, but I'm thinking about building a distributed link aggregator. Some notes:

    • no servers (all P2P) except to connect peers
    • no "instances" so everything is in one namespace (so like reddit /r/community, not lemmy instance/c/community)
    • everyone is a moderator - moderation based on a web of trust type system
    • desktop first, mobile/web later - web would require servers, mobile may have platform-specific issues
    • no plans to integrate with fediverse, but could be possible
    • initial intent is to be text-only - file storage could be supported later in an opt-in basis (for now, just link to an external img host), but I'm worried about disk storage since there's no central data lake and everyone needs to chip in some storage space

    Some technical details:

    • written in Rust and ReactJS - Tauri-based
    • uses Iroh for data synchronization
    • looking into Appleseed and maybe TrustNet for moderation

    Current status:

    • rewrote Appleseed and part of TrustNet to Rust for perf testing last weekend (Rust is waaay faster) - will probably rewrite again once I finish reading the paper (current code is a direct port)
    • have basic Tauri+Iroh app, but it's a glorified chat app w/ no syncing between peers (a peer can join a chat, but will lose access if the host goes down)
    • reading source code for SimpleX (re-learning Haskell too) - could be interesting for DMs or something

    I'm not sure how long I'll work on this, but I'll probably release some libraries under a relatively liberal license, so something like LGPL at the most stringent, but probably Apache/MIT (depends on if I need to clean-room the appleseed implementation).

    So, if there's interest here, I'm happy to post updates for discussion periodically.


    Should there be a right to digital privacy?

    I'm thinking something along the lines of the GDPR where companies must get consent to track you, and must delete your data upon request.

    I see a few arguments here:

    • yes, websites are like stores and have the obligations of a store to protect user data (IP address, HTTP headers, etc)
    • no because the internet is "the commons," so no expectation of privacy (no expectation that the website follows your local laws)
    • no because you're voluntarily providing the data, but you're well within your rights to block tracking attempts

    So, some questions to spark discussion:

    • does data collection violate the NAP?
    • does sale of personal data (without a TOS in place) violate the NAP?
    • if no to each of the above, is it worth violating the NAP to enforce a right to digital privacy?