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Letzte Fahrten für den Triebwagen CFe 2/4 11 der Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mürren Moitoi (@[email protected])

On the 3rd May and the 4th May, the Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen Mürren ran a heritage service between Grütschalp and Mürren. With this special service an era came at an end, the railcar CFe 2/4 11 made its last public runs (if not at all). The BLM will be successively withdrawing its entire rolling stock...

Moitoi (

Heute den 3. Mai und Morgen finden die letzten öffentlichen Fahrten von dem Triebwagen CFe 2/4 11 von der Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mürren. Die BLM hat keinen Platz mehr auf dem Netz für seine alte Triebzüge. Alle aktuelle Triebzüge werden dieses Jahr von neuen Niederflurtriebzügen von Stadler abgelöst.

Ich bin dafür Heute ins Berner Oberland gereist und habe ein, zwei Bildern genommen.

Behind the Baltimore bridge collapse is a familiar story of a corporation cutting corners
  • The growth is the god, the market is the Messiah and the invisible hand is a dogma.

    All are just beliefs.

    For the invisible hand, it's a dogma as at the beginning it meant the complete opposite of what it means since the 1960s.

  • The Progressive Left Protecting Pedophiles From Criticism
  • In France, the left is in denial on pedophilia. People saw it last month, this month and each year.

    France had and has many scandals on this topic and the left is actively protecting them. Matzneff. Miller and many others.

    A huge issue in France is psychoanalysis. People should not underestimate the power of psychoanalysis in France. This pseudoscience is everywhere in the politico-cultural field. In this pseudoscience, pedophilia isn't seen as bad. A well known French psychoanalysist, Françoise Dolto, said "In father-daughter incest, the daughter adores her father and is very happy to be able to taunt her mother!". The left still see Dolto has a good person.

    The left and the cultural microcosm will protect them as they have tides and that both are imprint of psychoanalysis.

  • What is your favourite book?
  • Empire of Normality, Neurodiversity and capitalism by Robert Chapman

    It's about the normalization of the human centered on eugenic and how it serves the capitalism to the detrimental of the neurodiversity and the neurodivergents.

  • What’s your best museum experience?
  • Musée Robert Tatin. Robert Tatin created an Univers of art naïf around his tiny house that become later a museum.

    It's a mix of sculpture and painting, outside and inside. People will find it weird and strange. I found it amazing and representative of a society.

  • I took the control of the internet


    Firefox Translate is coming to Android on Nightly


    AI generated texts and images are the Wordart of the 2020s



    Auf dem Bild befindet sich diesen Text:

    Sie befinden sich in einem FriedWald. Wir bitten Sie, diesen nicht als Toilette zu benutzen. Besten Dank.