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Because it takes slightly less mental energy to sit and stress than to do the thing.
  • I'm like this for most things except for cleaning the kitchen. It's essential to know she's counting on me, but if she's actually there I can't do anything. It could have something to do with the layout of our kitchen (she has to stand behind me if I'm washing dishes).

    If she was working on something at the table I could probably ignore her and focus on cleaning, but if she's trying to clean too, I can't.

  • Alberta to ban cellphones in kindergarten to Grade 12 classrooms starting this fall
  • A lot of kids are going to be begging for smart watches for Christmas I'd wager. I bet we'll see a surge of marketing for them. Probably emphasizing some sort of tracking/ safety feature to help kids convince their parents it's a perfect gift.

    Parents might make them swear up and down not to use them in class, but it's going to be tough.

  • Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic
  • This was anti sinovac because the Chinese vaccine wouldn't have chips in it, pentagon wanted Phillipines to get American vaccines with mind control chips.....

    Not my belief but pretty easy to see how they'd deal with it.

  • That’ll be Why the Median is Barely Over 40
  • I used median household income to account for the fact that not every person in a household is earning. I wasn't confident that median individual earnings would include people that aren't earning.

  • It's funny how many "Anti-Imperialists" decided "Might makes right" when Russia invaded Ukraine
  • Re: popular support for the war amongst Ukrainians in Ukraine: yeah we can't really know, and of course they can't have an election.

    Re: zelensky's attitude: I do think that the 'never surrender' approach is actually a very useful negotiation tactic and I don't know how you'd get people to fight at all if you tell them their just fighting for slightly better terms in a treaty...

  • TIL that the New Testament in the BIBLE was written nearly 100 years after Jesus Christ ~ 70 CE
  • So if Mark (believed to be the oldest Gospel IIRC) was like 20 when Jesus died, and then ~100 years later his story was written down. He was writing it down when he was 120? Seems more likely that Mark's 3rd generation students wrote it down after they realized that nobody had even second hand accounts of what had happened. Right? Mark had a mixture of first hand (things he saw) and second hand (things he heard about from people that saw them) accounts, his direct pupils had second & third hand accounts (things Mark told them, and they learned through correspondence with other Christian witnesses), but after 100 years those guys are dying too.

    How do they compile all the teachings they've received? How much of what they were taught was Mark and how much was Jesus?

    It seems like not a good way to get the message out....

    Jesus died so that whosoever believeth in him shall not die but shall have ever lasting life... but don't worry about like writing any of this down or anything for like 100 years. What does it mean to believe in him? I think that's clear enough, we don't need to elaborate.

  • It's funny how many "Anti-Imperialists" decided "Might makes right" when Russia invaded Ukraine
  • I hear what you're saying, but I think that as a human that thinks that democracy and human rights are like pretty important, it's hard for me not to support the people I see opposing a system like Russia's.

    And yeah I get that Ukraine's democracy has problems, and Russia is probably not as bad as western media would have us believe, but I can't believe I'm so deceived that democracies shouldn't resist imperial aggression.

    It sucks that ordinary people get their lives destroyed, but we should blame Russia, and support Ukrainians in resisting.

    And yeah I know you didn't say we shouldn't, and yeah of course a lot of Ukrainians want the war to just end. I don't know, it seems like lots still aren't ready to give up.

  • There are few things fascists hate as much as antifascist coalitions
  • My understanding of the comic is:

    The complainer is holding a MAGA hat so extrapolating that he actually is a MAGAT, he is letting the mask slip and admitting that MAGARepublicans are fascists, and people willing to vote for Biden are opposed to fascism.

    Is it your position that people willing to vote for Biden are fascists?

  • Saw a nazi today
  • I live in Vancouver but didn't grow up here. I know of the 88->HH dog whistle, and um 14 words or something like that but are there any others I ought to keep my kids away from?

  • That’ll be Why the Median is Barely Over 40
  • I see lots of people are pointing out that these numbers don't make sense. Here are some of my thoughts.

    I'm not an economist so I'm probably making some very basic mistakes but...

    GDP per capita is $76.3k [Google] Average household size 2.6. [Google] So GDP per household is $198.4k [Calculator]

    That is the mean productivity per household.

    But the median income per household is $75k [Google]

    So what happens to the $123.4k of productivity (198.4k-75k) per household that isn't paid to workers? It's in the outliers and is asset appreciation isn't it?

  • EVs Could Last Nearly Forever—If Car Companies Let Them
  • Any idiot can build a bridge that stands, but it takes an engineer to build a bridge that barely stands.


    In the defense of engineers, they are usually trying to optimize around a few more variables than ability to stand. Cost is a big one.

    If a car has a warranty of 10 years, it will last 11 years.

    ...If it's well engineered.

  • LILLEY: Trudeau Liberals brag of record on gun crime as shootings rise
  • Kinda strange to focus on Toronto when criticizing the federal liberals, but it's the TORONTO Sun so I guess that's fair...

    What's missing is a suggestion of actions for federal leaders to actually address the problem you're complaining about.

    There should be a way for good citizens to buy handguns. I don't think it has a big impact on gun crime in Canada. But I also don't think amplifying sentencing guidelines does a lot to percent gun crime. I think the best way to reduce crime is to create systems that make people less desperate.

  • Geopolitics community is just a propaganda outlet
  • Yeah I blocked him/ them after the mod insisted that Russia is a "down right democratic nation", and then didn't meaningfully engage with any of my followup/ clarifying questions.

    That's not a political view, that's an alternate reality.

    I'm actually opposed to banning the community though. I don't want to give him the satisfaction. As you suggest, Just block it and get on with your life.

  • I met a Ukrainian today

    I met a Ukrainian today. He is my age. I met him at school drop off, our sons are in the same kindergarten class.

    They recently arrived here from overseas. I welcome them, but I wish we had done more to help Ukraine.

    There are numerous places in the world where people are being displaced by state violence, but I don't think there's anywhere that it's being done by a global power so directly. It's similar to Gaza/Palestine & Israel, but Russia can end the war by simply going home.

    If we had been meeting our NATO obligations for the last 30 years, would this family have been driven out of their home? I don't know. (I actually know almost nothing about their personal circumstances)

    I just feel like we should have done more, and that it's not too late.


    Movies that you appreciate differently now?

    I have recently rewatched the movies Inside Out and Home Alone, having previously seen them while childless (I.O. as a young adult, H.A. many times at various ages).

    The parental behavior draws a lot more of my attention, and it really changes the movie for me.

    The parental panic when they don't know where their kid is, or if they're safe, just hits so much harder. Like, it's not that I didn't understand the movie before, I guess I just have a new appreciation for the parents emotions.

    Are there any other movies that you appreciate differently now that you have different experiences?


    noob hardware question

    I know this isn't build a pc, but everything over there is so gaming oriented I thought I might get better advice here.

    I'm a noob that wants a home media server for sharing photos of my kids with my family (across the country), video library sharing to some family members, and streaming my music collection to my phone (and maybe my dad's).

    But I'm considering ripping my father in laws extensive bluray collection (well seeing it up so he can rip them into my library) so I reckon a full tower is required for HDDs.

    I'm imagining unraid, with a big pile of used drives. What I like about that approach is that I can economically add storage as the video library grows as I/we rip. Or are used HDDs a false economy.

    I think the only processing intensive thing in the use case list is ripping and video library sharing. I have no concept of what sort of processing is required. Should I get a graphics card?

    There's a Lenovo TS-140 (E3-1226 V3) available available used for $80 Canadian. Is that a good place to start?



    Vancouver police report that they seized $60k in drugs, and a loaded gun after stopping a no-helmet cyclist Vancouver police seize gun, drugs after stopping no-helmet bicyclist - BC |

    A man was arrested after being found with a loaded gun and thousands of dollars worth of drugs in Vancouver.

    Vancouver police seize gun, drugs after stopping no-helmet bicyclist - BC |

    The cyclist was riding on the sidewalk, and ran a red light (a bit more justified to flag him down). He fled, eventually ditching the bike and fleeing by foot.

    I hope the police didn't screw up by performing an unjustified search.


    Helping a depressed friend

    My friend John mentioned that he has been feeling depressed lately. There have been some bad things in his logs that would make anyone sad but the things that normally bring him happiness aren't doing anything for him lately. It's something he has struggled with in the past. He has a counselor and has been prescribed anti-depressants. I'm not worried about him harming himself.

    My understanding is that part of being a friend to someone facing depression is reaching out to spend time with them.

    How much should I reach out? I don't want to harass him, and he has a wife and other friends (that are emotionally closer than me). His wife for sure knows what's going on, but I'm not sure about his other friends (our kids go to the same school so I actually see him more then most of his friends).

    I understand that sometimes depressed people neglect chores in their life, should I ask his wife if there's anything I could help him/them with?


    How can I help someone with a gambling problem?

    My neighbour (40/m) ("N") confided that his recently retired father (70/m) ("G") has started going to the casino twice a day (all day but he comes home for dinner).

    G's losses affect the food they eat (multi generational household).

    N doesn't really know what to do. I'm not so concerned for N, moreso his mother/G's wife.

    It's not my business but, when I was a kid my boyscout leader committed suicide after gambling away his house so I'm pretty sensitive to this sort of thing. I'd like to help if I can.

    Any advice?


    Adopted by Goose

    This goose has adopted my parents, and is attempting to establish residency in their cabin. We suspect it is domestic and escaped from its coop. It's a seasonal cabin and they're planning to close up soon. What should they do? Central Ontario. Near Bracebridge.

    UPDATE: A neighbor of theirs is set up for chickens, so could accommodate a goose. And shortly after making that arrangement an ad appeared in the community message board. So the goose is going home.


    What would happen if we mixed nuclear waste into gasoline

    I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the scale of the problem of nuclear waste. If we took all the nuclear waste produced in a year and evenly blended it into all gasoline burned in a year would the radiation be deadly? Dangerous? Detectable?

    It's easiest to get numbers for the US.

    2 000 000 kg of waste per year

    510 000 000 000 Liters of gasoline

    Obviously this isn't a real proposal, although I think it would reduce carbon emissions...


    is Luke Skywalker a superhero?

    Wikipedia says

    >A superhero or superheroine is a stock character that typically possesses superpowers, abilities beyond those of ordinary people, and fits the role of the hero, typically using their powers to help the world become a better place, or dedicating themselves to protecting the public and fighting crime.

    So yes, he is definitely dedicated to protecting the public, but it feels wrong to call him a super hero. What do you think?