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  • Always Online / Live Service
  • This is one of many reasons why I boycott a lot of AAA gaming companies nowadays. Not going to name names here, but they know who they are. I prefer indie devs/pubs, and stay the fuck away from anyone pushing FOMO crap, especially pre-order/early access DLC packages.

  • Americans can no longer afford a summer vacation
  • You sound pretty offended. I was merely offering it as an inexpensive option and I stand by my original statement.

    Camping is pretty cheap compared to other vacation types, where most would spend hundreds if not thousands staying at a hotel, dropping plenty on food, entertainment, transportation (planes and car rental) and who knows what other expenses.

    I don't spend more than $20-30 a night on all expenses. Initial costs might seem daunting to you, but you can get a tent, a sleeping bag, a cooler with food and a lighter for less than $150. If you can't afford that, you need to reprioritize some things in your life.

  • Americans can no longer afford a summer vacation
  • The solution is not to increase your income to compensate for the costs of living, but instead to lower your standards. I go off-trail camping every year and never think about the costs because it's fucking cheap. Getting away from civilization is the vacation. See you around the campfire!

    EDIT - Downvoting is easy. Haters gonna hate!

  • What the Switch 2 has to get right
  • Your grammar is atrocious.

  • not a bot

  • Allies of Donald Trump are pushing for the first nuclear tests in three decades
  • Then they better start cramming for finals, because their grades look like shit.

  • Gordon Ramsay approved.
  • I'm Ignatius Calhoun, 22nd President of the Tappahonnock Ham Society, and on behalf of the membership, thank you for chatting with us about a subject we hold most dear. I speak, of course, of ham.

  • [News] Many Malaysians hooked on AI-generated boyfriend app
  • Welcome to the end of the Anthropocene.

  • Funny bad games reviews
  • Not really a review channel, but Josh from Let's Game It Out is my favorite. He loves to break games, whether they are polished or janky. One of the few YT creators that I actually allow subscription notices.

  • Daybreak bought Palia studio Singularity 6 and aims to bring the game to launch
  • I picked up a few outfits last month because I wanted to support them, but now I'm gun-shy. I'm not entirely thrilled at this prospect. If they add combat or start adding any stereotypical MMO crap (gachapon, pay2win, etc), I'm definitely out; I'll go play Disney Dreamlight Valley instead.

  • Daybreak bought Palia studio Singularity 6 and aims to bring the game to launch
  • Agreed, as they weren't going to survive with their overpriced cosmetic shop being the only source of income. I will admit, I'm a bit worried with Daybreak picking it up, as they have a track record of ruining/killing games (personal experience), but I'm really hoping my feelings are misplaced.

  • Daybreak bought Palia studio Singularity 6 and aims to bring the game to launch

    File this one under “did not see this coming in a million years but also not sad about it whatsoever”: Daybreak has acquired Palia studio Singularity 6.

    “Our team is absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with Daybreak Game Company, a subsidiary of Enad Global 7 AB (EG7), known for publishing and supporting some of the world’s most popular and successful online multiplayer franchises, such as EverQuest, H1Z1, The Lord of the Rings Online, and more,” S6 announced this evening. “The acquisition provides us with some incredible resources and support to continue developing Palia and elevate the product to meet the gold standard that our players expect, including engaging new content, impactful social features, and quality-of-life improvements across the board.”

    Singularity 6 says that it will “continue operating independently” under its co-founders and that its “vision and creative direction will remain intact,” which would generally be one of those lines in a press release like this that causes eyerolls, but it might actually be believable in this case, given how Daybreak has handled Standing Stone Games for the last many years now.

    Daybreak, of course, was founded back in 2015 using the bones of SOE, but it was itself acquired by EG7, and since then, it’s basically taken over EG7 from the inside out. It’s actually performed fairly well for EG7 over the last few years, though it dipped at the end of 2023, sold off the PlanetSide IP, and relinquished development of PlanetSide 2. Buying an existing studio and game actually aligns rather nicely with EG7’s stated goals of running consistent mid-tier MMORPG moneymakers.

    S6 has been struggling for the last many months as it appeared to be suffering serious financial difficulties and went through multiple rounds of layoffs as well as its Palia beta obfuscation fiasco, so it’s hard to see this as anything but good news for folks who wanted to see Palia stick around to actually see its real launch and/or see Daybreak expand and maybe even return to its glory days of bailing out floundering MMOs.

    [News] ‘No Bot is Themselves Anymore:’ Users Report Sudden Personality Changes to Chatbots
  • I notice this behavior in other AIs, JanitorAI (web) and PolyAI (Android/Apple), where they forget things spoken a few lines ago, or specific requests I make of a character. My biggest complaint is they forget their location or what they were doing, unless the author specifically scripted it. We're getting there, slowly, but we're a long ways away from Samantha (Her).

  • Erdtree sm sm
  • Probably Shriner's or St. Jude's.

  • I can see paradise by the cooler light
  • Drink copious amounts of alcohol during a heat have? Nope.