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Comment on a YT video about Windows on ARM
  • There's also Xfce4, MATE, Cinnamon which come ith man, OS installers as an option. Not to mention various smaller projects (e.g. LXDE or whatever the cool kids use nowadays). Personally I've been spoilt by Awesome WM since 2008 and can't live without terminal/shell.

  • Comment on a YT video about Windows on ARM
  • Needing to use command line for some things that should be a right click

    Right click where? All major DE's/WM's implement stuff in their own way. The problem here is we don't (and won't) have a unified GUI that everyone uses, unlike the other two main OS's. (Note: I don't see this as a problem, more as a result of the FLOSS ecosystem being such a rich soil to build stuff on.)

    I think Neal Stephenson's In the Beginning was the Command Line has some valid points even today.

  • Fuck up a book for me please
  • Many parts of FW work a bit like an abstract painting where each viewer finds their own interpretation, each of those equally valid and independent of what the author possibly intended. An AI dumbed down version would just show one path through the work, the one it thinks is the main road. But yes, at best, such version could sparkle an interest and function as a gateway to the work. Or extinguish all interest for good.

  • Fuck up a book for me please
  • Pretty much, yes. In fact this bit is on the clearer side compared to most of the text. It's very challenging and one should probably not dive into it unprepared (there are a lot of side literature and guides to accompany it). However it's well worth the effort once you learn how to read it (e.g. the words draw their meanings via how they're sounding in addition to how they're written).

  • Fuck up a book for me please
  • Now do Finnegans Wake.

    Hard: And an odd time she’d cook him up blooms of fisk and lay to his heartsfoot her meddery eygs, yayis, and staynish beacons on toasc and a cupenhave so weeshywashy of Greenland’s tay or a dzoupgan of Kaffue mokau an sable or Sikiang sukry or his ale of ferns in trueart pewter and a shinkobread (hamjambo, bana?) for to plaise that man hog stay his stomicker till her pyrraknees shrunk to nutmeg graters while her togglejoints shuck with goyt and as rash as she’d russ with her peakload of vivers up on her sieve (metauwero rage it swales and rieses) my hardey Hek he’d kast them frome him, with a stour of scorn, as much as to say you sow and you sozh, and if he didn’t peg the platteau on her tawe, believe you me, she was safe enough.

    Easy: Something something... crash

  • Anon thinks about Google
  • CapsLock is vital for my muscle memory when configured to act as an extra Ctrl key. I have other shit configured to my Super key so that sort of kb would definitely require a major config overhaul to be usable.

  • Debian used to be so good. What happened!?
  • The fix comes to sid first. (Not counting experimental.) The right way to do it is to run mixed testing/unstable with apt-pinning so that nothing gets pulled from unstable unless spcifically requested.

    That said, stable with Firefox from Mozilla's site and Neovim built from sources and gpack'd into deb package runs perfectly fine with much less hassle.

  • They're Usually Shredded Alive Rule :(
  • Yes, so that maybe some day in the future this horrible shit is no more. Until then, get used to bumping into a thought provoking meme every now. The mild discomfort pales in comparison to the practice itself.

  • Sender address editing

    With the free plan I can receive mail to [email protected] address, but if I reply to a message sent to this address I can't edit the sender field before switching to a paid plan. But if I switch plans are those sender addresses limited to any numbe? Note, I'm referring strictly to username+somestring (and username+anotherstring) style addresses, not to addresses that would contain different username part. Those are limited, ofc.


    Build suggestions for a HC barb?

    I've started my first D4 hardcore run (seasonal ofc) just now. It's only lvl 15 on WT1 and I've sort of followed one of the Double Swing guides out there.

    Any suggestions on what would be a good late or even end game build (supposing this guy survives that far)? A better leveling build tips are also welcome.


    We were not the same

    Some serious crystal ball vibes

    Mnemonics debil

    3-digit system worth it?

    It's been about a year and a half since I (mostly) finalized my images from 000 to 999. I'm using Major system and have put them into a memory palace of my choice (Demon's Souls world areas). I've also been using Anki to reinforce them and focus on the most problematic images.

    As fun as this has been the recall times are fairly long and some images just don't want to stick no matter how often they come up on my daily Anki sessions. Compared to my 2-digit PAO images the 3-digit ones feel much slower and more awkward in use.

    I've been contemplating on ditching this experiment and honing more on the PAO, but I still feel there's some potential here despite the difficulties. Any tips or experiences on getting the 3-digit system to a more usable level?


    Sleep related oddities

    Case 1: When I sleep slightly less than would be ideal, for example less than 7 hours per night, I wake up reasonably functional and get through the day without being excessively tired, if not being totally alert either.

    Case 2: When I sleep slighly less than would be ideal, for example less than 7 hours per night and wake up, let the dog out to the backyard, wait a few minutes, let the dog back in, and decide to go back to sleep because it's weekend. Now falling asleep takes a while but eventually I succeed. Then after an hour or two at max, I wake up again, but this time around I'm extremely drowsy with muscles aching and it takes serious effort to get up and get the engine running at normal speed. Even though the total amount of sleep (about 8-9 hours) sounds pretty ideal on paper.

    Why is that?


    MessagEase going subscription based

    !MessagEase subscription popup

    This popped up today on my phone when casually tapped on a text field. As a long ass time MessagEase user this makes me sad. Even though it has its issues, it's also been pretty much unbeatable when you need to type text on Android without looking using only one thumb. Looks like MessagEase Pro subscription fee is 1,09€/month. Not that much but no thanks. Enshittification spreads. As a FLOSS enthusiast I've always dreaded this sort of thing when using "free" proprietary products.

    Anyhow, do I have to go back to Gboard or are there any free/oss alternatives around to replace MessagEase with?


    What piece of song lyric you can really relate to?

    I'm not talking about the full lyrics, but just a phrase or a sentence that you feel is right up your alley.

    One of my personal favourites is from Barmy by The Fall: I got everything I want except for money.



    Ok, kuulostaa hienolta, mutta auttamattomasti väärältä. Jännä ettei suomenkielinen Android näemmä erottele play-sanan eri merkityksiä edes näin perustasolla. Googlen saneeraustoimien jälkeisestä resurssiuupelosta johtuvaa lie.

    Lemmy Support debil

    Viewing deleted comments


    I can see the comment contents by selecting View source on a deleted comment. Is this a bug or a feature? Or something configurable per instance?

    Works on Jerboa at least. For comparison, Connect for Lemmy doesn't have the View source option but shows the comment with DELETED text as indicator.

    This behaviour could have potentially harmful or even dangerous consequences.


    Viewing deleted comments

    I can see the comment contents by selecting View source on a deleted comment. Is this a bug or a feature? Or something configurable per instance?

    Works on Jerboa at least.

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