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if you like doing your job and going home, how do you bear with coworkers who are lazier but more popular than you and get away with doing less?
  • It's a universal thing, you'll see that everywhere. The only thing you can change about it is your mindset.

    You see that they aren't doing what you're doing, and you're jealous. That's natural, but would you want to put the time and energy required to buddy up with the boss as much as these other people do? Do you want to learn the bosses favorite snack and bring some in? Do you want to go sit with co-workers at a bar after work and listen to their personal bullshit?

    I don't. So, I go to work, I do my job, and I get paid. Let them have all that other stuff. Even if it's not how you deal with life, they're using their skills (being charming) to survive just like how you use your skills (doing the job) to accomplish the same thing.

    You can never see all the work that gets people where they are, so don't assume that it requires more or less effort or skill than what you're doing.

  • How do trees know?
  • I'm with you. My wife has REALLY gotten into plants in the last year or so, and it amazes me how "smart" they are.

    Obviously, everyone here is right. There is no intelligence, just genetics, but watching my morning glory wall climb the rope net to the roof of the house just blows my mind.

    It's crazy to think about all the trial and error over the centuries that it took for a simple flower to develop little sensor hairs that explore its surroundings and wrap itself around anything in range.

  • Is it normal to be disgruntled?
  • Yup. At one point, I was loyal to a fault. Always in early, staying late, helping out when no one else would. Turns out none of that is as important as sales, so they taught the salesmen my job, and let me go a month before Christmas.

    Haven't put up with bullshit or given any extra since.

  • Can you describe in the simplest way possible, what is romantic love? What does it feel?
  • I cant say you're wrong, but it feels over simplified.

    Like if you had learned that water evaporates into the air and when there's too much, it rains, and then said that's it. That's all rain is. You wouldn't be wrong, but you're leaving out all the other factors like air pressure, warm and cold fronts, and the muthafuckin Coriolis effect!

    Yes, it's brain chemicals, but there's also past trauma, core memories, and the muthafuckin Coriolis effect scrambling up those brain chemicals and turning them into brain hurricanes and hailstorms.

  • Planning to propose in a few months, what should I look for in a good value engagement ring?
  • I spent more than I should have about 3 years ago, but I HIGHLY recommend the lab diamonds. I was able to get better quality for less price.

    I looked into Moissante, and whether or not you should get that is really up to her. A doofus like me would never know it's not a diamond, but many people would. Definitely DO NOT try to pass it off as a diamond, because she'll find out one way or another. If you were proposing to me, (don't get your hopes up, I'm taken) and told me that we could save a thousand dollars by going with Moissante, I'd be all for it because I'm cheap and tradition doesn't mean much to me, but most people aren't like me.

    I know it's tricky to get information without ruining the surprise, so what I did was send her a message while I was at work: "The girls here are having a debate on whether or not a fake diamond is acceptable for an engagement ring. 😂". Her response told me everything I needed to know about Moissante.

    Good luck! Don't forget to invite us to the wedding!

  • What is your least favorite retro video game?
  • Of course the TRUE least favorite would be some trash that never should have been pushed out, but if we're sticking with well known classics, I'm going with Castlevania 1-3.

    The controls on those games were terrible. You were slow and clunky. Jumping between platforms required a trigonometric calculation. The weapons had a very specific and often a very strange path that

    Enemies dipped in and out of attack range, and it constantly felt like I was supposed to press the attack button two seconds before the enemy was even on the screen.

    I'm sure its not so bad once you memorize the levels and get used to the timing, but I have enough good games in my collection, that I don't need to waste my time adapting to the flaws of these games.

  • please
  • The insurance that costs you $200/month, COULD have cost you $700/month (if you chose this exact plan from this exact provider on your own without HR negotiating a bulk discount)

    So, you're not losing $200, you're EARNING $500!!!

  • What are everyone's thoughts on the Amazon series?

    My kids and I watched the first two episodes last night, and I'm impressed. It feels like Fallout. I like the characters so far, and they squeeze in enough game references to keep my brain spiking with recognition.

    We set the bar pretty low on video game adaptations, but I feel this one's doing alright so far!

    What does everyone else think? (Let's keep spoilers to a minimum. Most of us probably weren't able to watch the whole thing in one night.)


    Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz

    From Bing, because I'm an AI novice who just wants to play!


    My son found this little girl on the streets.

    She is currently heading home with a clean bill of health and about to meet her new siblings!


    If you flip the N in Niagra upside down.. kind of looks like a V.

    Niagara Falls; Viagra Rises.