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[OC] How do you find my wife tits
  • I would start by looking in the front of her shirt.

  • Why are there "driveway connections by permit only" signs on roads?
  • There's is a road allowance between the edge of the road and the edge of your property. In our case is about 20 feet wide. You're not allowed to build on that road allowance. We also have a deep ditch that requires a culvert and several loads of gravel.

  • ‘Diversity hire’ Secret Service chief blamed for Trump shooting security failings
  • "Diversity hire" is the new N word. It's a racist dog whistle used by christofascists.

  • NOOOOOOOO!!!!! The vegoons have propaganda posters now! Hide your children!!!
  • I laugh every time I see a vegan extremist use these silly made up insults.

  • Why are there "driveway connections by permit only" signs on roads?
  • Where I live you can't simply bring a driveway out to the road. You have to get permission from the township and pay for access. They come out, install a culvert, install a blue 911 flag with your number on it, and build a driveway connection to their standards. It costs several thousand dollars.

  • I have breast cancer,
  • Try, "I have cancer. Would you like to be on my bucket list?"

    I am an Aspie sex addict with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I like the direct approach.

  • majority of commenters coping their fondness of swallowing cadavers
  • You can try and try and try to expand the meaning of cadaver but no one outside of your echo bunker is ever going to agree.

  • majority of commenters coping their fondness of swallowing cadavers
  • They're always trying to use words that refer to humans to refer to animals. Carcass is the correct word here.

  • majority of commenters coping their fondness of swallowing cadavers
  • /kəˈdævə/ A cadaver is a dead human body used in scientific or medical research.

    I don't think anyone is swallowing cadavers.

  • Donald Trump speech shooting: Gunshots heard at president’s rally – latest news
  • A Libertarian friend from Florida joking suggested Hunter Biden. I think it was Melania.

  • Donald Trump speech shooting: Gunshots heard at president’s rally – latest news
  • He wouldn't do it himself. He would order Seal Team 6 to do t. They wouldn't have missed, though.

  • Secret Service rushes Trump off stage after shots fired at his Pennsylvania rally
  • Remember that Biden is immune thanks to the SCOTUS.

  • Trump rushed off stage at Pennsylvania rally after possible gunfire
  • Remember that Biden is immune thanks to the SCOTUS.

  • Donald Trump speech shooting: Gunshots heard at president’s rally – latest news
  • Remember that Biden is immune thanks to the SCOTUS.

  • Is it?
  • This would work better with, "the woke" since its imaginary. Protect 2025 is real, well documented, and very public.

  • Many guns seized at Coutts border blockade are used for hunting: defence
  • In Canada it is only legal to hunt with non-restricted firearms. It is illegal to hunt with handguns.

  • So much ice cream.
  • I searched and searched for aluminized cardboard lids with wooden spoons glued to them but it doesn't look like anyone still makes or sells them. We do have a box of 1,000 of the little wooden spoons that we give to people when they take an ice cream.

  • SHOUT OUT! The Merry Dairy in Ottawa

    This is probably my favorite ice cream shop. It's located on Fairmont Avenue at Gladstone in Ottawa, Ontario CANADA. They make awesome ice cream including a large vegan selection. You can buy it by the scoop in cones or bowls, as ice cream based treats, in pints, or my favorite, in milkshakes.

    I had a delicious chocolate milk shake this afternoon and it was absolutely delicious. It's not one of those nasty extruded frozen treat things you get at fast food restaurants. It starts with three scoops of hard ice cream and milk and they mix it right in front of you.

    If you're in Ottawa please go by and check them out. They're good people and make great ice cream.


    So much ice cream.

    I've been making ice cream. My son's softball team plays in a tournament in a couple of weeks. We have what we call the cake challenge where if they do any one of a number of things (hit the fence, score a home run, get a double play, get a bunt double) I'll make a cake and bring it to the next game. I've done it three times so far this year. I Decided that for the tournament I would make ice cream.

    So far I've made:

    No Nuts

    22 x Vanilla

    17 x Aztec Chocolate

    12 x Smartie

    11 x York Peppermint Pattie

    12 x Oreo


    12 x Milk Chocolate Almond Crunch

    24 x Skor Bits

    12 x Skor Bar

    That's 122 x 125 ml cups.

    I hope that's enough.


    Oreo Ice Cream

    This is just my standard vanilla ice cream base (500 ml 35% cream, 1 L 10% cream, 300 g sugar, 15 ml vanilla extract) with chopped Oreo cookies. I put 12 cookies in each batch and each batch makes twelve 125 ml cups so each cup has a full cookie in it.


    Ice Cream Ice Cream - Lemmy.World

    A community for those who make and love ice cream. Post pictures, stories, recipes, or questions. RULES: 1. Ice Cream 98. Don’t be a dick. 99. The mod(s) have the final say.

    Ice Cream - Lemmy.World

    I went looking for an ice cream focused community in the federated fediverse and couldn't find anything so I created one.

    The Ice Cream community is focused on ice cream. Homemade ice cream, recipes, pictures, stories, good commercial ice cream, your favourite ice cream treat or favorite ice cream shop.

    I make homemade ice cream and am in the middle of a run. I have made vanilla, (Canadian) Smartie, and milk chocolate almond cluster so far but I have a few more to make before I'm done.

    I've posted my favourite ice cream base recipe and a recipe for spicy Aztec Chocolate Ice cream.

    If you're a fan of ice cream come check it out.


    (Short) Ice Cream Churning Video (in the Cuisinart ICE-50)

    I recorded a short video of the Cuisinart ICE-50 churning a batch of vanilla ice cream. The ICE-50 is a now discontinued and no longer supported with spare parts self-chilling ice cream machine. You just pour in the base, turn it on, and it makes a batch of ice cream in about 45 minutes.

    The lumps you see are more frozen pieces of ice cream. It freezes on the wall of the tub and is scraped off by the paddle creating a slurry of more and less frozen ice cream. Once it's put into a container and frozen it's nice and smooth.

    I would highly recommend the ICE-50 to anyone who is interested in ice cream making. They have not been made or supported for years but our two are tanks and just keep going. I can't offer an opinion on the newer machines other than to say if you buy one buy spare parts for everything you can. A motor arm, two stem and paddle assemblies or two of each if you buy them individually, a bucket, and at least four covers. That will keep you going for 20 or 30 years as long as the machine keeps running.



    Yesterday, I was filling 125 ml cups with ice cream. I got 12 cups filled and in the freezer and had less than 125 ml left so I walked over and handed my 15 year old son the tub and the spoon that I was using to fill the cups.


    Me: How did you like the ice cream?

    Son: It was great. What kind of berries were those?

    Me: What berries?

    Son: The ones in the ice cream.

    Me: Did you not taste them?

    Son: No, I don't like berries.

    Me: They were (Canadian) Smarties (see NOTE).

    Son: Smarties?

    Me: Yes. You really should try things that I hand you.

    Son: [Nomming on the smarties left in the bottom of the container covered in melted vanilla chocolate.] Uh huh.

    NOTE: Canadian Smarties are like M&Ms but with milkier, smoother, better quality chocolate.


    I'm double fisting it today.

    We've had the machine on the right for years. We bought it new. We bought the one on the left at the Liquidators restaurant auction. I've got vanilla base in both. I'm going to put one batch in the freezer for the family and the other in 125 ml cups for my sons softball team. (Canadian) Smartie, I think.


    3L 18.3% Ice Cream Base and Goodies


    Ice Cream Flavours and Vanilla Base Recipe

    This is a picture of the side of my market ice cream freezer. It's a bar fridge sized vertical freezer that I put in the back of my van and run off the van's AC power to get to market then switch over to a small, very quiet generator at market. These cards have magnetic strips on the back so they stick to the freezer and I can move them to the back when a flavour sells out.

    Most of our ice cream starts with the same vanilla base recipe.


    1 L (4 cups) table (10%) cream (Half and Half in the US)

    300 g (1 1/2 cup) granulated sugar

    500 ml (2 cups) whipping (35%) cream

    15 ml (1 tablespoon) vanilla extract

    I add 250 ml to 500 ml of whatever the addition is. (See NOTE 1)


    Pour the 10% cream into a 2 L (8 cup) container.

    Add the sugar and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. (See NOTE 2)

    Add the 35% cream and vanilla extract and stir to mix.

    Cover the container and put it into the fridge to chill or add it directly to your machine.

    NOTE 1: If I'm using (Canadian) Smarties (like M&Ms but better) I use less because they pack very densely. If I'm adding nuts or something that packs more loosely I use more. When I'm making raspberry or blackberry or other fruit ice cream I use about 300 ml of mascerated berries (add about 12.5 g (1 tablespoon) of granulated sugar to the berries then mash them coarsely with a fork. Set them aside for 30 minutes or so to mascerate.) If you're using raspberries or blackberries or any other berries in the family always add them at the very end, just before the ice cream is finished or better, stir them in by hand after the ice cream is frozen. Berries in the family will produce very airy, almost foamy ice cream if added at the beginning.

    NOTE 2: The sugar will not dissolve easily in the 35% cream or a mix of the 35% cream and 10% cream. It's much easier to dissolve it in the 10% cream then to add the 35% cream once it's dissolved.


    Aztec Chocolate Ice Cream

    This is a home made 18% milk fat ice cream with cinnamon and cayenne. It starts as a rich, creamy chocolate ice cream with a hit of cinnamon then it brings the burn.

    The is a great ice cream for people who want a bit of pain with their pleasure.

    Aztec Chocolate Ice Cream


    500 ml (2 cups) whipping cream (35%)

    150 g (1 1/2 cup) granulated sugar

    50 g (6 tablespoons) unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder

    1 1/4 teaspoons ground cinnamon

    1/8 teaspoon salt

    2 teaspoons cayenne powder (see NOTE)

    85 g (3 ounces) semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, chopped

    15 ml (1 tablespoon)vanilla extract

    1 L (4 cups) table cream (10%) (Half and Half in the US)


    Put the whipping cream, sugar, cocoa, cinnamon, salt, and chili powder in a pot.

    Heat over medium heat whisking constantly. It will begin to foam up as it begins to boil. Turn the heat off immediately.

    Add the chocolate and stir until it's completely melted.

    Add the vanilla then slowly add the 10% cream while stirring (or whisking.)

    Put in the fridge for a couple of hours until well chilled.

    Put it in your ice cream machine and run it until it's frozen.

    Get a bowl, a spoon, and a Kleenex and you're ready for a delicious ice cream experience.

    P.S. The tissue is for your runny nose.

    NOTE: 2 teaspoons gives this ice cream a nice little burn. You can use more or less to get the heat level you want.

    Pens Maple Engineer

    Figured maple pen.

    My 15 year old son made this thin pen from a figured maple blank we got from KJP Select Hardwoods. These very skinny pens are apparently more difficult to turn especially with figured woods which tend to catch and tear out. He gave me this one for Christmas last year. It's been sitting on my desk being used on an almost daily basis since then.

    Pens Maple Engineer

    African Blackwood Pen

    My 15 year old son made this pen using an African Blackwood blank we bought at KJP Select Hardwoods. I love the contrast betwen the naturally black wood and the nickel mechanics.

    We were at KJP yesterday and I bought another blank for him.

    Pens Maple Engineer

    Jack Daniels Barrel Oak Pen

    My 15 year old son made this pen. The wood is reclaimed charred oak from a Jack Daniels whiskey barrel. He gave me this pen for my birthday and it is my new daily driver. It's a nice size and weight and it writes beautifully.


    Suggle nap BIG yawn.

    My boys were having a snuggle nap on the couch. I took a couple of pictures of them because they were cute then the big guy went for a BIG yawn. He's over 10 kg of cat and just over 10 years old. The smaller guy is around 5 kg and 6 years old. The big guy was a ditch kitten that someone tossed in the ditch in front of our house. We caught him and took him in. The next year someone ditched another kitten in front of our house and we took him in. Unfortunately, the second one slipped out the door and disappeared never to be seen again. The big guy was devistated. We decided to get him a companion and adopted the smaller guy from a cat rescue. They are abslutely inseparable.



    Jumbo Froot Loops

    Are they food? I dunno. You can eat them.

    These are the Jumbo Snax version of Froot Loops which I just found out existed. I live in Ontario so I drove across to New York to buy a couple of boxes of the little snack packs of these things. They're everything you would expect from jumbo Froot Loops. They're about the size of a quarter.


    AA battery for scale.

    I grab a pack and munch on them while I'm on boring Zoom meetings. They have very little nutritional value but they have huge entertainment value. They're sweet and crunchy.


    Save The Echo Bunker! Maple Engineer

    I was banned from r/soapmaking for not accepting that arts and crafts was soap making.

    I used to post quite actively in r/soapmaking since, well, I'm a soap maker.

    My wife and I raised the pigs, rendered the lard, and mixed it with other oils and lye to make soap. You know, soap making.

    r/soapmaking was filled with people who bought soap that other people made, melted it, mix in perfume and glitter, poured it into moulds, and sold it. I pointed out that they weren't actually making soap but were doing arts and crafts with soap that other people make.

    They set upon my like a bunch of extremist vegans at a BBQ. I said that there wasn't anything wrong with doing soap arts and crafts but that it wasn't really soap making since they didn't actually make soap.

    They called me arrogant for not accepting that not making soap was soap making and banned me. I can't remember whether it was permanent or temporary but I never went back.

    Save The Echo Bunker! Maple Engineer

    I was banned from r/republican for speaking truth in the echo bunker.

    I've written about this a few times. I was banned from r/republican for pointing out that the article that someone posted claiming that the DOJ had found evidence of massive fraud in Georgia contradicted the Republican AG, the DOJ, the Republican Governor of Georgia, the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia, the Republican AG of Georgia, and Georgia election officials and written by a Trumpist political shill.

    Then the stories started coming out that confirmed what I said. I asked if they would reconsider the ban since it turned out that I what I had said was true. They told me that they would not because I was trolling. I pointed out that simply posting the truth was not trolling. They muted me for 30 days.

    Then John Eastman was charged with being that shill. I once again asked if they would reconsider the ban since it was now even more clear that what I had said was true and not trolling. They muted me for 30 days.

    When John Eastman was recently disbarred for being that shill I once again asked if they would reconsider the ban since not only was it obvious that what I posted was true but that Easteman had been disbarred because of the actions that I commented about. They muted me for 30 days and told me that if I didn't stop writing to them they would tell their mommies (or maybe it was report me to the admins, I can't remember.)

    Never speak truth into an echo bunker.

    Save The Echo Bunker! Maple Engineer

    I was banned from c/vegan for speaking truth into the echo bunker.

    Someone asked about feeding their dog, a feculative carnivore, a vegan diet. The response was overwhelmingly, "Don't, it's animal abuse". In fact, that was my exact response. I posted links to several articles explaining that it's very difficult to feed a feculative carnivore, like a dog, a balanced diet feeding them only vegan.

    They didn't like the word, "force" as in, "forcing a dog to eat vegan." When I asked how not giving the dog a choice was not forcing their false moreal supperiority on an animal without other options I didn't get an answer. I also suggested giving the dog a choice between meat and kibble or even a feculative carnivore kibble versus a vegan kibble so they weren't forcing the dog to eat vegan. That wasn't popular either.

    So...I'm banned from c/vegan. My life will be richer for it.

    EDIT: Some of this conversation happened with individuals after the mods hermetically sealed the echo bunker by removing all non-fawningly supportive replies and banning everyone who didn't fawn positively.


    I've always wondered if a circle treble would work.

    I looked online to see if anyone made a treble using circle hooks but couldn't find any. I decided to make one myself to give it a try. I used a stainless steel treble that I cut the hooks off of as the core and the eye and three 5/0 octopus circles that I cut the eyes off as the hooks.

    My thought was that I would hook less tongues and gills and have less multi-hook hookups with circles. It's dressed with a core of red bucktail with a skirt of yellow and stripes of brown.

    I will attach this to a 1 oz nickel plated marine brass inline spinner and cast and burn for northern pike and other toothy predators.

    If I end up with a multi-hook hookup I will know the experiment failed and I will cut the hooks to remove it. If I get hits and no hookups I'll know the experiment failed and I'll toss it in my box to be rehooked with a normal dressed treble and switch to something else for the day.

    Given that the hooks are lashed and not braised I don't expect this thing to last more than two or three strikes. A normal bucktail treble ends up pretty chewed up and bare after four or five hookups.

    If this thing works (I don't expect it to) I may braze two or three to continue the experiment.


    What is going on with RedGIFs?

    It's been broken for weeks I hear that it works on some clients.