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[Post-Match Thread] N*wcastle United vs Arsenal F.C.
  • This is important. Why did we ball watch a ball that was not out (based on play on.) We turned off and let them create a situation that Var had to manage. if you're only defense is Var, then your defense was poor.

  • Daily Discussion - 22 September 2023
  • I am nervously optimistic about Sunday's NLD.

    I want to win 5-0, and see the tears of Sp*rs fans, but honestly, I'm nervous. I think he'll go with the last-year normal back four, with Rice, Havertz, and Odegaard, with Torssard, Jesus, and Saka.

    My only fear is they conjure an early goal.

  • What is lighter than brown?

    Light brown


    How did the mansplainer die?

    He fell into a well, actually


    The other day, I said to Siri "Surely it will stop raining." Siri replied, "On Sunday, and don't call me Shirley."

    Turns out, I had my phone in Airplane! mode.


    Yesterday my son asked me to name a country without an R

    and I yelled no way.


    Everyone at West Virginia University Knew Something Was Up. I Hate That We Were Right.

    I guess this is politics. This is happening in red states. Schools are getting worse because they can.


    When I turn 80, I'm gonna wear a pirate costume

    and yell Aye Matey to every passerby.


    Donald Trump bumped into someone at his golf course

    I beg your pardon, the person said to Trump.

    No, this one is a state indictment, Trump sighed.

    0 Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne could miss rest of year with injury

    Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola has described the injury to Kevin De Bruyne as a ‘big blow, really tough for us’

    Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne could miss rest of year with injury

    How rare is it for cows to get hit by lightning

    Medium rare


    We have a really deep squad

    A decade ago, the team that had the most consistent starting XI won the prem. When Chelsea and Man U were winning a lot, they didn't suffer injuries, and could boast the same starting XI each week. A team played in the cups, and another one in the CL and league.

    Then along came Man City – with an insane team on the bench. Man City's bench last year would have battled for European spots.

    I think what is needed are two things to win the league:

    1. Luck. The injury to Saliba killed us.
    2. A deep team. Gabriel sat on Saturday. Who guessed that? When we roll up to Richmond, I mean Crystal Palace, do you know the starting XI? I don't. I think the midfield 3 will be the same, so does White sit? Is Zinchenko back? Does Balogun get a chance to lead the line?

    Arteta has the squad to rotate. If he gets the buy in, this could be a fun year.

    0 Why Fox News was created

    Richard Nixon and his aides wanted a TV network of their own

    Why Fox News was created

    Clarence Thomas did the things. He took $$ and didn't report it. Now he's claiming the victim.

    Trump did the things. He probably did more than just the things.

    When Nixon was caught doing the thing, a bunch of his aides were like, you know what we need? Not a party of people who don't do the thing, a network to defend them when they do the things.

    They were open about that. This is not a secret. Or a conspiracy. This is the open goal.


    On Trump's social media posts Trump's Social Media Postings - Teri Kanefield

    This is a quick blog post to answer the questions I’ve been getting about Trump’s social media posts. It is unedited and not proofread. I am traveling with limited time and Internet access. Please read it for the content. This came from a large and influential Mastodon user: I’m getting rather frant...

    Trump's Social Media Postings - Teri Kanefield

    A look at why they are not illegal and we should all relax and let the process work itself out.


    What do you call a magician who loses his magic?



    I can melt ice with my eyes

    Admittedly, it takes some time


    The corruption of Lindsey Graham The Corruption of Lindsey Graham

    A case study in the rise of authoritarianism. Sen. Lindsey Graham is a central player in the Republican party’s capitulation to Donald Trump. We can watch the GOP's turn to authoritarianism by reviewing Graham's many public statements.

    The Corruption of Lindsey Graham

    This is a long read about how Graham went from a never-Trump into an all-in MAGA nut. It is a fascinating long read.

    29 ‘I’m not wanted’: Florida universities hit by brain drain as academics flee

    Ron DeSantis’s slew of laws attacking teaching of race and gender issues sees state’s colleges struggle to fill faculty posts

    ‘I’m not wanted’: Florida universities hit by brain drain as academics flee

    Things are going well.


    A guy walks into a bar and sees that there are dozens of cuts of meat hanging from the ceiling.

    Confused, he asks the bartender why this is.

    “Well, it’s a promotion we are running. If you can jump up and grab one, you get a free New York Strip dinner, on us! But, if you attempt to do so and miss, you gotta buy one for every person here instead.”

    The guy takes a moment to scan the bar, counting up the number of patrons in his head, before turning to the bartender and replying

    “Ah, no thanks. The steaks are too high.”


    Just read a book about the Stockholm Syndrome.

    I didn’t like it at the beginning, but by the end I loved it.


    Why is there no professional hide and seek league?

    good players are hard to find.


    An X is kind of a sans serif German swastika

    so it seems fitting.