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What Happens to All the Stuff We Return? Online merchants changed the way we shop—and made “reverse logistics” into a booming new industry.
  • I work with a few ladies and every week they coordinate lunch trips to return their "rentals". They bought those little tag guns and everything to be able to attach the tags back on items to return them. They return way more clothes then I buy in a year it's wild

  • priorities
  • I just slap two 1tb nvme drives in raid0 to get 2tb and all the speeds. If it comes crashing down all my stuff is stored on my server that I care about and I try to not keep more than a few games installed plus with fiber it takes a few minutes to re-download anyways, now I just need to setup a regular backup of my config. I have a habit of doing a clean install every few months so I'm used to living mostly off my server at this point

  • POV
  • This reminds me of the time I went camping with my cousin, we picked a campsite that is about halfway for both of us and when we get there and setup this blue jay comes flying by and lands on our table and my cousin and his wife are going crazy, they do bird watching as a hobby and were stoked to see the blue jay.

    I felt so odd because we have so many at our place to the point they lay eggs in our bushes and they wake us up with their calls and it's weird to think that only a few hours away from the campsite where my cousin lives they don't have any

  • Forgot the rule
  • I always smack my pockets that my phone and wallet belong to, and I jangle my belt loop my keys usually hang from when I sing my wallet phone keys jam, then I make sure my water bottle is filled up and head out

  • [article] Japan is inventing trains Monster 310-mile automated cargo conveyor will replace 25,000 trucks

    The Japanese government is planning to connect major cities with automated zero-emissions logistics links that can quietly and efficiently shift millions of tons of cargo, while getting tens of thousands of trucks off the road.

    Monster 310-mile automated cargo conveyor will replace 25,000 trucks

    Where to post 360 tours?

    I like to create 360 tours, I used to make them for google maps before google broke the ability to upload a series of photos for the blue line. are there other places that we can add to?


    local anti public transportation comment

    Saw this comment on a local news post about the mayor's state of the city address and the mayor mentioned some of the new public transportation initiatives including adding another line to the train, I was under the impression that Amtrak was a success until the rails became denationalized and corporate greed limited the railways and pushed passenger trains to the sides

    >Dear Friends, Thanks for reporting about transportation, a favorite of mine. So, as with previous editions at the mayor’s spot, what is the cost of a bus ride? train ride? Bullet Train ride? and how much of the cost will the passenger pay, and how much of it will the taxpayers pay? Dejavu all over again, Yogi. When is socialism a better transportation solution than the private sector? Why don’t our leaders follow their own experts’ advice about transport funding? They concluded “user fees” is best; but we reject that advice, and add a 1/4 cent here, and a 1/2 cent there, here, there, and everywhere, and what do we get in the end? Lousy public sector transit, where only the public sector union employees win, while the rest of us pay higher, higher, and higher gas taxes, and other taxes. Why don’t we cut spending instead of raising taxes, fees, fines, assessments, mandates, etc.? Why did we denationalize the railroads after they were nationalized during the Wilson Administration? Why did Lincoln say “no” to Gen. Granville Dodge, at the White House in 1864, when Dodge, who was later UPRR top civil engineer, told the President that the transcontinental railroad should be owned by the government. Dodge recites his interview with Lincoln in his seminal “How We Built the Transcontinental Railroad.” During the debate in 1970 on creation of the National Railroad Passenger Act (a/k/a Amtrak), advocates promised that it would be “self-sufficient in three years.” How’d that work out? By 9/11/01, taxpayers’ subsidies to Amtrak, in hundred dollar bill stacked together, reached higher than the World Trade Centers had stood. We had Amtrak, but our airport security didn’t serve us well. In 2009 Mark Derry published a letter in which I predicted that the price of a gallon of gas would rise to $10.00 to fund the bankrupt-from-conception Bullet Train. Looks like I was too optimistic. Today, I’d venture to say it will be closer to $20/gallon. History teaches us that public sector “services” come with a fatal price tag. Today’s leaders have us on the Road to Serfdom, same route taken by the USSR.


    Using OpenStreetMap to play the game in any location Save 10% on Infection Free Zone on Steam

    Choose any real region from the world. Choose your base of operations, then rebuild and readapt the buildings around you to create a self-sustaining settlement. Take charge of a group of survivors from your city. And when the night falls - Defend the zone from the infected!

    Save 10% on Infection Free Zone on Steam

    Pretty cool idea by using open street maps you can download the location you want and play the game there, defend your neighborhood or loot your house.

    The reviews seem decent but mention it needs a lot of tweaking as it just released on early access, like water not affecting where zombies can walk or elevation not being a thing.

    Maybe this can get some more people interested in mapping


    When the wife asks me to sell some of my old hobby stuff I haven't touched in years

    Sure it's taking up space but maybe I'll get back to it someday, plus who will buy it?


    Couch Gaming setups

    So I switch between playing games from my desk and my couch. I have a long HDMI cable that runs from my desktop to my tv. before I would use a bluetooth keyboard and a bluetooth mouse when playing from the couch with a little table or with a xbox 360 controller.

    recently we had a baby and she sleeps a bit less now but still for a few hours at a time during the day. now I feed her and she will fall asleep on me so sometimes I dont really want to move much after she falls asleep but I got pretty into farthest frontier which needs a keyboard and mouse to play. but with baby on my chest I cant really use the desk and a keyboard and mouse is kind of tough to use, the mouse likes to slide around which scrolls the view

    I started looking up solutions and ended up finding the elecom relacon trackball mouse !Elecom Relacon

    I just got it today and was playing a bit of elder scrolls oblivion with it and it works pretty well

    on my left hand I am using my quefrency split keyboard half !keebio quefrency

    which isnt bad but then I found the Azeron cyborg after going down a rabbit hole on gaming keypads like the razer tartarus and logitech g13. I watched a few youtube videos and the idea of the thumb stick sounded very good for movement so I was sold on the azeron. Im excited to try it and believe that is the best to use for my left hand. !azeron cyborg compact

    I found a promising looking gyro mouse from some guys but there hasnt been any updates on the project !Imgur

    I would like somthing like a joycon mixed with a steam touch controller but i cant find anything. is anyone using any strange gaming methods like this? that has found something that works well