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Germany has too many solar panels, and it's pushed energy prices into negative territory
  • Yes of course. Almost everything is blocked by stupid politics, not tech limitations. Unfortunately stupid politics is all we got. And that means if we want to make progress, it’s stupid politics that needs overcoming.

  • Germany has too many solar panels, and it's pushed energy prices into negative territory
  • It must be a lot of work to see everything through this lens, all the time.

    If you look at the states surrounding Germany, and the inter connectors they have, you’ll understand better why this isn’t just a simple thing to do and why it doesn’t relate to income level differences.

    The only region that has managed to build a perfectly integrated spot market for electricity is Scandinavia. Every time you want to enable something like this, you’re in difficult negotiation territory; politics, unions, local government, NIMBYism, technical difficulties etc play a huge part.

  • Germany has too many solar panels, and it's pushed energy prices into negative territory
  • You are correct that when you build one new plant every 25 years it takes a long time to spool the industry, the skills, the testing and the manufacturing capability up to build new nuclear.

    In countries that regularly build new nuclear it takes 5 years, comparable to any other power source. When France when through their mass-conversion to nuclear in the 70s (following the oil crisis), they put 2-3 new nuclear plants into operation every year.

    All new western nuclear is in “production hell”. We don’t build them often enough to retain the skill set or for industry to dare invest. So they become massive state-run enterprises.

    If we were serious on solving our climate crisis we would build nuclear power plans en masse.

  • Redfield & Wilton: Labour are more trusted than the Conservatives on EVERY policy issue prompted.
  • It’s because it’s not a ranking question but a winner questions: Who do you trust most to handle…

    That way you’ll basically get answers that are aligned with an opinion poll.

    If they instead had asked: “How much do you trust X to handle…” where voters had to answer for EACH party, you’d have a more trustworthy poll.

    This poll, in my humble opinion, is CRAP.

  • Mozilla is adding tab grouping, vertical tabs, profile management, and local AI features to Firefox
  • My apologies. I definitely wasn’t meaning to come across indignant. I guess it’s just one of those things of things sounding perfectly clear in your head and not perfectly clear in the receiver’s ear. Hope you have a good day going forward.

  • Leopards Ate My Face sunbeam60 We need more EU workers, admits leading Tory Brexiter

    George Eustice, the former environment secretary, is calling for a reciprocal visa scheme so that under-35s can work across the EU and Britain

    We need more EU workers, admits leading Tory Brexiter
    It would be awesome if wefwef did this

    Three posts, across the fediverse, point to exactly the same link, with the same post text.

    I would just love it if wefwef could collapse these into one (“Seen in 3 communities”) and then collapse the comments into one mega-thread.

    This is the downside of federation...

    I’d love it if client-side processing could collapse these posts into one.

    Subscribing to kbin magazines?

    Given both kbin and lemmy are part of the fediverse, I would expect to be able to subscribe to by searching for [email protected] - but nothing shows up.

    What am I doing wrong?

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