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Overthrow a Government and Install a Puppet Dictator? The CIA will do it for Bananas!
  • It's also kind of a fringe theory.

    The attribution of the poisoning to the CIA in Albarelli's book has been roundly criticized. Historian Steven Kaplan, author of an earlier book about the events, said that this would be "clinically incoherent: LSD takes effects in just a few hours, whereas the inhabitants showed symptoms only after 36 hours or more. Furthermore, LSD does not cause the digestive ailments or the vegetative effects described by the townspeople."

    To be clear: I have no reason to believe that the CIA circa 1951 wouldn't or couldn't pull this kind of stunt, just that the evidence that they in fact did is pretty shaky.

  • May 13, 1985
  • Here you go:

    The 1985 MOVE bombing, locally known by its date, May 13, 1985, was the destruction of residential homes in the Cobbs Creek neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, by the Philadelphia Police Department during a standoff with MOVE, a black liberation organization. Philadelphia police dropped two explosive devices from a helicopter onto the roof of a house occupied by MOVE. The Philadelphia Police Department allowed the resulting fire to burn out of control, destroying 61 previously evacuated neighboring homes over two city blocks and leaving 250 people homeless. Six adults and five children were killed in the attack, with one adult and one child surviving. A lawsuit in federal court found that the city used excessive force and violated constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

    The callousness manifested by the police is truly shocking. "Allowed the fire to burn out of control" is important here -- the cops deliberately denied firefighters access to the scene so they could deal with the spreading fire. "WTF" is exactly right.

    For more depth on this, I recommend the CBC podcast "The Africas vs America". It's weird that the incident isn't better known given how wild the story is.

  • ‘Are we joking?’: Venice residents protest as city starts charging visitors to enter
  • Shush you, Venice is magnificent. Wouldn't want to live there but it's an extraordinary place absolutely worth experiencing. Ancient, labyrinthine, palaces and churches everywhere, it's like stepping into the Renaissance.