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Last one, i've been farming Ai for memes but last one with lore
  • Your's is a "featured snippet", which is where it highlights a relevant portion from a top result.
    The AI results have the AI synthesize a new sentence or set of paragraphs answering the question using data from multiple sources.

    They're different results because you didn't seem to get the AI search results. After making it available to everyone they've been hit with a bunch of weird results and have started scrambling to manually remove the particularly strange ones as they crop up.

    This is what it typically looks like:

  • Last one, i've been farming Ai for memes but last one with lore
  • For a brief moment in the beta for all this, it basically just summarized the top two or three reputable results, and attached a link to where it got the data.

    They should have just left it at that, and not started mixing in random blogs and social media sites.
    The ability to summarize the Wikipedia article and a random university professors page where they list every fact known to man about pine trees or something was actually helpful.

    If I want the AIs best guess about how to fuck up a pizza, I just go to the site where I can ask it. Bad advice when searching is just shit.
    A tldr for "what is turpentine" is actually helpful.

  • ‘A catastrophe’: Greenpeace blocks planting of ‘lifesaving’ Golden Rice
  • I believe that's what they're saying, yes. Concern of the trait spreading to other strains of rice are exaggerated because there's nothing that would make this trait an advantage outside of the domestic food context, whereas Roundup resistance provides value to plants that want to grow near Roundup.

  • ‘A catastrophe’: Greenpeace blocks planting of ‘lifesaving’ Golden Rice
  • Which big corps would that be exactly?

    It's perfectly possible to show that it's safe to any reasonable standard:

    The only biologically meaningful difference between GR2E and control rice was in levels of β-carotene and other provitamin A carotenoids in the grain. Except for β-carotene and related carotenoids, the compositional parameters of GR2E rice were within the range of natural variability of those components in conventional rice varieties with a history of safe consumption.

    How exactly do you propose that the genetic makeup of the rice is going to impact the person eating it, if chemical analysis shows it's not meaningfully different from any other rice?

    You can't demand that people prove something beyond unreasonable doubt. At some point you have to be able to articulate a concern to justify further scrutiny.

  • ‘A catastrophe’: Greenpeace blocks planting of ‘lifesaving’ Golden Rice
  • Indeed, "eating more food" is generally agreed to be the best way to remedy childhood malnutrition and food insufficiency. It's hands down agreed upon to be the best possible approach.

    Unfortunately, children who suffer from these maladies often lack additional food to eat, which is why there are several lines of inquiry for solving this problem:

    • can we make it so more food?
    • can we make the food better?
    • can we make the food faster?

    Inevitably, that means things like "vegetables that tolerate bad soil", "vitamin fortified rice", or "fast growing wheat", or "crazy fertilizer strategies".

    It's a sad reality that most places that can't grow enough food to properly feed children typically lack the ability to just grow more, to say nothing of diversifying into more resource intensive crops. otherwise they would probably do that.

  • Victim reports his father missing. Police instead interrogated him for 17 hours, said they killed his dog, and withheld his meds from the victim. Victim tried to commit suicide in the room.
  • A lot of it's not intentionally for that purpose, but a side effect of hundreds of years of arguing over wording and what exactly the law means in different situations.

    The cases that caused the "disagreeable" (most polite phrases I can think of) changes to Miranda protections happened only in the past few decades.

    It's still preposterous that the system, which is constitutionally pretty obviously slanted against the government, is so eager to find loopholes in protections for people to the advantage of the government.

  • Victim reports his father missing. Police instead interrogated him for 17 hours, said they killed his dog, and withheld his meds from the victim. Victim tried to commit suicide in the room.
  • Unfortunately, there has been precedent for the argument that the right to remain silent is one that needs to be continuously and positively invoked.
    So if they keep interrogating you and you choose to start talking, that can be interpreted as you waiving your right to remain silent.

    Remaining silent is not enough, you have to articulate that you want to invoke your right to remain silent, unambiguously request a lawyer (no "I think I should have a lawyer for this"), and request a lawyer generally (no "I want a lawyer before I answer any questions about where I was").

    "I am invoking my right to remain silent and I want a lawyer" is basically all you should say.

    The ACLU remains an excellent resource for being aware of your rights.

  • The US is thinking about letting Ukraine use its weapons to strike Russia, even if it enrages Putin: report
  • Oh, totally. Don't disagree with anything you said. 😊

    To be clear, I was just trying to illustrate "how nations choose to act" and a bit of the context of "why Ukraine and not Palestine?".
    Location and advertising reliability as an ally are just the easiest to convey, but there are of course so many different things that go into everything a nation as big as the US does.
    The state department has tens of thousands of workers, before you even get to the "boring" parts of what the CIA does to get them the data (analyzing public shipping records mostly) they need to make those policies and agreements. Any attempt to summarize the considerations of those people will have to cut some content.

  • The US is thinking about letting Ukraine use its weapons to strike Russia, even if it enrages Putin: report
  • "values" in this context was being used in the ethical or cultural sense not the economic sense.

    "Equality" and "justice" are American Values, and "clear shipping routes" are something with utility. "Ideals" would have also worked for "American values".

  • NSFW
    How do things get stuck in the anus?
  • Basically because it's not soft enough.

    Your body "pushes" things out by squeezing in a "rolling" motion. Like running a rolling pin over a tube of toothpaste.

    Picture each of those little segments contracting and relaxing in sequence to slowly move things along, until it gets dumped in the rectum, where it sits until you and it come to an understanding.
    Bunch of muscles then move things around to get things lined up, since normally things rest in a way that helps keep things from just falling out. Anal sphincter also does this, but it's the difference between folding the chip bag closed, using a chip clip or both.
    Once it's all lined up, it does that rolling squeeze again, takes off the chip clip and things proceed in a routine fashion.

    So if instead of what it's used to, it's dealing with something like a cucumber, it can end up with the end up around that curve at the top of the rectum.
    The tapered inside near the anal sphincter means that when your vegetable goes in, the muscle can squeeze against the end and make the situation more of a commitment than people had planned for.
    Once there, it can run into a few more hurdles. The muscles near the top can't really do anything but squeeze the sides. If it's not squishy and there's no angle, it's not going to be able to do anything because it just doesn't have the angle. Even if there is an angle, like your cucumber didn't go all the way, it's going to be squeezing at an awkward angle to try to push something inflexible through the opening in the stronger anal sphincter.
    Usually the softness lets things find a way with some mutual give and take, but even normally things can get a bit firm and get some resistance that can be uncomfortable to work through.

    Turns out I think I remember more of my anatomy and physiology classes than I thought.

  • “CSAM generated by AI is still CSAM,” DOJ says after rare arrest
    • where did I "defend" them?
    • why are you talking about open ai? They're not even involved in this.

    You asked why they weren't in legal trouble. I told you.
    You asserted that any safeguards they put in place ("they" in this case being an open source project, and a startup that provides their models for free, not the billionaires you think you're mad at) couldn't be functional because the tool requires csam to generate csam. I told you that was incorrect, because the whole point is to generate things it hasn't seen before.

    You explode on a set of insult laden rants because, as far as I can tell, you don't want to say "oh, I misunderstood. I still think they're grossly irresponsible for not including safeguards in the first place, and how can we actually trust the safeguards they have now?". You know, like a reasonable person would have.
    Instead you assumed that the only reason someone could disagree with your factually incorrect assumptions about how something works, is if they're a "creepy misinformation spreading narc" (... Narc? That one doesn't even make sense)

    Do you even know what misinformation means? Do you think that "ability to magic csam into existence from nothing" (which is what it can do) is something that I think is somehow better than it only being able to make it from known examples?

  • “CSAM generated by AI is still CSAM,” DOJ says after rare arrest
  • You made an incorrect statement about how the technology worked and I corrected you. You doubled down and I made a more detailed explanation.
    You called me a "creep" for this, and again just now call me a "little unpaid footman".

    If anything's bullshit it's your making it aggressive when it doesn't need to be.

    I never said their system was perfect, or that they made no mistakes. I said the system does not need csam to generate csam. I explained why their actions weren't illegal.

    You need to work on your reading comprehension if you can't see how those are different from being a bootlicker.

  • The US is thinking about letting Ukraine use its weapons to strike Russia, even if it enrages Putin: report
  • I'm unfortunately not sure how much of it's "values" and how much is "utility".
    People have values, nations don't. Nations only exemplify their national values because the citizens will be outraged if they're breached too far. Otherwise a nations foreign policy is better looked at through a lens of detached utilitarianism.

    Usually our value of "supporting our friends" and the self image of being the hero (I think WW2 was America's highschool football) lines up nicely with the utility it provides.
    We get a lot of advantages out of our allies, not least of which is fat piles of sweet, sweet trade goods. We would never precondition military training exercises, intelligence sharing or sensitive service export regulation exemptions on getting a favorable trade deal on mangoes, but we do tend to reserve those things for our close allies, and trade agreements are a very efficient way to develop those bonds.
    Waterway access lets us send our navy everywhere which massively reduces piracy, to the benefit of all, but to our benefit the most, as the leading consumer of oceanic transport goods.
    A military base will get you very strong support, and furthers our security interests of global force projection.

    Israel is very useful to us. The give us a naval port in the Mediterranean, military staging areas, and a regional toehold that would otherwise be significantly weaker. We also, again, get a lot of trade value from their medical supplies and electronics, and we get to sell them a lot of services.
    Combined with the previously mentioned points about signaling strong resolve and unwavering support if you've earned it, it would be very costly for us to abandon Israel.

    It's why our politicians with constituents who care about human rights are trying very hard to walk the tightrope of supporting Israel against Hamas while opposing killing civilians. (The messaging is not going well).
    The Palestinians, unfortunately, do not possess strategic value. Their "value" comes from internal political pressure to not allow or support evil, which is tempered by the opposing political view being to make the evil worse, which explains a relatively subdued response.

    With goods, sales, power, influence and PR worth tens of billions one one side, and internal political pressure towards an ethical stance that might endanger some fraction of that value on the other, it's a question of how much value we stand to loose by listening to that pressure, and exactly how strong that pressure is.

  • The US is thinking about letting Ukraine use its weapons to strike Russia, even if it enrages Putin: report
  • Putin is already irritated at us and there's no advantage to preventing further irritation short of actually engaging in direct combat with NATO forces, and a general principle of not letting others control your escalation (We want to control when US weapons are used against Russia because it impacts our diplomatic stance, even if Ukraine is the one firing them).
    There is advantage to us for Ukraine winning, particularly if it's with our weapons and support. It reassures our allies, it drives interest in closer alliances with us, and generally reinforces the "aligning with the US brings trade, wealth, safety and protection" message we like to use to spread influence. See also: Finland and Sweden.

    Israel on the other hand is a historical ally in a region of significance and contested influence.
    Israel's genocidal actions against the Palestinians is unacceptable. Full stop.
    From a political standpoint, the actions Hamas took that precipitated the current military campaign make it difficult to condemn the response without undermining the message that US allies get US support when they're attacked. It's why all the wording and messaging gets so verbose: how do you say "of course you can defend yourself and we'll help" while also saying "maybe not the big guns, and stop with the civilian killings".
    If the region weren't contested, weren't important, we had significantly moreallies in the area, and it wasn't important for domestic political reasons, it would be a different story.

  • “CSAM generated by AI is still CSAM,” DOJ says after rare arrest
  • Again, that's not how it works.

    Could you hypothetically describe csam without describing an adult with a child's head, or specifying that it's a naked child?
    That's what a person trying to generate csam would need to do, because it doesn't have those concepts.
    If you just asked it directly, like I said "horse flying a hangglider" before, you would get what you describe because it's using the only "naked" it knows.
    You would need to specifically ask it to demphasize adult characteristics and emphasize child characteristics.

    That doesn't mean that it was trained on that content.

    For context from the article:

    The DOJ alleged that evidence from his laptop showed that Anderegg "used extremely specific and explicit prompts to create these images," including "specific 'negative' prompts—that is, prompts that direct the GenAI model on what not to include in generated content—to avoid creating images that depict adults."

  • Crazy rumour suggests Microsoft are preparing $16 billion offer for Valve
  • I could see a federated recommendation engine/ranking system/the social parts of game ownership, but I just don't see it panning out for the actual commerce part.
    Those parts benefit from being able to control your own data and who it's shared with. I don't think there's a reasonable way to federate giving a specific individual money and them authorizing you to download or access a resource they control.

  • Crazy rumour suggests Microsoft are preparing $16 billion offer for Valve
  • Well, I don't think they're interested in selling directly. There's a lot of overhead in handling credit card payments and dealing with the jurisdictional issues of sales tax, currency conversion, and regional age and content restrictions.

    Your notion sounds perfectly lovely from the consumer side, but from the creator side it's not much different from not using the system at all.

  • cat failed to load its texture properly.

    Been having fun trying to generate images that look like "good" CGI, but broken somehow in a more realistic looking way.

    a fun self portrait I made with control net

    > digital illustration of a male character in bright and saturated colors with playful and fun expression, created in 2D style, perfect for social media sharing. Rendered in high-resolution 10-megapixel 2K resolution with a cel-shaded comic book style , paisley Steps: 50, Sampler: Heun, CFG scale: 13, Seed: 1649780875, Size: 768x768, Model hash: 99fd5c4b6f, Model: seekArtMEGA_mega20, ControlNet Enabled: True, ControlNet Preprocessor: lineart_coarse, ControlNet Model: control_v11p_sd15_lineart [43d4be0d], ControlNet Weight: 1, ControlNet Starting Step: 0, ControlNet Ending Step: 1, ControlNet Resize Mode: Crop and Resize, ControlNet Pixel Perfect: True, ControlNet Control Mode: Balanced, ControlNet Preprocessor Parameters: "(512, 64, 64)"

    If you take a picture of yourself in from the shoulders up, like in the picture, while standing in front of a blank but lightly textured wall it seems to work best.

    ASCII is a floof of a cat.

    He's not nearly as chubby as he looks.

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