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How my family got to Star Trek
  • There doesn't to be precedent from case law, the DMCA already allows for copying something for the purposes of backup for personal use only.

  • Ruling for a job is hard
  • Spoken like someone who truly does not understand that mods are also, in fact, people.

  • The beginning of the end
  • He's already two years older than the male life expectancy in the US. He wouldn't last long enough in a prison to be forgotten.

  • Dollar General has 48hrs to make stores safe or face more penalties after $12m fine
  • While that would be pertinent for many American companies, Dollar General only operates within the US and Mexico, and Mexico's tax rate is 9% higher for corporations.

  • Rule
  • I don't know what part of the world you're in, but where I am, cops absolutely are referred to as first responders.

    One actually showed up at my friends place just a few weeks back, and the complete bloody chucklefuck did CPR on her even though she was breathing.

  • Rule
  • Yes, that is actually a thing people say here in Australia. We don't have "EMTs" here, they're called Ambulance Officers, and that sounds kinda wanky, so we just say Ambo. It's as widely-used here as Cop is for Police Officer.

    By and large, you probably think it sounds funny bc it does in ur accent and I'd be laughing my arse off at you ☺️

  • Games on Whales - Stream multiple desktops and games from a single host
  • Ah okay, thank you heaps for clarifying :) That's awesome that you've been able to limit the overhead like that, I'm excited to test it out!

  • Games on Whales - Stream multiple desktops and games from a single host
  • Does this automatically use nvidia-patch in the container drivers to unlock as many NVENC streams as possible? I believe, from their documentation, that it's possible to use the patch with docker, with an unpatched host.

    Otherwise, is this something that could be implemented? I'm happy to submit a feature request if needed :)

  • Games on Whales - Stream multiple desktops and games from a single host
  • Yeah, I think that's the general idea. They are seperate instances of Steam that could be signed into different accounts. So yeah, if you're doing multiplayer of one game, each account would need to own it. That would be the exact same limitation at a LAN party anyway. This just lets you host said LAN party on a single beefy box, and use thin clients for each gamer, like an RPi4, a tablet or even an Apple/Android TV.

  • Games on Whales - Stream multiple desktops and games from a single host
  • As far as I can tell, it's creating container VMs that have Steam installed inside separately.

  • Rule
  • Actually? Because good! Cops try and act like they're an emergency service, like they're first responders, when they're not. So it's good to hear some firies and ambos pushing back against that, all too often cops buddy up to them.

  • Most Australians take more than 30 minutes to get to work. How does that compare to other countries?
  • I think metro stations are a bit overkill, especially for Australia's cities. I'd settle for the government releasing solid plans for train lines in new areas, and developers being required to cede the land for them while building out new suburbs. As well as increasing the taxes on those developers profits, directly into a fund to pay for the line to be built.

  • smell rule
  • I'm incontinent friend. Life sucks, I try to find the silver linings ☺️

  • smell rule
  • I hope you and the other folks in this thread saying poo don't have children you leave smelling like this :) you're supposed to change them when they do that friend.

    I change myself straight away too. Smelling like that sucks. Smelling like baby powder is nice though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • smell rule
  • j&j's is cornstarch these days :3

  • Rule
  • I mean if China were actually doing this, they'd only be taking from the same playbook the British used against them with opium ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • This feels like an overreach by the admin...

    I was banned from for “personal attacks” for 3 days because of calling someone a “piece of shit” after they called me a “cunt”. The comment calling me a cunt wasn’t removed and the user hasn’t been punished at all by the admins.

    The comments in question:

    ! modlog:

    ! !

    In the interest of full disclosure, this is my other comment that was removed:


    And here’s the comment of that user I was referencing, in the Blahaj modlog after it was removed:


    This feels like an overreach, especially when the admin clearly didn’t feel it was important to punish their own user for “personal attacks” in the same thread.


    it’s just the rule thing to do

    please don’t start shit in the comments, i’m too disabled to care


    [Bug] App Icons

    Hey friends, I see you just pushed another test flight build, cheers for all the new updates. However, I just tried changing the App Icon and it doesn’t work at all, just stays on the default one. I tried a bunch to see if it was just one of them glitching out, but none of them work.


    video rule

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like NorahKing94.

    Can we defederate

    It’s just an instance of reposting reddit links. These showed up in my All feed sorted by Hot even though there’s zero interaction. It just feels like spam.


    [Bug/Feature Request] Hide Downvote Button

    I’m on an instance that has downvotes disabled, and I’m wondering if we could add an option to hide the downvote button from the UI when the signed in instance has it disabled. I’ve changed the swipe so it doesn’t have the downvote, but it still shows up in the feed.

    As well it could be nice to have a setting for an alternate to the downvote swipe so that auto-changes depending on instance as well.


    [Feature Request/Bug] Downvote Button

    I’m on a server that has downvotes disabled. I’m wondering if we can get an update that hides the downvote button/slide when it’s disabled? I accidentally press it 2-3 times per day and the error dialogue can be frustrating. I was thinking there could be an option for what to replace the ‘slide right to downvote’ shortcut with when it’s hidden. Such as share or copy link.


    [request] Local Instance Link Setting

    So at the moment, when you share a post, you get a link to the post on the instance the communities on. Obviously, you aren’t always sharing links with people that are also on your instance, so this behaviour is usually fine. But I have a few friends on my local instance, so it would be nice to be able to link them directly. Maybe having the options be Local/Remote/Ask, with a little options list each time if people want that.

    Queer Music Norah - She/They

    Laura Jane Grace | True Trans Soul Rebel


    I got this tattoo for myself the day I was diagnosed with MAIS

    It's a personal mash-up of the Agender, Intersex and Transgender symbols, and a little bit of inspiration from dog desexing tattoos. I'd been questioning since late puberty if I might be Intersex, I never grew an Adam's apple and hardly any body hair despite family genetics. I came out as trans femme non-binary in my early 20s, but it wasn't until the third doctor I saw for hormones that questioned if I might have an intersex condition. The first doctor I saw never questioned that my T was well below the male range because I wanted to start HRT anyway. But he also still put me on T-blockers which have some awful side-effects, including dropping my T to completely zero. Thankfully I'm off those these days and estrogen alone keeps my T where it needs to be.

    The last test that she ran was for sterility, so the day I got that result was when I got my official diagnosis. I'd never really wanted kids of my own, and didn't worry when starting HRT, but it still really shook me to learn that I'm not able too. Hence, I dropped into my local tattoo parlour with a rough sketch, because the adrenaline and pain from that helped me deal with my emotions in a more healthy way.

    Anyway, hi, I'm Norah and that's my story :)


    Retro Lemmy BBS in Windows Terminal

    So the how-to I promised in my last post:

    1. Install the neonmodem package under your default WSL distro. I'm using Debian. You've got to move the executable to your /bin/ folder.
    2. Go to your Windows Terminal settings and click on 'Add a new profile'. Duplicate your default profile.
    3. Rename the profile to 'Neon Modem Overdrive'. You can download the favicon from
    4. Under 'Command line' you want to change it to show as below. This will launch it within it's own tab, and will close out when you quit NMO. C:\Windows\system32\wsl.exe ~ --shell-type login neonmodem
    5. Under 'Additional settings' at the bottom, click on 'Appearance'.
    6. I'm using the 'Vintage' colour scheme, and have the 'Retro terminal effects' setting enabled for those crispy old scanline vibes.

    Neon Modem Overdrive in WSL

    I spent this evening playing with Neon Modem Overdrive and ended up getting it set up as it's own profile in Windows Terminal. That way I could give it it's own profile, including the retro screen effect. Will comment tomorrow with a guide :)


    Tab Bar looks great

    I’m not sure if my feedback in my last post made a huge difference, but thank you for implementing stuff like the small red dot for inbox and changing things up. I like the new inbox icon a lot, and thank you for the setting to toggle off the username. Just updated to the latest build and the avatar in the tab bar looks great!


    [X-Post] Welcome to QHDN!

    > Its 4am and you sit at your computer, illuminated by its soft glow. You take a sip of your tea as you stare at the incomprehensible error message on your terminal. you tab back over to the .config file and scan it for errors for the fifth time - or was it the sixth? you google the error message again, only this time you spot something that could help. A community of like-minded hackers -- and one of them has had the same problem you're having! The replies are all non judgemental and one of them links to a page on the community wiki with something that could help. > > You add the line to your .config file and run the command again. Your pitch black room is illuminated as your smart bulbs come to life. You can finally go to bed. We hope you drop back in again after you get some sleep. > > - - - > > Welcome to QHDN - a queer space for hobbyist hackers interested in programming, local system administration, and other related topics. It aims to be a friendly community and repository for learning and sharing how to run and maintain your own services, be it for smart home, data storage, media storage, or anything else. We're glad you're here.

    cross-posted from:

    art by my lovely partner @[email protected]

    come join us at [email protected]