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CNN’s contributions
  • Don't believe what that person said, and don't believe what I said. This is easily resolved by just looking up the app in question in the app store or online and reading their own description of their app.

    This is one of the more odd conversations I've had on here in a while.

  • CNN’s contributions
  • By looking at the community description you would see that this community is dedicated to an app which tracks the political spending of corporations or celebrities. Since the post is a screenshot of that app, and that app is dedicated to tracking the spending of corporations and celebrities, your original question would be fully answered and accompanied by an enriched appreciation for the diversity of communities on Lemmy.

    Make sense?

  • Appeciating simple pleasures
  • I never personally understood the amount of focus people put on a good parking space. Unless it's so bad that I have to park in an entirely different lot, I just can't be bothered to care, and I see people getting so worked up over what is usually a minute or two max of walk time difference.

    Obviously, some folks don't walk so good and I'm not talking about that. It seems like the default behavior for even able-bodied drivers and it leads to fucking road rage incidents.

  • Jon Stewart and Sen. Nathan Dahm on guns, drag shows, and hypocrisy

    In my view the only thing wrong with this video is that it doesn't have 400 million views, so I like to repost it every so often.


    Game thread - 6/13 - Cubs host pirates

    Taillon on the bump for Chicago, vs Ortiz for the Bucs. Feel free to discuss the game!


    Kishi Bashi - Can't Let Go, Juno