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Indigenous Canadian from northern Ontario. Believe in equality, Indigenous rights, minority rights, LGBTQ+, women's rights and do not support war of any kind.

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Julian Assange has reached a plea deal with the U.S., allowing him to go free
  • Meanwhile, they have an orange beanbag presidential hopeful spilling the beans to the whoever around the world and he gets millions of dollars of support, literal legal immunity from anything and 1/3 of the country want him to become their Cheeto leader in Mountain Dew.

  • Examining Why Men Stopped out of Community College
  • Someone's pumping out AI blogs that sound intelligent

  • Stand off [Mr. Lovenstein]
  • Are we talking about today ... or tomorrow? ... by the way, what day is it today? ... or tomorrow? ... what are we talking about again?

  • hope
  • That was fantastic and hilarious .... From one meatbag to another, thanks for sharing

  • hope
  • Or they are just so far advanced than us that there is no need for an agreement like that ... it's just automatically understood and they see our planet and 'civilization' no more than us looking at our lawn and seeing an ant hill with activity. Why interact with creatures that can only understand their immediate surroundings and could not possibly comprehend anything beyond their little world?

    The ants themselves are not aware of all the activity, technology and beings living all around them and can only know about their ant hill and their little 'civilization'. Even if the ants had some resources, what good is it for a larger more powerful organism or entity to reach down, dig out their nest and take away the tiny little food stores? or use the sand from their ant hill to ... ? ... to what? ... fill a crack in their paving stones? The ants have nothing we need or want ... or have even the level of quantity of resources we would desire. Highly advanced alien civilizations probably see us in the same way ..... why harvest a tiny planet when you could gather vast amounts of energy and resources from some other parts of the galaxy that are far more massive and energy sustaining.

    We only see and understand a fraction of a fraction of the universe right now. We are like the blind ignorant little ants that can only understand their little ant hill. Beings, entities and technologies might be roaming around us already but we are so unaware and undeveloped that it will takes us centuries or millennia before we can even start to understand anything beyond our world.

  • hope
  • I have a bad feeling that our galactic neighbours are short selling our planet right now

  • Complaint department [Nancy, 1947]
  • I try to do this in real life with just about any public service I encounter.

    If someone does something good, nice or even remotely within their job description .... especially with young people ... I'll take a moment and fill out a survey, receipt feedback or just talk to a manager to tell them what a great job they did. I find this even more important for the young man or woman with their first job ... or an immigrant or person of colour who's trying to fit into the community for the first time.

    I've worked in storefronts, grocery stores, restaurants, waiting tables, cooking, cleaning, janitorial and in hotels, schools and hospitals .... and I know that with the public, the only time you will ever hear anything from anyone is when things go wrong. Very few people ever take the time to say thanks for the good job or leave a comment or write something positive.

    But they'll spend hours or even days organizing themselves to lodge a complaint or consider hiring lawyers to get back at a company or employee for not giving them more pickles for their hamburger.

  • Stand off [Mr. Lovenstein]
  • 2AM ..... I guess I should go to bed earlier today ... tonight? ... this morning? ... tomorrow? ... today? ... in the future?

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • As an indigenous person who grew up without running water or modern plumbing for the first ten years of my life in Canada .... I always appreciated this quote ...

    Will Durant Quote: “From barbarism to civilization requires a century; from civilization to barbarism needs but a day.”

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • Personality, presence and confidence

    Natural self confidence, but NOT an arrogant selfish confidence.

    Some people naturally have confidence and presence and some people need to build it as a skill.

    I know guys and gals with little to no knowledge or skill build up careers because they just knew how to talk and connect to people.

    I also know guys and gals with years of education and degrees but have little to no way of politely or easily getting along with people.

  • How Cult Leaders Use Provocatively Loaded Language to Control Their Followers
  • I'm Indigenous Ojibway/Cree from northern Northern Ontario and I speak my language. The word we use to describe white people or Europeans is 'Mistikoshoo'.

    It's a two part word ... Mishtik is the word for 'wood' ... or 'stick'

    adding the ending 'ooshoo' to the word changes it refer to or describe a person.

    So in all ... the word just translates to 'man with a stick'

    When we made first contact with Europeans, they were all so preoccupied with their religion that they just looked like people wandering around with a stick in their hands and around their necks which was very, very important to them.

    Then they taught us this strange religion and all its rules and regulations that everyone glorified but no one seemed to follow. When you look at the Middle Eastern religious traditions and what they preach and teach and what kind of culture they have evolved into, you begin to realize that religion is just another tool to control and manipulate people.

    I always enjoyed reading about the history of European colonization ... especially by the Spanish

    Before he was burned, a priest asked Hatuey if he would accept Jesus and go to heaven. Las Casas recalled the reaction of the chief:
    [Hatuey], thinking a little, asked the religious man if Spaniards went to heaven. The religious man answered yes... The chief then said without further thought that he did not want to go there but to hell so as not to be where they were and where he would not see such cruel people.

  • How Cult Leaders Use Provocatively Loaded Language to Control Their Followers
  • Reminds me of The Office

    I’ve been involved in a number of cults both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower but you make more money as a leader.

    Creed Bratton

    .... and I love the fact that with Creed Bratton quotes ... they could be made up fiction or based on actual real life experience.

  • How Cult Leaders Use Provocatively Loaded Language to Control Their Followers
  • The only difference between religion and a cult .... is time

  • How Cult Leaders Use Provocatively Loaded Language to Control Their Followers
  • They've been doing that for six thousand years

  • Billionaire, My Butt
  • We live in Ferenginar .... not Vulcan

  • A time traveler's survival guide. The vertical green bars are the only times in Earth's history with enough oxygen to breathe (hypoxia) and low enough to avoid oxygen toxicity (hyperoxia).
  • A safer solution would be to just purposely target your arrival to the other side in empty space. While also travelling in a fully functional spaceship. Just make sure your little ship arrives within a set distance to Earth otherwise you will have to figure out how to travel millions of kilometers to get to where you're going. If technology gets to the point of developing safe time travelling, I'll assume that the same level of technology should be able to develop a space ship.

  • Canadian acting icon Donald Sutherland dead at 88
  • Thank you Mr Sutherland for everything you've given us.

    I also hate these announcements because it's a subtle reminder of how old we are all becoming.

  • Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things
  • Time ..... and I don't mean waiting a few years for some grand revolutionary way of thinking.

    I mean evolutionary time scales of hundreds or even thousands of years for our species to evolve away from our cave man prehistoric mentalities.

    When you graph out the age of our current species, we are closer to our prehistoric ancestors than we like to think. We are still a developing species that is built more for survival and aggression than as a modern technologically advanced society.

    I have an old friend of mine who puts it more simply as "we are just monkeys driving cars"

    The answer is time ..... a lot of time ..... for us to grow out of our old mentalities. Hopefully we can have that time.

  • A cool guide collective Nouns for animal groups
  • Yes it is for most words.

    Goose is niska ... the plural is niskuk

    Beaver is amisk..... the plural is amiskuk

    It's not a hard rule but it applies to many things, objects and animals.

  • Lt. James Doohan and the 80th Anniversary of D-Day

    I didn't see any one mention it here but today is the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy and what has become to be known as the beginning of the end of the Second World War.

    James Doohan who famously played Scotty in The Original Series in the 1960s was a veteran of this famous battle. This was also the day he famously lost his finger which he always did his very best to hide from the camera.

    Read about him at this webpage provided by the Juno Beach Centre.

    For those who don't know Juno Beach refers to one of the five named beach areas of the D-Day landings. Juno Beach was the landing area for the Canadian Forces of which James Doohan was part. And also for those who don't know, James Doohan was a Canadian.


    A commentary on Pretendians by an indigenous woman from Norway House - YouTube

    This is one of best commentaries I've heard recently about indigenous fraud. I've stopped referring to it as "Pretendians" because this isn't a cute joke, this is serious fraud and can sometimes add up to tens, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars worth of lifelong fraud.

    At first I watched this woman's video as a laugh because I watch lots of indigenous video blogs. At first I thought she was messing around but soon realized she was completely serious ..... as she was doing her hair and makeup.

    2 We need an exodus from Zionism | Naomi Klein

    This Passover, we don’t need or want the false idol of Zionism. We want freedom from the project that commits genocide in our name

    We need an exodus from Zionism | Naomi Klein

    Test MP4 at 500w upload to Lemmy

    Is it possible to just upload MP4 to Lemmy? As long as file sizes are kept to a minimum small size.


    Vulcan Day on the Enterprise

    Yet another video test using a GIF from a Pixelfed server at

    Let me know if this works any better or worse

    and also, Happy Vulcan Day .... lol


    Even in the 24th century .. they never expected it

    Another video test to see how well this one works ... this time a MP4 coming from a Pixelfed server at

    I hope it works


    Another video test - this time with GIF

    attempting to find out how and where I can post short video content and how it appears and works on Lemmy and the general Fediverse

    for your info - this was posted via the Lemmy webclient on Firefox running Linux (Ubuntu) in Canada ... and the video is being posted and hosted on a Pixelfed server on

    if you have a moment let me know if this works or doesn't work or looks or acts strange depending on what service, app or set up you have



    testing video from pixelfed


    Are studios starting to produce AI films?

    I just finished watching this German produced Netflix film and it was completely awful. If you are looking forward to this film, go watch it first if you want and skip my little review below.


    If you don't care and want to just take my word for it ... it is a waste of four one hour episodes, a total of four hours of content.

    Everything inside the film and its marketing is an AI like production with all the sci-fi alien contact cliches and movie tropes from the past 20 years. A mysterious woman in space having an epiphany, hearing voices; a father with his daughter, a daughter with a disability, a father with a truckers hat, construction worker garb running in a cornfield, mysterious no-name SWAT team/soldiers, a nuclear explosion, helicopters, jet fighters, astronauts, the ISS, scientists, the desert, cityscapes, car crashes, car chase, secret agents, a plane crash, .... input all this into an AI program and ask it for a script and you'll end up with 'The Signal'

    There is so little soul, sense or common logic in the film that to me it has all the hallmarks of a script and writing that was all generated by AI tools. If you look at the writers who put this together it is a group of four young writers with almost no prior experience in major film, yet they were handed the keys to a multi-million dollar production.

    I like watching new films and I regularly take my chances at watching something new and different. This one was interesting but the more I watched it, the more I became suspicious that it was either written by a terrible dyslectic writer with little life experience ... or it was mashed together with an AI text generator.

    One of the biggest giveaways that it most likely was an AI generated script was the corny voice over wrap up at the end of the film. I felt like I had just watched a four hour version of those Youtube auto generated AI fake film previews that are popular right now.


    Special DS9 NSFW Memes

    Don't worry .... it's not what you think it is ... I'm just getting into posting video content because I think it's fun.


    Almost every problem in the world would be dealt with meaningfully if we outlawed billionaires.

    Everytime I look at small problems or big global problems, if you follow the money trail, it all leads to some billionaire who is either working towards increasing their wealth or protecting their wealth from decreasing.

    Everything from politics, climate change, workers rights, democratic government, technology, land rights, human rights can all be rendered down to people fighting another group of people who defend the rights of a billionaire to keep their wealth or to expand their control.

    If humanity got rid of or outlawed the notion of any one individual owning far too much money than they could ever possibly spend in a lifetime, we could free up so much wealth and energy to do other things like save ourselves from climate change.


    DS9 Episode - S2 E22 - The Wire

    I know many other seasoned Star Trek fans out there have probably experienced this one many times before. But I just watched this episode for the first time and the writing, acting and story just blew me away. So far it is by far one of my favourite scenes and episodes of the series so far. The dialogue between Bashir and Garak at end the of the episode is a classic.

    I don't like giving too many details ... all you Star Trek pros already know what this episode leads up to. For those who don't, or haven't watched it yet, it is completely amazing episode to watch just for the writing and acting alone.

    This is the first time I've been able to watch DS9 from beginning to end and although I'm still in Season Two, I'm completely loving it. So much of the conflict and complexities of war and its aftermath are still very relevant today and its amazing to see. Then they give you a breath outside of the politics and give you interactions like this with Garak and Bashir and I find it completely enthralling.

    I know this may be kind of a fan favourite that's probably been stated many times before .... I was just so happy to see it that I had to share my enthusiasm.


    Kids In The Hall - Bearing witness to the Prophets of Laughter

    For anyone wondering ... this is a regular daily post by Mr Stevenson Two over at [email protected] ... a Canadian comedy show that appeared from 1988 to 1995 and starred actors Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson

    I love these daily images as they consistently remind me of the show.

    But today's image reminded me of a renaissance painting.

    1's Main Community IninewCrow

    Establishing permanent background info on newly created communities

    Is it possible to place permanent info on newly created and existing communities?

    Specifically just two small items:

    • date stamp of when a community was created
    • stamp of who created the community

    I think it is helpful to permanently place a date stamp on when a community was created. It's also helpful to note who initially created or established a newly created community.

    Just these two pieces of information let's everyone know immediately if a community is a long time well established base ... or if it is just a newly created alternate community that people are jumping on because of new developments. Sometimes communities are organically created because of real interest and they grow over time. Other communities appear suddenly when events are happening, like the Gaza war, middle eastern conflicts, or popular topics where there are many opposing sides.

    I like being able to verify and check on instances and communities wherever I go now. Every time I see something new, especially when it comes to politics and news, I do a bit of extra work to verify the information and check who created it, when, where and why.

    As of now, every new community just appears with very little information other than what is written by the community creator, or creators. There are some metrics on users but its a guesstimate as to when the community was started (there is no start date). And there is a listing for the current Mod (but no indication of who created the community).

    The Mod log gives some information but again it is all info that is posted and generated by the creators and existing mods.

    Creating and establishing a 'date created' and 'created by' permanent stamp on communities would give them more legitimacy and accountability to everyone that reads content on them. This info is also very important when events are unfolding and people are actively debating with one another in different communities.


    QUESTION - Is Canada sending our soldiers to Poland or Ukraine?

    I'm in Ontario and this past week I got a couple of messages from family and friends in southern Ontario that their sons/nephews/friends who are in the army are going to be sent to either Poland or Ukraine in the next few months.

    It's really upset myself and my family because I have relatives who were war veterans who either died or were traumatized by war (in WWII and WWI). Most of my family and circle of friends all agree .... no one in Canada should be sent to any war / conflict / fight / aggression / whatever you want to call it in Europe.

    One of them said that they were going to be deployed to Poland but then that recently got changed to Ukraine. The messages about this one soldier came from a mother who is a friend of mine. She said that her son told her that it would be a combat role for him.

    I am not certain if the young son is making up stories for his mother (as they have a difficult relationship). I'm partly wondering if the young guy is doing some strange path of going to Ukraine just to fight in whatever capacity (whether as a Canadian soldier or just a plain mercenary) just because he wants to.

    So after hearing two separate families suggesting that they thought their relative was going to be sent to Poland or Ukraine in the next few months ... is Canada sending ... or going to send troops to Poland or Ukraine? Or is this something that their families have to worry about because some dumb kid is wanting to join a war on his own?


    Documentary about Christian Nationalism

    Christian Nationalism is a movement that affects us here in Canada just much as in the United States. This documentary highlights how that movement is affecting global politics at the highest levels.

    Praying for Armageddon is a documentary film by Tonje Hessen Schei.

    Praying for Armageddon is a political thriller that investigates the dangerous consequences of the fusion between Evangelical Christianity and American politics. Through years of reporting, this film not only reveals how structures of fundamentalism weaken the very fabric of American democracy, but also highlights the devastating impact religion wields on U.S. foreign policy. From a grassroots foundation and megachurch empires to the dark backroom maneuvering in Washington D.C., this film ventures inside a movement that ultimately aims to destroy our civilization. This deep dive into power and policy unveils how politicians driven by faith embrace Israel as the key to their prophetic vision for the end of days, at any cost, ultimately escalating the spirals of violence in the Middle East. As Intercept journalist Lee Fang says, “We cannot look away.”

    Part One

    Part Two