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The Wiki Game | Sea of Azov ➡️ Bumblebee
  • FADE IN:


    A sunny afternoon in a bustling city park. A man with a briefcase in an overcoat sits on a bench.

    DEREK (Man ugly and weathered, 40s) I didn't think you would show up

    ANGELA (Woman, ancient looking, not an unwrinkled patch of skin on her face)

    Look I've only made it halfway, and I need to know before I die

    Derek fidgets nervously.

    DEREK I don't like opening this, it freaks me out

    ANGELA I don't have much longer to live, just open it.

    Derek fumbles with the claps wipes away sweat from his brow.

    We hear a hissing from the briefcase.

    A man jumps out of the tree nearby pulling a gun and pointing it at Derek

    AGENT FOSTER (Sunburnt, dad bod. 60s)

    STOP! Secret police! Don't open that briefcase!

    Derek jumps up hands in the air, the briefcase falls to the ground falling open

    SNAKE: (Aged Python CGI or muppet) <HISSING> 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43...



    End scene

    The script would continue on

  • I was just paid to talk there, I get paid to talk a lot of places, I don't know most of the places. People love me, they come up to me and say can I please give you money can I and they're really pathetic like Carmahlaha you know that she doesn't even golf? They say to me please take my money and speak to people at my building and if course I do because I'm a genius and they don't even kiss me on the mouth anymore well project 2025 isn't even the most important group I've distanced myself from think about my children, I don't except my beautiful baby girl, you know she...

    And on and on

  • Hate group leader celebrates video showing abuse of nonbinary child
  • There will always be horrible people, doing horrible acts it's not a surprise nor newsworthy.

    Do we need an article tomorrow when that same hate group leader says the N word?

    He's watching a video.

    It's not like he's the one who did the act.

    I sympathize with the victim but don't see how this is any more relevant to society than the root of the child was hurt which should be it's own article and call to action

  • Hate group leader celebrates video showing abuse of nonbinary child
  • Henry is a yellow jacket who is unhappy with his life after he graduates from college. He adopts a young chimpanzee named George and they explore the world together. By the end of the movie Henry buys a hat that matches his jacket and accepts George's curiosity

  • Killer or Survivor mains here?

    Survivor in quotes because you wish. I was actually just killer for the first couple hundred hours then finally got back to trying to play survivor, mostly swf but once I actually started to understand killer better I understood survivor better and well... I still suck at survivor for the most part.