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  • Every time this gets posted you get at least a couple of people pushing up their glasses and refuting it like they've never ridden a bike or stuck their hand out of a car window

  • Does anyone on Lemmy have access to cadaver dogs?
  • I will tell you why your posts and comments tend to get downvoted but please read it as an observation on your communication as opposed to an attack on your character:

    You write like a crazy person. Like the other commenter said, you sound like you're in the midst of a mental health crisis. It's like writing a post in all caps and acting confused when people tell you to calm down. It doesn't help that you're a prolific poster and all of your posts have the same frantic energy.

    If the way you come across does not match your reality, perhaps reflect on your chosen writing style. It's very, very, very similar to the way people often write during a manic episode.

  • For a more active community, you can check [email protected]
  • This is definitely one of those "gotta copy everything from reddit" communities. Not to mention that the sub it's based on became a generic video sub...I just checked and 2 posts on the frontpage are cover songs.

  • The only consistent through line is white supremacy.
  • Maybe it's because "Shut up and sit on the bench for 90% of the season" doesn't roll off the tongue /s

    Sorry, kickers, you have the lamest position in the lamest mainstream sport. You kick and then sit down. Why anyone would think a random kicker of all players is worthy of giving a commencement speech is beyond me.

  • Why Aren't There More User Customization Options on Lemmy?
  • Sorry but "why haven't the devs given me [thing I want]?" is a very presumptuous way to phrase a question.

    They could have asked "Will the admin features [X, Y, Z] become available to users?" with the explanation of why they'd want it.

  • Reminder...
  • "I don't like Biden's support for Israel's genocide so I'm going to make it more likely that the guy who would support Israel's genocide even more gets into office."

    Incredibly dumb take.

  • Reminder...
  • Criticizing Biden is totally fine. It's the pressure from these posters to not vote for Biden out of principle that's the problem.

    Biden is flubbing the Gaza situation hard but he's still (unfortunately) our only chance to keep Trump out of office.

    This post should really say "Just because we dislike Biden doesn't mean we shouldn't vote for him"

  • How many communities do you have blocked?

    My preferred way to browse here is using All and blocking communities I don't want to see. That way I get exposed to new things I wouldn't seek out on my own (for example: British archaeology)

    I accidentally blocked a community while trying to block a user and when I went to unblock it, I saw I had 1250 communities filtered. If I had to guess, 90% are either porn, sports, or anime.

    What about you?

    Subset Games created two amazing games: FTL & Into The Breach

    I'm not sure if this counts as a "patient gamer" because I played them to death years ago...but I've been playing both again recently and they're just perfect little games with a ton of replayability. They're not retro (FTL 2012, ITB 2018) but they're old enough to regularly go on sale which is great!

    Highly recommended if you like roguelite strategy games.

    If you have any similar games to suggest, please leave a comment. I'm sure there's tons of great strategy games I've missed over the years

    Connect A Song glimse
    Arca - Love You In Chains 「love you in chains」

    LYRICS: not fair to love you in chains sniahc ni ouy evol ot fiar ton not fair to love you in chains sniahc ni ouy evol ot fiar ton not fair to love you in chains not fair to love you in chain

    「love you in chains」

    Both artists are considered "art-pop"

    Kind of a weak connection but man...I've loved the posts but someone had to get us away from space-related songs!

    You must be this tall to ride.

    I was messing around on Bing trying to generate animals camouflaging into various environments but never spit out what I had in mind. It did, however, expose me to furry porn despite my prompt not requesting it.

    Some other examples (not including the aforementioned one because I don't want to get banned lol):




    Connect A Song glimse
    Malawi Mouse Boys - I'm So Tired Of You

    Connection: it's a song about Satan

    The link has 2 songs but I couldn't find this song on its own. "I'm So Tired Of You" is the first thing they play

    Connect A Song glimse
    Golden Vessel - sun+tide sun+tide

    Taken from my new album “everythingeverydayeverything“ which is out now via sumoclic: Socials: https://soundcl


    The moon has a strong influence on the tides

    Connect A Song glimse
    Tierra Whack - Body of Water

    Supersoakers are (usually) filled with water

    New album coming out soon too!!

    Connect A Song glimse
    Aqueduct - Living A Lie

    It's not living a lie if you're not living at all.

    Connection: Villain Mode is about living a lie

    Connect A Song glimse
    The Books - There Is No There

    Of course she's not there....There Is No There!

    The Books were a project by Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong, two very different musicians who found common ground in their appreciation for strange production and "found sound" sampling.

    They amicably split after a decade of making music together to pursue solo projects but neither has released anything in the past 5+ years. I've seen them live 3 times and would do it again if they did a reunion tour

    Connect A Song glimse
    San Fermin - Sonsick

    Rising Sun to Rising Son

    Sunsick to Sonsick

    Does that count as a pun?

    Connect A Song glimse
    IDLES - Gift Horse

    I'm gonna my gift horse to the old town road

    Connect A Song glimse
    Jamiroquai - Black Devil Car

    Old Black Devil

    This is a fun community. I'm gonna spice things up with a personal challenge after this post to only link songs that are less than a decade old.

    Connect A Song glimse
    Modest Mouse - 3rd Planet

    The world is the 3rd planet

    Connect A Song glimse
    Lou Bega - Mambo Number 5 Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of...)

    Lou Bega's official music video for 'Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of.)'. Click to listen to Lou Bega on Spotify: feat...

    Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of...)

    Both songs are from a numbered series lol

    1-4 were demos using the same sample and they weren't good

    Walt Disney: Frozen

    Based on two rumors/conspiracy theories:

    1. Walt Disney had his body cryogenically preserved in the hopes of being resurrected later. Unsubstantiated but funny

    2. The film was titled "Frozen" so when you search for "Walt Disney Frozen" you don't learn about the first rumor

    [META] This community shouldn't exist.

    Somehow the body disappeared when I posted this so I am going to copy my comment that inspired the post:

    This community doesn't fit Lemmy. Why are we segregating tweets? I'll bet the mods here don't even know why /r/whitepeopletwitter existed in the first place because if they did, they'd know we don't "need" it here. It's arguably worse if they don't know because they're separating tweets by race for no fucking reason

    Seriously just delete this community and use microblogmemes or whatever. Can't believe this reddit shit got copied over here.

    Mastodon (and similar) posts tagging Lemmy communities shouldn't automatically show up on Lemmy

    Interoperability is great and all but they're two different types of sites and the majority of the posts aren't directed at the community, they're just mentioning them. They rarely generate discussion and the hashtags/links make for garbage post titles on here

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