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Poured nicely
  • Make it a double.

  • Convergent Evolution Rule
  • No trigonometry gets you Tridents.

  • made of cake
  • Nooooooooo! I'm delicious!

  • Heh
  • When they came for the dinglebops I said nothing becasue I was not a dinglebop.

  • Surprised Eagle Owl
  • HOooo.....

    the fuck is taking a picture of me?!

  • Children is bugs
  • What? Why would I have nightmares about the thing that secures my continued paycheck?
    I fucking love 'em.

  • Who hurt you
  • When the office drone says no to overtime.

  • Neil Gaiman Denies Sexual Assault Allegations Made by Two Women
  • But he said in his statement that he's a Gaiman.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • That poor sucidal and very misguided person.

  • Did the largest Ukraine community & its instance got nuked?
  • Ah yes the good old: Good lunatic with nuclear arsenal :D

  • Definitely not a hoax. Trust us on that.
  • It's an early CPU and those are the pins. Three pins, clearly a very prototype Transistor :D

  • doot doot
  • thank mr skeltal

  • Help me out here
  • If i said you have a nice body would you take off your clothes and do a little dance?

  • uwu
  • ÀwÁ

  • Bankruptcy trustee discloses plan to shut down Alex Jones' Infowars and liquidate assets
  • His organs have some value too right? I mean not much I admit. But sell his kidneys and liver.

  • I was not playing with the beetles mother
  • I remember my body. Flabby, pasty skin, riddled with phlebitis. A good republican body.

  • Why do I puke more than once when I've been drunk?
  • Hm, I feel like most alcoholics don't puke until they have some other very likely related health issue.

  • Why should you never buy a light bulb from a RAM manufacturer?
  • I still have RAM from the EDO period.

  • I have issues with asymmetric routing



    One is the route from my Proxmox (vimes) server to my NAS, (colon) going via my Router (pessimal) (as it should be) Second one is my NAS going to Proxmox directly. However I didn't set any static routes and this is causing issues as the Router Firewalls those Asymmetric Connections. This is happening since I upgraded Proxmox... I am not the best at network stuff, so if someone has some pointers I'd be most grateful.

    I'm a moron and had a wrong subnet mask.