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The graying open source community needs fresh blood
  • My type is a dying breed too, the guys who do their best to write robust code and actually trying to consider edge cases, race conditions, properly sized variables and efficient use of cycles, all the things that embedded guys have done as "embedded" evolved from 6800 to Pic, Atmel and then ESP platforms.

    Now people seem to have embraced "move fast and break things" but that's the exact opposite to how embedded is supposed to be done. Don't get me wrong there is some great ESP code out there but there's also a shitload of buggy and poorly documented libraries and devices that require far too many power cycles to keep functioning.

    In my opinion one power cycle is too many in the embedded world. Your code should not leak memory. We grew up with BYTES of RAM to use, memory leaks were unthinkable!

    And don't get me started on the appalling mess that modern engineers can make with functional block inside a PLC, or their seeming lack of knowledge of industrial control standards that have existed since before the PLC.

  • AI taking over the world
  • The problem is the "race to the bottom". Sure, some grindy desk jobs can gladly be taken by AI.

    What about the jobs that AI does poorly, but when the low cost is taken into account it's still seen as feasible?

    Think of all the horrid DTMF phone menus and barely functioning voice recognition systems. We hated these as customers, colleagues, anyone who had to use them despised them

    Cheaper than a receptionist, though.

    Now imagine that level of frustration and poor service spread across every industry at every level. We're talking about a total collapse of productivity across the entire economy. Not only do people lose their jobs, but the work isn't even getting done to any standard, either.

  • Germany’s doner kebab becomes symbol of angst over rising costs
  • Interesting here in Canada we call it Donair and it's made from spiced meat. Lamb, beef or chicken. Then there is tzatziki sauce or garlic and hummus, and pickled vegetables as well as regular ones.

    We also claim to have invented it, the "Halifax Donair" yet it's sure similar to Turkish shawarma and Greek gyros...

  • Biden urges "every American" to read Project 2025's "blueprint for the second Trump term”
  • Indeed he is a known coward, which is why getting someone to shoot at him and miss is absolutely off brand for him. The risk is way too high.

    I hunt and shoot long range and I would trust myself to hit the head at that range, but not a chance on the ear. Even wind is too great a factor and the potential for an accidental fatality is just way too high.

    I don't consider myself a coward and there's no way I'd set up this shot. It's Russian roulette.

  • 'What about Project 25?' John Fetterman turns the table on Fox News over Biden questions
  • This is a ridiculous viewpoint, the Democrats are a center right party. Here in Canada they would be considered conservative.

    He supports healthcare and workers' rights, he's a Democrat.

    Or at this point the Republicans are so cracked that straight up "if he doesn't support Project 2025, he's a Democrat"

  • Sardonic Grin
  • Been using one of these apps to try to identify the many wild plants in my native pastures. Mostly just out of curiosity and conservation. Likewise it helped identify some trees and shrubs the previous owner planted around the yard.

    They are far from perfect but are a good starting point as you get lots of pictures to compare to your mystery tree, you finish the job yourself.

  • "Don’t replace the culture war with class war" pleads British columnist
  • Well nuts I was considering Ireland as a nice place to flee Canada for. Shame to hear that they're doing the same to you. I know there's a demographic issue but I don't see why they couldn't have made the countries livable enough that the people living there could afford to have children, instead of importing people en masse from regions with little education.

    We are just creating another demographic problem anyways as at least here all of our migrants are suspiciously young working age men. We don't see many families "fleeing regions in conflict" which seems very odd, doesn't it.

  • "Don’t replace the culture war with class war" pleads British columnist
  • I should probably clarify what I mean by that. Unlike most countries, most of Canada is probably best described as "a barely habitable hellscape"

    Even the pioneers relied heavily on existing supply chains, and in most regions aside from southern BC and Ontario the natives lived an unenviable hand to mouth existence.

    So while working harder for the same cheque is a bad idea, if everyone stops working at all (which feels like it's on the brink of happening, some days) the collapse of our society actually means losing our ability to survive in a country that actively wants to kill you on most days.

    I live way out in the country in a mostly self reliant community, but the amount of material and energy we need to bring in just to survive always worries me.

  • I don't have AC but my apartment lease covers unlimited water usage and the water is very cold. How can I best use this to cool my home?
  • Gut an AC from the dump. Replace the condenser with a tube in tube heat exchanger, using your cold water as a heat sink. Brazed plate HX if you're feeling rich. Replace the cap tube with a TXV for better load tracking. Recharge with R290.

    T Sure this is even further beyond your skill level but is the best possible way to use a source of cold to chill your apartment. You can locate it anywhere convenient, not just by the window. You could likely get a COP over 5 and be discharging the water in a fairly modest stream at around 30-40C.

  • "Don’t replace the culture war with class war" pleads British columnist
  • Looks at what happened in Canada too, we had big structural problems with our economy so our government dumped a huge volume of immigrants into the country, almost entirely from a group known to not integrate well and who share little values and culture with the existing citizens.

    Now everyone blames the immigrants for everything. Success! And wages have also been depressed, and housing and rent prices elevated. The rich get richer and the poor get a scapegoat. Everyone... wins?

    And there's literally nothing we can do about it, except effectively the whole country has taken on the "lay flat" movement as a protest after Covid pulled the mask off the villain. Very few working class people put any effort into their work anymore, figuring to collect their check but not generate any wealth for the robber barons.

    The trouble is we will burn our country down while we do it, because ultimately some work does need to be done to sustain our society.

  • The hunt for the most efficient heat pump in the world
  • Oh I think I know what you're talking about, abusing a minisplit by idling the inverter back too far. Effectively you have a hugely oversized condenser for the tiny flow, under the right conditions like a cool night you can get ridiculous subcooling.

    But COP is irrelevant in this case because you've derated the actual BTU to near zero, you aren't moving any refrigerant.

    Also yes this will kill your compressor because the minimum speed is set where it will get enough oil flow. Run it too slow, and it won't pick up oil and eventually seize up. You also could end up running the suction in vacuum which is also hard on compressors.

  • Shampoo
  • Actually come to think of it, I don't think Pert is actually gendered. But everyone knows it's a "man's shampoo", because it isn't actively marketed as a "women's shampoo"... Yeah, pretty stupid, isn't it.

  • The hunt for the most efficient heat pump in the world
  • I saw 5 for air-air and was impressed. Then I see SCOP? Oh please. Why not change the scale again to make sure nobody knows what a good value is. Just like SEER on an air conditioner.

    SCOP varies depending on environmental conditions!

    Real COP or go home IMO. Watts out/watts in, no fudging numbers to confuse consumers again.

  • The hunt for the most efficient heat pump in the world
  • I designed my heating system around a fairly efficient non-condensing NG boiler that takes 40W for the fan. I can run it and the circulators off my battery bank no problem, and handle a sustained power failure. But only because of the natural gas.

    I've been integrating a water-water GSHP into it to provide summer cooling and a supplemental heat source from my solar panels. It works well, but in my climate (Rural Canada) I would be insane to completely remove my gas boiler IMO. Heating demand is just way too high on the sort of days where the power goes out. I've been working on plans for a wood boiler but insurance has put their foot right down on anything that burns wood in the last couple years.

    Here in Canada we can't get lithium at a reasonable price so I have 10kWh of lead-acid (which as you know is actually 5). Doesn't go very far on a cold winter day with 4 hours of sun and snow on the panels!

    On the upside I haven't had to hook my generator to my house in years, I'm really happy with my "grid-independent" system.

  • Unwanted dynamic range compression/ducking of audio on Android

    I've talked trash about Bluetooth for years (and rightfully so, often) but I finally did some detailed testing and determined that it appears to be my Android phone causing this particular effect. Android 10, Sonim XP8.

    The best track I found to replicate the effect was Griz - Wicked due to the massive bass hits that come in around 1:00 really exaggerating it.

    When the bass hits on Android, some sort of compressor kicks in and vocals and everything else get crushed FLAT, resulting in an awful effect where the volume fluctuates, the bass is weak, everything is garbage. This has resulted in crap audio in my vehicles for a couple years now unless I'm listening to the FM radio.

    I paired several BT devices that I had blamed for the effect to my PC, and they sound fine playing this track. Both PC and Android are using the same codec, "High Fidelity" A2DP with SBC.

    It doesn't matter which player I use on the phone, Ultrasonic and BubbleUPNP playing local copies or Youtube Music Vanced streaming, the compression is present on all of them.

    Anyone know what's going on here or want to try to replicate it?