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What are some unwritten rules of the Fediverse? I came from reddit so its a bit different for me.
  • Don’t ever say anything even remotely disagreeing with the ultra-liberal left or you will be removed by an overzealous mod. Especially on world.

    Many Lemmy servers aren’t in support of discussions unless they align with the server owner. I completely blocked technology after I stated I disagreed with the California trans law on an Elon Musk article. Just having an opinion was enough for a mod to label me QAnon, which I didn’t even realize was still a thing.

    You can be for Palestine, LGBT rights, women’s choice, but the second you deviate from some internal monologue you’re QAnon. Honestly making me consider leaving this place. It’s too extreme.

  • Elon Musk says SpaceX HQ officially moving to Texas, blames new CA trans student privacy law
  • I look at it differently. It’s a step towards the state raising children instead of parents. It takes those specific guardianship rights away and hands them to an arbitrary school employee.

    In the future, when it expands to other social aspects, we’ll have no recourse. Still sounds like an overreach to me. It’s not like parents don’t swing towards conversion therapy in many cases. Just read up on the couple who breast fed their kid on a non-functional nipple and was in the process of transitioning their 5yr old.

  • Elon Musk says SpaceX HQ officially moving to Texas, blames new CA trans student privacy law
  • You see all of the electric cars on the road now? Tesla saw an opportunity to make money, and it paved a path to lower carbon emissions (eventually). Even the blind chicken catches a worm. Capitalism isn’t all bad, it’s the greed it breeds that’s bad. The world isn’t black and white.

  • Elon Musk says SpaceX HQ officially moving to Texas, blames new CA trans student privacy law
  • I don’t think he fooled anyone. The guy was literally helping the environment and advancing the space age. Then he started using drugs and went off the rails. He’s like Kanye. His music was good, the creator just went nuts.

  • Elon Musk says SpaceX HQ officially moving to Texas, blames new CA trans student privacy law
  • No no no, when you’re this conceited, you care more about how your perfect gene pool could ever have spawned such an abomination. Then you use your insecurity to do something you were planning on doing anyway due to taxes to appease your conservative fanboys.

    And I don’t really agree with the law either. I don’t like the government telling children it’s ok to lie to their parents. I can imagine an enthusiastic extremist counsellor convincing a kid their feelings mean they were meant to be the opposite gender when they really weren’t. Parents being clueless until the court protected therapy was already planned. It’s a little dangerous.

  • What's going on in the other timelines today?
  • The Whig party just blocked access to the internet for anyone who has been convicted of a crime.

    The Central Eastern states have declared today national Electrification day after winning their war on oil.

    I Love Lucy just reached #1 on the Blockbuster top 100. And sadly, Jimi Hendrix just passed away at the ripe age of 81 after a long and prosperous career.

  • Bad Habit Advice Needed
  • There is a balance between give and take in every relationship. Even the best person in the world can become comfortable if you’re giving 20ft, while they only have to give 5.

    The way you speak about YOU changing for them, and the overall tone of your (light on tangible details) post, points to some insecurities in yourself. The people you’ve dated might have been taking advantage of it, even if unconsciously.

    I would take some time to really love yourself and stop questioning all of the beautiful things you do for your mate. Your love language is actions, similar to my spouse, but you can’t do all of the work.

    You might find that drawing your boundaries comes a lot easier once you understand and truly accept that you’re worth it and valuable without having to bend over backwards. At that point you’ll likely stop attracting the wrong kind of person and your taste will become more discerning once you start to see the patterns of imbalance.

    My advice: Really think about your principles and what you believe to be fair in a relationship. Write these down and repeat them. Example: 1. Housework should be split (not necessarily even) where your time is valued as much as theirs. 2. Your acts of affection need to be acknowledged, if not 100% reciprocated in kind. 3. I will not keep working harder on the relationship in an effort to hold onto someone who is distant.

    Respect yourself, find someone who really appreciates you not just for what you do for them, but for how you are together. Don’t lose hope. You may have been unlucky in your selection (or unconsciously chose unavailable partners), but your future doesn’t have to repeat. There are good people out there. Good luck.

  • The Death of Decentralized Email
  • That value was increased initially through usage as countries adopted ATMs and online retailers accepted bitcoin. This obviously reduced the supply due to increased demand. Then the speculators started buying it up making it even more scarce.

    It has a fixed amount. It’s normal to rise in value as it becomes more useful for either transacting, holding value, or making money through speculation. You can’t compare it to a 300 year old dollar which was unpegged from gold and has the US economy/government backing it now.

    The dollar is also manipulated, but the effects are less pronounced due to the sheer amount in circulation around the world. Some of the effects are also thrown on other economies through the Forex markets too. If bitcoin were as ubiquitous as the $, it wouldn’t be easy to manipulate either. It’s like having your own coin with only 100 physical coins in circulation. All someone has to do is buy a bunch and refuse to sell and the value rises for the uninformed.

  • The Death of Decentralized Email
  • No tech is perfect. And the current bitcoin is not the same as the original client. It has been modified to allow for abuse and control. The fact that we allow this to take place is more a reflection of our governments aiming to control it than any inherent property of the currency.

    Big banks would have far less control if you couldn’t print sanctioned currency to buy as much bitcoin as they want to play with the value set by sanctioned exchanges.

    I agree that bitcoin is capitalist like most monetary bills in a free market. I disagree it’s more capitalist than what we have now. It’s just being propagandized and veiled from the underlying technology to make it seem so.

  • The Death of Decentralized Email
  • By design, it will slowly stop inflating at the snails pace it does vs unpegged paper currency.

    A central bank regulating where money is printed and to whom it’s distributed at what contrived rates is horrifying. It’s also the default in most of the world.

    You can trade bitcoin and use it as a currency in a non-capitalist market. The fact that it has been abused and traded into stratospheric value is a result of manipulation, sanctioned exchanges, and propaganda.

    Bitcoin just allows you to write debits and credits on a distributed, verified, ledger. That’s it really. How the market is regulated is on the people, not the technology. There is nothing inherently capitalist about the technology other than allowing any individual to trade value with another in a free market manner. You would be trying to escape supply and demand dynamics to remove that “capitalist” aspect of it.

    The power draw on the other hand.. the first imagining of a digital decentralized and distributed currency was bound to have some problems.

  • What are some things(or ways) that you use to save time or get things done efficiently? Especially things that would be useful for many and are currently less popular.
  • Know what you want to buy before going into a store, stick to your guns. Unless you want to dilly dally, it saves time.

    Organize your stuff, makes finding things much faster. Adam Savage had a good tip: Befor you put something away, pretend you’re looking for it and put it where your first thought was. Next time you look for it, it’s in a natural spot for you.

  • Authy got hacked, and 33 million user phone numbers were stolen
  • A system fault is not the same as a vulnerability. These would have different baseline CVSS 3.1 scores, with the temporal and environmental reducing over time. A medium/low at best for a public endpoint exposing PII.

  • Authy got hacked, and 33 million user phone numbers were stolen
  • Friendly reminder to change your master password. You’re one SIM jack away from having your life locked away for ransom. They didn’t breach the seeds, but next time who knows. I would start migrating and changing 2FA codes just in case. You never know who might be spraying.

  • Why is it a common insult for someone to say they slept with your mom?
  • Don’t discount the double effectiveness of simultaneously reinforcing their deep-seated beliefs that their mom was a ho and they may not know their true father. While also evoking the white knite deep-seated defense of honor to defend their strong held belief of their mom as the Madonna, and them as Jesus resultingly.

  • Do you Dig?


    Life off the Dig


    Affordable 48-port 2.5GbE Managed Switch Review

    If you don’t mind Chinese vendors from AliExpress. It’s probably the best deal you’re going to find.

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    Affordable 48-port 2.5GbE Managed Switch Review

    If you don’t mind Chinese vendors from AliExpress. It’s probably the best deal you’re going to find.