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He kindly lets me know when breakfast is

It will then escalate to nose licks and putting hands on my face


Sleepy Puppy

He's young but looks like such an old man


Closest death from infection possible?

I lived bitch.

Don't fuck around with hares yall


How are everyone's honor attempts going?

What have been some of your takeaways and must haves?

Lost the first one to w'wargaz as I thought I could do it without a throw barb ( could not ) Cut to him summoning 3 swords at every party member. That dude is no joke with the legendary actions.

Started a new one playing as gale. Died early but chose to continue for practice. Ketheric was next trouble. He seems like a multi attack check. If you're not aware every death within 40 feet of him is a new undead aoe birth. Dual crossbow thief warrior for crowd and oathbreaker for single target damage. About to go against the aspect and semi dreading it.

Only cleared about half of act 3 in the past, but plan to finish it with this gale honor practice save.

What have been your key takeaways from honor mode? Any must have builds or gear for your personal playstyle?

It's been a good step up from tactician feeling different but not overly bs imo.


Peeking at the neighborhoods ecological terror

We don't let ours out because we're decent. Sometimes they'll argue through the screen, but they seem to be getting along a bit better now. Now they just stare each other down.


look at his Lil face

Noticed it in backyard about a week ago. Haven't seen em in a couple days 😰



When food is 2 hours late...


laundry hamper = cat bed

Started making her a spot in one and it quickly became a new favorite spot.


Sleepy Stretch


Favorite class combos?

Have been really enjoying my time with bg3. Sitting at about 200 hours, yet to finish love restarting and doing new class combos too much. Furthest I've gone is beginning of act 3.

Current favorites would be

  1. Monk/ Rogue - so many actions, so much damage. Don't event need armor.

  2. Paladin/Bard - support champ. Used as MC 2 pal/ rest bard. Lousy on attacks but can make up for it with lucky pal crits which always feel wonderful.

  3. Barbarian/fighter thrower - absurd damage output and crowd control. Was still using returning pike from act 1 into act 3.

  4. Sporeboi druid - loving the amount of damage dice. Using with lightning charge gear and pal enchantment to get like 4 damage types a swing. Reaction damage spell is wonderful at chipping away at enemies. Also having a class use temp health to increase effectiveness is pretty neat.

Have found bg3 to be designed well enough that I have yet to run into an issue with an class I've wanted to create. Started playing on tactician around 20 hours in and have only been rewarded for character creation creativity.

What are your favorite classes and combos?


Happy Nap


spaz.exe loading


Moments before a fight

Torttitude captured live on cam


Modeling Attempt


Bird Watching