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Total Recall: the only Copilot+ AI feature that matters is a huge privacy risk
  • I'm using linux at home, but seriously, normal office work runs on windows.

  • TIL that DC refused to let the TV show "Harley Quinn" air a scene of Batman giving oral to Catwoman because they said "Heroes don't do that"
  • To be honest, that doesnt look all that comfortable, rooftop (dirty ground), batsuit (bulletproof? so I guess its hard?).

  • A Cool Guide to 16 Iconic Sci Fi Classics
  • I was wondering if I was reading the book right with that description.

  • Innovation
  • What is a speaker company?

  • Welcome to the Inaugural [email protected] Bingo for 2024!
  • This actually seen fun. Lets roll.

  • Dual headphone jack smartphone scores high in new reparability video
  • It's getting harder and harder as there arent any options for phones that has 3.5mm headphone jacks.

  • Like ships in the night
  • I don't know if Chinese government actually reaches out to social platforms before banning them, I remember reddit was avaliable in China in 2015 - 2016ish. Then it got banned, I believe its because of its political contents (r/china and such).

  • Like ships in the night
  • Internet itself is regulated by the nation state.

  • Chinese numbers
  • Damn, didnt know that, thx

  • Chinese numbers
  • Which is also traditional Chinese ...

  • Like ships in the night
  • is strictly educational and can only be used certain times of the day

    Nope and nope. Like normak tiktok, douyin have all sort of things, depends on what you view. You can login to it (doesn't have to), and the account is connect to your cellphone number which is connected to your national ID. I don't know if theres time limitations if you are a minor though.

  • I've never played games. Suggest a couple of addictive games I can play on Linux
  • I understand, however, I noticed that during mid-game I tends to treat the game as city-builder and be more relaxing. Thus, "no unit that does nothing" and "no building produces nothing" doesnt seem fun to me, and the reason why I'm being overwhelmed by the AI.

  • I've never played games. Suggest a couple of addictive games I can play on Linux
  • I noticed that I'm not good with mid/late games. I win easily if I rush the enemy. However, I like to build up when I'm in the lead, but I am not good at it.

    Chances are, I spend a lot of time treating the game as city builder and when AI rushes, my army are too spread out. And when I'm rushing, I can't keep up with the reinforcements, so when my wave was blocked, I'm bascially sitting ducks as AI would slowly encroaching my base.

  • Senate passes TikTok ban bill, sending it to Biden, who has already committed to signing it
  • China doesn't need to, Apple is complying with Chinese law (remove all vpn related apps, all un-registered foreign app are removed and storing Chinese datas in Chinese servers).

    Apple is likely the most complying foreign company in China.

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