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I was just clowning around
  • I hope you have someone you can really talk to and share (if you want to share that is). I've been really depressed before and it would have been nice to talk eith someone but I didn't have anyone close enough that I could trust with my deep, disturbing feelings at the time

  • Thanks, dad
  • Really interesting view here, thank you.

    Looking at the groups of people that are so hard for me to understand (MAGA, KKK, flat-earthers, etc.) because of how ridiculous their worldviews are, as some sort of psychopathic mental illness on a scale from sort of psychopathic, to full-blown psychopath makes alot of weird sense. Kind of disturbing and comforting to me at the same time.

  • He's got a point
  • People specialized in hand/arm/rotator cuff bodywork can help you with that. You might have to try a few different therapists before you find one that's good, but it's worth it to get relief.

    Source- am a bodyworker

  • Insomnia

    Why does it have to always hit me so randomly? Some nights I beg my brain to stay awake past 9 and then there's nights like this where I'm wide awake for no reason


    Anyone want to join me and my wife in Destiny 2?

    Hey everybody! My wife and I have recently been playing Destiny 2. It's excellent imo and both of us are having tons of fun, except for one little detail...

    We need a third person!

    We both like to take our time with levels, enjoy the scenery, role-playing our characters... and with most of the level thingies (strikes, vanguard) its required that we have another player with us.

    Sometimes that goes well, but more often than not we end up with someone who just rushes through. Totally kills the whole point of why we play!

    Is there anyone out there interested in playing with us? Or have advice for finding others besides the fireteam finder thingy? That hasn't really worked so far.

    I hope this doesn't violate any rules for posting on this instance!

    Thanks everyone!

    Edit: fixed the title so people would stop thinking I'm asking for a threesome


    How to start a career in IT/cyber security

    Hi everyone! I need some help. I'm in my mid-thirties, and I had a growing career that, since covid, has gotten so flaky I can't properly provide for my family anymore. I have always been interested in tech, and would like to start a career but I'm not sure how to.

    Can anyone in the field give me some advice? I don't have much college experience, only did 1 year 17/18 years ago. Looks like I need some sort of college degree, which I'm fine with.

    I also saw some online "bootcamp" things... are they good? I would like to do something where I was helping companies be protected from hackers and work from home as much as possible. White hat hacker type of thing... if that's real!

    Thank you everyone!


    Anyone else not able to search "all"?

    Pretty much title. Went to Lemmy this morning, not able to look at stuff outside shit just works. Well, this morning shit just doesnt work!



    Hi everybody!

    I came here, like many others, in the mass migration of reddit. This post is not about that. I've heard enough of that. Time to move on!

    This post is about shit just works! I love this federation! (Is that the right thing to say?) Anyways I was thinking about what subs I could contribute. What does everyone think about...

    A sub about beginner guitar help? A sub about God of War? A sub about about Chris Cornell? I don't know... wait. Do these things already exist? I forgot to check. Shit. Maybe someone else should make them? I'm obviously incompetent. That's assuming anyone else would be interested and that they don't exist already...

    Alright I'm gonna go now

    Shitty Ask Lemmy TheRealLinga

    anyone else getting weird login messages?

    After I log in, I'm often getting the "log in first" message when I try to visit any communities. Half the time I have to just click on my login name and it says I'm already logged in, and then I can continue. The other half I find I'm logged out and have to log back in.

    Not a huge deal, but a bit tedious. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you