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New Scam: Asking to download Signal/Telegram?
  • Funnily enough, not 2 weeks later, I ran into this. Totally felt this was going to be a scam, but was curious how/when the hook would be cast. Done over Text then Teams. Censored due to likely not real names/phone number that I don't want to dox.

  • New Scam: Asking to download Signal/Telegram?

    Second, seemingly legit, job posting that's contacted me after the fact to download Signal/Telegram. I'm in now way going to do it, not that dumb, just wondering if this is a new trend I'm not aware of?

    31-year-old teacher quit her job. Now she works at Costco—and boosted her income by 50%: ‘I've never been happier' (these are not feel good stories, this is sad)
  • This is becoming more and more common overall.

    An acquaintance of mine I met while working a help desk job: He was in process of getting his degrees to become a teacher, did so and taught high school math for 5 years. As much as he loved, and took pride in, the work he did with teens and making a difference, the continued stress of a bullshit administration (at 2 different schools and districts) took its toll. He left, becoming a corporate training (see, still teaching) and I've seen a marked difference in his attitude and life. He has less stress and a fatter paycheck.

    Teachers shouldn't be put though the wringer and not be expected to react. "There's no workers shortage, just a shortage of slave labor" is more evident in their profession than any other (outside possibly food service).

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