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Restaurant in NYC offshores cashier job to Philippines so they can pay below minimum wage ($3/hr in Philippines)
  • Yeah, I don't think SCOTUS would side with an IRS or Labour Department rule requiring businesses pay minimum wage. But you're forgetting the "racist" angle: the courts would love nothing more than to support a State Department determination that they are "immigrant workers" and require a work visa.

  • Restaurant in NYC offshores cashier job to Philippines so they can pay below minimum wage ($3/hr in Philippines)
  • It's a simple enough solution in this case. They are performing the work of employees, so for all intents and purposes, they are employees. They are directly interacting with US customers at a physical location within the US. Their place of work is that physical location, even if they are not physically present. They need authorization to work in the US, and the minimum wage laws applicable to that location applies to these workers.

    All that is missing is the lawsuit under existing labor laws, which they will probably lose.

  • Battleground Michigan congresswoman Hillary Scholten calls for Biden to drop out of presidential race
  • Go cancel a Kickstarter

    Not even remotely comparable.

    Can you at least give me an idea of who you want in the top position? No. Because you know that risks tipping your hand. You've spent this entire discussion avoiding the subject.

    A candidate who can win this without any effort is a 45-year-old combat veteran living and working in a blue, industrial state. They were born and raised in a red state, on a farm with large scale commercial solar panels and wind turbines.

    That candidate may or may not exist. I don't know, you don't know. They may or may not make themselves known at the convention. But that candidate would peel off farm and military supporters from Trump's camp, without offending the Democratic base. Putting all our support behind someone else right now prevents us from getting that better candidate in 3 weeks.

    We can pick one of the same, boring names just as easily during the convention as we can now, but if we pick them now, we don't hear about the great candidates waiting in the wings.

    I'm not even a Democrat. If you throw this to chaos and try to get someone on the far left in I might vote for Trump.

    No, you won't. Worst you'll do is stay home on election day.

  • Battleground Michigan congresswoman Hillary Scholten calls for Biden to drop out of presidential race
  • Why do you keep bringing up the money?

    The donors gave the money for a reason; that reason doesn't change significantly when we substitute the candidate. While a few donors may think otherwise (and can be refunded), the overwhelming majority are going to support reallocating their funds to the eventual candidate.

    The hard part was getting the money donated in the first place. Getting it moved to the right candidate is a minor technical issue, not a serious problem.

    Harris is a technically solid candidate, but she's a Hillary, not an Obama. The opposition has had 4 years to build a case against her; they will bring up everything at the most inopportune time they can. We need a fresh, high energy candidate, but (like Hillary), Harris is old news and boring.

  • Battleground Michigan congresswoman Hillary Scholten calls for Biden to drop out of presidential race
  • Why didn't your hypothetical and imaginary friend show up in the Democratic primaries earlier this year?

    Because you don't normally primary challenge an incumbent without a damn good reason, and we didn't have a damn good reason until the debate.

    I won't agree to Harris now, specifically because Harris is another boring candidate. Let's see if she's the best candidate after the convention.

  • Battleground Michigan congresswoman Hillary Scholten calls for Biden to drop out of presidential race
  • Harris is Clinton circa 2008. She's the boring, predictable candidate that nobody really wants, but we have to pick someone and everyone already knows her.

    Obama circa 2008 hasn't shown up yet. We'll get to meet them in about three weeks.

  • Battleground Michigan congresswoman Hillary Scholten calls for Biden to drop out of presidential race
  • Chaos is the right call. Predictability is how we lose.

    Trump wins news cycle after news cycle because he is chaotic. The media knows the American public can't wait to hear every outlandish thing that comes out of his mouth.

    We need as much chaos as we can generate coming into the convention, winning us news cycle after news cycle, whipping the base into a frenzy. Chaos builds energy and excitement. Chaos works for us.

    What we can't have is another "Bernie or Bust" scenario, where we name a viable candidate too early, get everyone to fall in love, then replace them with unmitigated boredom. Naming a candidate today runs that risk.

  • If Biden 'Must Step Aside,' Why Aren't Democrats Filling the Streets to Demand It?
  • I want to retire. I am sick of this country being run by workaholics. I want it to be run by people planning on not working themselves into the fucking grave, and expecting the rest of us to do so as well.

    57 years is the oldest a candidate should be for a first-term presidency. 61 for a second term. If they still want to play politics, they can take a position in their local HOA.

  • Don't hate the game, hate the players.
  • If you use Medicare, they can take your house after you die. You could sell it to your kids, or a friend, and they could allow you to live in it. But with your rule, they would have to move in with you. They would not be allowed to own their own home and yours simultaneously. Your rule just fucked over the elderly and family inheritance.

    It would similarly fuck over parents who want to buy a home and issue a private mortgage to their kids. Your rule just fucked over families.

    Your rule just prevented lenders from being able to issue mortgages: as a corporation, they cannot recover the property if the borrower refuses to make payments.

    On the other hand, your rule doesn't go nearly far enough: "landlords" aren't the problem. "Renting" is the problem. You envisioned apartment complexes remaining as rented properties. I don't. No more than 4 housing units on a single deeded property would qualify for the owner occupant credit.

    Under my plan, apartment complexes don't qualify unless the units are separately deeded properties. Maybe an occupant buys up four contiguous units and converts them into a quadplex where 3 of the 4 units can be rented, but most apartments complexes will simply become condominiums, and the occupants will be voting members of the condo association.

    Adjusting the non-occupant tax rate to target a high owner-occupancy rate achieves the objective without undue inhibition of inoffensive activities.

  • Don't hate the game, hate the players.
  • Owner occupancy credit against property taxes. Sometimes called a "homestead exemption".

    Basically, we increase property taxes, but owner-occupants are exempt from the increases. Any year the owner occupancy rate is below 85%, we increase both, which simply increases taxes on landlords.

    So they just pass it on to tenants? They will try, but the landlord who converts to a private mortgage or a land contract instead of a traditional rental will be able to undercut traditional landlords and still earn more than them. Meanwhile, his "tenants" will be earning equity, while the traditional tenants will not.

    He's not taking any additional risk lending than he would be renting to the same person. When a tenant stops paying rent, the landlord evicts; when a borrower stops paying the mortgage, a lender forecloses. Either way, the property ends up back in his hands.

  • Would you rather...
  • It would be a much better world with a bounty on the head of anyone worth more than a billion dollars. Pay your employees more, charge your customers less, divest your ownership interests. Buy more products and services from the market, rather than lending to it.

  • "Could not determine post to comment to"

    Gripe #1: From inbox, replying directly to a comment, I get the error "Could not determine post to comment to". I don't have this problem when I am viewing a comment in a post's, thread, only when viewing it from the inbox.

    Gripe #2: Tapping the comment in the inbox takes me to the comment thread for the post, but does not take me to the specific comment within that thread. In a long thread, I can't always find the specific comment I am trying to reply to.

    Edit: version 0.2.4

    Edit2: Gripe #3: haven't figured out how to edit posts within Thunder; had to switch to Connect to make these edits...


    Error: "could not find comment key xxxxxx for navigator"

    I am getting this error pretty regularly. I'll see a message in my inbox, and when I tap through to view it in context, it's missing. Can't find a cause or a workaround.