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Can’t bring myself to continue doing something
  • Makes total sense!

    Research has been done on how our minds process “gratification” and studies have shown that merely telling others about about what we’re planning to accomplish feels almost exactly the same as actually accomplishing it.

    As soon as you get that pat on the back from someone else about the progress you’ve made, your mind feels like it’s received your external reward already, so it doesn’t see a reason why it should continue doing the hard work of creating.

    Next time, try intentionally NOT talking with others about a project you’re working on until it’s 100% complete. See if that helps keep you motivated.

  • How do y'all feel about using summons in Soulslikes? [Lies of P endgame spoilers]
  • I think your internal conflict is valid, but I think it’s okay to let yourself off the hook from squeezing the maximum satisfaction out of a game all the time.

    You felt like each of those bosses reached the point of “not being fun anymore”, and you took action to move on and find the fun again.

    Likewise, using a summon doesn’t invalidate all the hard work you did already do to learn the patterns. The fights became so easy with the summon BECAUSE the work you put in prior.

    You’re over-thinking it, my dude

  • Crew of NASA’s earthbound simulated Mars habitat emerge after a year
  • Pretty cool concept from one of the participants:

    Brockwell, the crew’s flight engineer, said the mission showed him the importance of living sustainably for the benefit of everyone on Earth.

    “I’m very grateful to have had this incredible opportunity to live for a year within the spirit of planetary adventure towards an exciting future, and I’m grateful for the chance to live the idea that we must utilise resources no faster than they can be replenished and produce waste no faster than they can be processed back into resources,” Brockwell said.

  • What Social Games do you know that You and your friends play when you hang out?
  • We sometimes play an improv game called “1-2-3 WORD”.

    The goal is to get 2 players to shout the same word at the same time. Best if played in a group of 3 or more, but the bigger the group, the better.

    You start the game someone throwing out a word for inspiration (ex: “pizza”).

    To play the game, two players next to each other face each other and simultaneously shout “1-2-3 {WORD}”, where {WORD} is the word/phrase which first comes to mind when each player thinks of the inspiration word (“pizza”).

    If the 2 players happen to shout the same {WORD}, the game ends. If the 2 players each say a different {WORD}, play moves clockwise 1 position to the next player and the new inspiration are the {WORDS} which the prior 2 players said. You may not reuse words previously said.

    It is a very quick game that can be played on car trips and usually gets a laugh when you finally get a pair that says the same word. It’s also helpful to go AS FAST AS YOU CAN in saying the words. The idea behind the game is to get in sync with the other players so you’re all starting to think alike.

    Example: Players - 4 Inspiration word - PIZZA

    Player 1 & Player 2 face off: P1 word - “Cheese!” P2 word - “Dominoes!”

    Words don’t match, so next round begins: Inspiration words - CHEESE and DOMINOES

    P2 word - “Bread sticks!” P3 word - “Board games!” (because “dominoes isnt just a pizza company, it’s also a board game and that very well could be a conclusion someone could draw from the inspiration words)

    Words don’t match, so next round begins: Inspiration words - BREADSTICKS and BOARD GAMES

    P3 word - “Game night!” P4 word - “Game night!”

    Words match, so the game ends!

    It usually takes MUCH longer than 3 rounds to match up (unless siblings are facing off - it’s best to separate close friends so the game doesn’t end too early).

  • Does playing chess make you smarter? A look at the evidence
  • SYAC:

    “What all this shows is that it is unlikely chess has a significant impact on overall cognitive ability. So while it might sound like a quick win – that a game of chess can improve a broad range of skills – unfortunately this is not the case.“

  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange returns to Australia a free man after US legal battle ends
  • The detail I was interested in:

    “The plea deal required Assange to admit guilt to a single felony count but also permitted him to return to Australia without any time in an American prison. The judge sentenced him to the five years he’d already spent behind bars in the U.K. fighting extradition to the U.S. on an Espionage Act indictment that could have carried a lengthy prison sentence in the event of a conviction. He was holed up for seven years before that in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

    The conclusion enables both sides to claim a degree of satisfaction.”

  • Got excited watching Shogun and made a bokken (wooden sword) from an oak dowel

    Table saw to get straight sides. Belt sander to get a curve to the blade tip.

    The spine doesn’t have a curve like a traditional bokken, but that doesn’t keep me from tucking this bad boy into my belt loop and walking around the house like a samurai :)


    So excited…

    So incredibly excited to see this community! I haven’t played Balatro yet because isn’t currently on a platform I have access to, but I found out about the game from a Youtuber I like who talks about heat indie games.

    So excited to see this community grow and hope one day the game will come to iOS.


    Instagram thinks I should reduce my privacy protections

    Error message when trying to view an Instagram post sent from a friend: “If this page is not displaying as expected, you can reduce advanced privacy protections which may resolve issues”.

    No, I don’t think I will.


    I love Lemmy!

    Was just browsing my favorite communities, commenting on posts I found really interesting, and engaging with other users who wanted to have conversations.

    … and not a single paid ad in my feed. I effing love this platform.