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Where can I watch the classic B&W Walt Disney cartoons?
  • Oh my...

    English is not my native language, and I am not in America or anywhere near. Bad wording may happen anytime. Bad interpretation as well.

    In general, when I say something that has a double meaning, then I usually mean both. I am a complicated person.

    In this case, colors have been mentioned, and I know that especially some Usamericans are overly sensitive in this area. I cannot fulfill their special needs (and I am not trying), neither regarding racism because I am not racist, not regarding fear of racism because I don't fear it. Try to not read my words in their way.

  • Witness protection fbi [very serious]
  • Do you need to rat to get witness protection?

    Isn't it answering itself? You need to be a witness, obviously. Officially. You want them to spend money on this and on you, so they need a real reason and justification for it.

    What you seem to want is more like a "victim protection". I don't know how it's called. It might have another name.

    Go and ask for it. Seriously. You need to ask for help anyway. Impossible to solve it all by yourself. Ask for help from real people (not just some random internet folks).

  • What will you do if there's a second civil war in the US?
  • California is the 5th largest economy in the world

    When you think about such a figure, don't forget that this is mostly vapor money. Not many real goods or real services come from there. Only virtual stuff is bringing such money into that part of their country.

    In the event of any kind of war, that flow of money might thin out or stop.

  • Warum leuchtet meine LED-Glühbirne weiter, wenn sie ausgeschaltet ist?

    Warum leuchtet meine LED-Glühbirne weiter, wenn sie ausgeschaltet ist?

    Ich habe nun fast alle Glühbirnen und Energiesparlampen durch LED ersetzt. Gestern habe ich eine 4W Filament-LED frisch vom ALDI reingeschraubt, wo vorher noch eine echte alte 40W Glühbirne war.

    Sie geht wunderbar, wenn sie an ist. Aber wenn sie aus ist, leuchtet sie mit gefühlt 1/10 Helligkeit weiter, auch nach Stunden noch.

    Die alte Glühbirne hat das nicht gemacht.

    Das würde ich gern verstehen. Wie kann das sein?

    (Bitte keine Ratschläge wie "Fachmann holen" gähn).


    Warum benutzt niemand Umlaut-Domains?

    Domains mit Umlauten / Sonderzeichen wurden vor vielen Jahren erfunden, und vermutlich würden sie längst überall funktionieren. Trotzdem sieht man sie nirgends. Wie kommt das?


    Gibt es noch EC-Karten mit richtigem EC?

    Die Bank schickt mir heute die neuen Karten. Jetzt ganz ohne "EC" bzw. "maestro". Nur "girocard" ist aufgedruckt.

    Ich frage mich, ob man damit weiterhin überall bezahlen kann?

    Und: gibt es bei irgendeiner anderen Bank noch weiter das maestro-Verfahren? Oder stirbt es jetzt ganz?


    I tried to delete my comment, but nothing happened.

    The comment survived all my attempts :-)

    Is there something I could have done wrong, or is it simply broken?


    Welcher Dosenöffner ist gut und solide?

    Nachdem ich nun zweimal billig gekauft habe und die Dinger immer viel zu bald aufgegeben haben :-(, suche ich nun etwas Solides, was mir hoffentlich länger gute Dienste leisten soll.

    Wer hat einen Tip für mich?


    Where can I see may saved 'drafts'

    Where can I see may saved 'drafts' in the app, and delete obsolete ones?


    Does a whataboutist know that he is a ?



    Sometimes I am able to copy text ...

    Sometimes I am able to copy text for quoting, sometimes it does not work.

    Using the Android app, latest release.

    How are you doing it?


    What alternative to 'postman' are you using?

    What alternative to 'postman' do you like the most for simply testing a bunch of REST services?


    LemmyApiException: language not allowed

    Has anyone else seen this when trying to post a comment?

    The sub's language was English, my comment was English, too.

    How can I fix it?

    I have tried changing the language on my Android, but it did not fix the problem.