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Donald Trump gets bad news about Kamala Harris
  • I do not believe in 'undecided' voters. I don't think they exist.

    So this is not going to be decided by then. This is going to be decided very simply: will enough people in the right states bother to vote?

  • i think I'd lose the running part
  • Yeah, that's what I was gonna say, I think it comes down to whether swimming is the first event. If it is, the shark wins (because I forfeit).

    Assuming we're talking about an actually dangerous type of shark and not one of the many many harmless shark species.

  • Kinda the point - that was pretty pointless evil. Also the slightest bit of critical thinking would suggest it's a really bad idea, what with the Jedi keeping a close eye on you. There's no way they don't know you influenced that, they just don't call you out on it cause they're manipulating bastards that are trying to use you still.

    The end of that one is good cause it gives a really good reason to go dark side - the bullshit the Jedi did to you. The dark side ending of KOTOR is incredibly satisfying because of how much the Jedi deserved to be stabbed in the back in that game.

  • Biden tells Hill Democrats he ‘declines’ to step aside and says it’s time for party drama ‘to end’
  • If we managed to get through a Trump term, with him being actively malicious and looking to do as much damage as possible, it proves exactly the fucking opposite.

    Good intentions and a willingness to listen to knowledgeable advisors (but not simply follow them, genuinely listening to their explanations and then making a decision) is enough to be a good president.

    Qualifications, like with most jobs that require all sorts of degrees and high requirements, are bullshit.

  • There’s just some things you don’t talk about at work.
  • So if they did their jobs properly, not many people should know about them beyond myths and legends.

    Except for the big galactic war like 20 years ago where the news would've been all Jedi General soandso defeats separatist forces in such and such planet, with news footage of the Jedi flinging around droids like ragdolls and flipping and cutting through them.

    And then of course the 20 years of war movies after, that sure, due to Imperial propaganda would be painting the Jedi as sinister evil dudes preparing to take control of the galaxy, but they still would've been showing all their terrifying powers.

    Jedi would be as well known as the F-117 Stealth Fighter is in reality. Do they know all it's technical specifications? No. But they have an idea of what it does - indeed, a somewhat exaggerated idea, even, so the average person would think Jedi are even more powerful than they really were.

  • Yet more examples of how copyright destroys culture rather than driving it
  • To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.

    Not 'to grant them greater control' or even ownership. To secure exclusive right for a limited time. And this only because it was meant to promote science and art.

    Using copyright to prevent a work from spreading is a direct perversion of the intent, it is using it in a manner diametrically opposed to what it is supposed to do.

  • It's the (Rule)!
  • I'd go the other way, adhering very strictly to the letter of the law without the tiniest bit of wiggle room or interpretation of anything as nebulous as the 'spirit' of the law.

    Trouble being that natural languages that people use to converse are ill suited for that level of precision and detail. I've thought that perhaps a constructed language, something between a language and programming code may be a better way to write laws.

  • France asks two Chinese spies to leave the country after attempt to forcibly repatriate exiled Chinese dissident
  • While breaking off diplomatic relations is an extreme step I wouldn't recommend, I do wonder if it might not be practical to severely limit the number of diplomatic immunity eligible people allowed in after something like this.

    Tell China that henceforth they get to send no more than three or maybe five people to whom it applies. Still gives it to the ambassador and a very small staff, but removes the feasibility of sending in teams of spies and kidnappers thus protected.

  • I am sick of old men.
  • Personally I'd be in favor of making it an age maximum. Let's have a Logan's Run rule for government.

    And I say this with complete seriousness, and as someone who is already ineligible under the rule I propose.

  • It's the (Rule)!
  • Prosecutorial discretion is a big problem really. It's what allows laws to be applied unequally, why black people are prosecuted way more than white people, and, as you mention, provides justification to jail anyone at any time because you ARE violating some law every day, almost certainly.

    If prosecutorial discretion did not exist, if agents of the law were required to prosecute all crimes to the fullest extent of the law, it would require the entire legal system to be restructured in a more precise way, and would have far less room for racial, sexual, and class discrimination as well as far less capacity to be weaponized against enemies of those in power.

  • Context
  • Many of those economic issues are a source for other problems. Resolving them may not solve the other problems, but those other problems also can't be solved without dealing with one of the major causes first.

    It's like having a house with a giant crack in the wall, and some people want to fix the foundation while some want to fix the crack. Fixing the foundation isn't going to fix the crack, but if you fix the crack without fixing the foundation, it's just going to break open again.

  • What's stopping him?
  • Democrats are like 'Good Cops'. They're not the ones actively murdering and beating and doing all the bad shit. But they do just kinda stand around while it happens and don't do much.

    We need them, for now, to at least not make things worse, but what we really need is to fucking change things from the bottom up. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it is likely too late. Such change will take two or three decades, and that's if, in this next election, enough people actually rally together to start doing something, and continue doing something for the next thirty years.