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What is your BG3 unpopular opinion?
  • Hard agree the ruleset is the mayor shackle to the game. I think the DnD part also includes the whole lore of the forgotten realms which is the incredible foundation in which the game could bloom tho. I'm not saying larian can't create fantastic worlds and I'm looking forward to the next games, but the lore aspect of the DnD license is mayorly beneficial to the game

  • What games have you played that have a "perfect fit" soundtrack?
  • I know it's cheating since the game is basically a playable soundtrack but "Hi-fi-Rush" brought me immense joy. On of the only games where I was actually vibing at my desk and rocking my head around to the beat.

  • Selfloss - Play Demo Now (Steam)

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    > Really love the look of this. Hopefully the gameplay is okay


    Selfloss - Play Demo Now (Steam)

    Really love the look of this. Hopefully the gameplay is okay

    Nightmare Kart Launch Trailer
  • I understood the cease and desist more like a "we love what you're doing here, but because of copyright, please don't blatantly use our name" But I'm not used to legal speech so maybe I mayorly misunderstood this.

  • The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe - Ultimate Collector's Edition Trailer

    Cant wait to get the manual fo the bucket


    Wraith by Dungeons&Lasers

    I was going for a darker color scheme and only realized after the whole model how I turned this eldritch monster into a Vaporwave beast


    GIGANTIC: RAMPAGE EDITION | Announcement Trailer

    Gigantic was originally shut down 5 years prior, which was IMO a shame. The game was a really cool take on the genre which can be descined as a smooth blend between Smite and Overwatch.

    The main gameplay mechanics contain:

    -unique heroes with unique skills played in a 3rd person camera

    -each skill of each hero had a unique skilltree which allowed most abilities to be rather versatile

    -Capture the flag gameplay where captures points allow an full out attack on the enemy base which regulary enforces teamfights around the mayor objective

    -3d enviroment where height and jumping cliffs matters and the mobility of heroes varies


    Moonbreaker 1.0 Release Trailer

    Update is allready live on Steam.


    How is the New Planescape Book?

    Ive Not followed the scene and Releases closely since a long time, but i remember the newer WotC releases being rather unsatisfying for the community. This Was due to a variety of reasons.

    In vacuum Planescape should be my favorite DnD book but the quality of recent releaes aswell as the OGL disaster has disuaded me from purchasing any New books. How is your experience with the book and its contents?


    Moonbreaker: Rising the Ranks Update Now Available! Moonbreaker - Rising the Ranks Update Now Available! - Steam News

    Explore Ranked Mode, new Yi-Aweti units, stunning Yi-Aweti Farm map, & more. Play our largest biggest update to date

    Moonbreaker - Rising the Ranks Update Now Available! - Steam News

    Cities Skylines II: Zones & Signature Buildings I Feature Highlights #4 I

    I really enjoy these feature highlights.