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Dads of Lemmy, how is your week going?
  • Our 3 year old woke up at 4:30 this morning crying because he missed me so I went to his room to put him back down. Its now 6:45 and I have not been back to sleep. He knocked back out pretty quick though. At least his sheets weren't wet, I am calling that a win.

  • And I'm Spent, gonna go get the meat sweats now.
  • Yeah, these bigger butts take as long or longer than a big brisket. Mine could have gone on an hour or so earlier too but I just sliced it up and used the more tender stuff for pulled pork and saved the still tender but not pullable stuff like ternderloin medallions. It still ate just as good.

  • BBQ advice recommendations?
  • Practice heat control in your grill. Learn how to create different zones with it for direct and indirect cooking. Experiement with dry brining your food. Get a good instant read meat thermometer and a good leave in thermometer with a couple of probes. Cooking on a grill is essentially the same as cooking with anything else once you know how to get your grill setup.

  • Doing Butt stuff today
  • Its a mishmash of

    Paprika Cumin Granulated garlic Granluated onion Black pepper Cayanne pepper Knorr chicken bullion powder Salt Dried herbs de providence Brown sugar

    The proportions are whatever I threw in it until it tasted okay. I took whatever was left after rubbing it down and mixed it with some apple cider vinegar and basted it on after about 4 hours. Its currently sitting at 165 and Ill probably cook it closer to 200 so its nice and tender for sliders.

  • Doing Butt stuff today

    Happy Father's day y'all. To celebrate I am doing a 9ish lb boston butt on my vision smoker with hickory chips and oak charcoal. Its been on for about 4 hours so far. I have some wings waiting on this lovely hunk of flavor to get closer to done so I can pull it and wrap it before getting the chicken on.


    Queens of the Stone Age - In My Head

    Need for speed underground 2 is to thank for my intro to QotSA, great track and good driving song.

    Offroad Know_not_Scotty_does

    Finally got my 01 Tundra out to Big Bend. Old Ore Road was a blast!


    Threading the gap.

    I am not sure who the op was but its an epic picture.


    Custom "Explorer" partscaster I built a few years ago.

    25.5" scale neck, poplar body, coil tapping pickups, knockoff floyd from guitar fetish. The body was dyed using angelus leather dies (recommended by BigDGuitars on yt) it was a good first project to learn on and a lot of fun to make. Picture was taken before I installed the control knobs but it really pops in the sun.


    EarthPorn Know_not_Scotty_does

    Nowhere Exotic, just sunset under the clouds out in Galveston Bay.


    PWC (jetski) thru hull bearing centering fixture. Printed on a creality halot one.

    I am swapping a seadoo rotax 255hp motor into a kawasaki stx hull and I needed a way to set the axial, angular, and radial position of the thru hull seal so I printed up some guides to hold the tube on the driveshaft while I fiberglassed it in. It worked brilliantly.




    aviation Know_not_Scotty_does