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EV sales slowdown is mostly a Tesla problem, according to sales data
  • Anecdotally, I didn't even realize they made electric Blazers until one charged next to me at the fast charger.

  • How rude!
  • Having cracked a rib while also having bronchitis, I empathize. I was carrying a pillow around for a similar purpose.
    So many confused like from everyone.

    Can't imagine how much worse the post-surgery must hurt.

  • Heat is deadly. Why does our culture push us to ignore it?
  • temperatures reached a record 128 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Which is about as hot as a water heater.

  • How Watermelon Cupcakes Kicked Off an Internal Storm at Meta
  • The engagement bait is on propose.
    The original feed that would show you whatever your friends posted is long dead. They've gone out of their way to ensure everything is corpo garbage or outrage bait.

    I really need to just stop opening that webpage.


  • How Watermelon Cupcakes Kicked Off an Internal Storm at Meta
  • How can I trust that we as a company can moderate content on our platforms equitably for our users, when I see how we moderate content internally

    Hi, Welcome to reality.

  • e^*I\=5*yiIHJ-\anmfi GtOe@_0UnrP
  • Thanks for taking action and letting us know.

    edit: Why the downvotes?

    No one can really answer that other than the people who clicked the buttons.
    I sincerely have no hard feelings here, but I have to point out the irony of questioning the downvotes you received but not those you cast yourself on kersploosh's polite request.

    PS: FWIW, neither of your 2 downvotes are from kersploosh or myself but rather from random users.

    Anyway, thanks for making content and contributing to making this is one of the more interesting communities.

  • D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax was Sexist. Talking about it is Key to Preserving His Legacy.
  • I had never really thought about this before, but I've always imagined and played dragons as having an undefined sexuality/gender or at least in a way where it wasn't really a defining part of their identity.

    Sex: Dragon sexuality is a bit too much of rule34 for my games.
    Gender: Social constructs don't necessarily translate between a fantastical species and our labels? let alone our limited understanding/imagination of whatever ficticious draconic society.

    In a broader way, most things have been tainted by misogyny or other bigotry.
    I don't think we should hide and pretend it never happened, but rather recognize the shortcomings and try and move forward in a more open and interesting manner.

    Gygax is dead. 2024 D&D is not Gygax.

    TL;DR: If a player asks which sex or gender a dragon is, just roll for the breath weapon before they can find out?

  • Anon dates blind girl
  • Just restored the comment and unbanned the user.

  • New apartment Internet has no port forwarding, admin login
  • Haven't had to use port forwarding for gaming in like 30 or so years, so I just looked up Nintendo's website...

    Within the port range, enter the starting port and the ending port to forward. For the Nintendo Switch console, this is port 1024 through 65535

    LMAO, no thanks, that's not happening.

    For your question, you could likely route everything through a tunnel and manage the port forwarding on the other end of the tunnel.

  • How do I report a user that I'm concerned may potentially be a pedophile
  • Report posts or comments from that user with an explanation in the reason. Their home instance admins also receive reports.

  • Club Q mass shooter sentenced to life in prison on federal hate crime charges
  • It’s times like these I can kinda understand why pillories have been a thing.

  • Quelles sont les pires chansons que vous avez étiez forcés d'écouter enfants, dans la voiture?
  • Mes souvenirs d'enfance en voiture?
    Le mal de coeur pendant que mes deux parents fumaient avec les fenêtres fermées. Époque également révolue.
    Sinon, quand j'étais seul avec mon père, la partie de baseball sur la radio AM c'était d'un ennui presque fascinant.

    Pour les chansons complètement nazes, c'est bien de partager.
    Ça fait un moment que je veux me faire une belle liste de lecture de qualité, copier sur une clé USB et laisser subtilement dans les ports USB des voitures des amis/famille.

    "Nouvelle vague", c'est parfait pour ça, merci.

    "La Bamba triste" y sera aussi définitivement

  • We gotta come together
  • I fully expect this kind of answer from the garbage heap that google has become.

  • I have a few ground-nesting bees buddies in the yard.
    They're chill and I see them pollinating my garden now and then.
    They're now part of the family and I'll knock some sense in any guest who tries to harm them.

  • What makes a good whetstone set? What sets should I avoid?
  • I use different things for different edges.
    Most of my hard working tools end up with a convex edge, I like them better for chopping stuff like wood and asklemmy posters bones and its good durability doing so.
    So that's either automotive sandpaper in various grits, or 3M's paperless abrasive sheets (easier on curvy stuff). Slap a thin foam sheet or two on your work surface, choose your paper grit, work it, change to a figer grit, repeat until happy.
    What I like about those is they're huge and easily replaced. I've done flat edges with them too by simply not using the foam.

    For more traditional flat edges, I've mostly been using a pair of DMT's dual sided butterfly thingies, so that's indeed 4 different grits. That's what I use because that's what I got ages ago and got used to them. They're ok. Nothing amazing, but it works and it's small enough to sit in the kitchen drawer.

    I also have a fancy kit that clamps on the blade with a metal arm that keep the tiny stone a the same angle and whatnot but it's kinda annoying to setup.
    It's probably more consistent than anything I do by hand, but I never bother using it because it's clunky.

    In the end, whatever you actually use is gonna be better than anything that sits in storage.

  • Making friends [Field Explores]
  • Yea I realized that about 30 seconds after posting that comment

  • Making friends [Field Explores]
  • Nevermind, I thought there was a straw in their mouth on panel 2 but there isn't. Carry on.

  • Making friends [Field Explores]
  • If you come to me with 2 juice boxes and offer me one while drinking from one of them... I would fully expect to get to non-drank-from one instead the one you just sipped on.

  • How do you like to tell people about the fediverse?
  • I have a couple of friends and family members who i think are probably here, but we don’t talk about it.

    This. Same as it was on reddit back then too.

  • Test for Lemmy.World [email protected]

    Testing outbound federation


    2 Sticks. And the People Who Love Them.

    Those who appreciate “something as basic as a stick” are sharing their enthusiasm through a newly popular Instagram account.

    Sticks. And the People Who Love Them.

    I try this every time just in case

    It's my little ritual, just in case there's ever an alternate ending where you rid the world of the amulet instead.

    Toss it in the pits/volcano kinda vibe.

    What useless stuff do you try on your runs?


    Monthly Recommendations Thread: What are you playing?

    Tell us what game you are currently, or recently played, greater than 6+ months old.

    If the game happens to be on sale, a link would be a plus.

    Test for Lemmy.World [email protected]

    Testing removal federation

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

    test [email protected]

    it's love


    Rule: Be happy xor manage cookies


    What if I'm happy, but still want to reject cookies? What if I'm not happy, but also don't want to manage cookies?

    theguardian's banner truth table: | Happy | Cookies | output | | --- | --- | --- | | ❌ | ❌ | ✅ | | ❌ | ✅ | ❌ | | ✅ | ❌ | ❌ | | ✅ | ✅ | ✅ |

    Is happiness a choice?


    [Discussion] bots

    English message:

    As some of you may have noticed, there's an instance with 1.1M bots reposting reddit posts and comments accross communities in several other instances.  

    I expect there are multiple valid opinions on the subject and this thread is meant to get a feeling of everyone's opinion on the situation. 

    You might also want to read's discussion on that here which is a pretty decent thread about the subject.  

    Things that I think need to be pointed out:  

    • currently has 1.1M bots, only 6 of those are weekly users logging in. 
    • together they've made 1.59M comments accross a multitude of communities in other instances.
    • That project claims to be trying to get reddit users to switch to lemmy. 
    • They have a portal to allow reddit users to claim and take over their bot persona. 
    • has a single local community, the bots all post on different instances with copies of different subreddits.

    I don't have an exhaustive list of such communities,  I haven't found an official one.  I'll post a fewfrom my personal blocklist in a comment below. 

    And a note on the upcoming 0.19 release: 

    • the new user-level instance block feature will block all the communities of the blocked instances,  but will not block these users' posts or comments if they are done on another instance's community.  

    My opinion isn't any more valid then anyone else's so I'll put it in a comment below.

    Our users' input is welcomed.

    What do you, dear users of, think about federation with them?



    Message français:

    Comme certains d'entre vous l'ont peut-être remarqué, il y a une instance peuplée de 1,1M de bots qui copient ees posts et commentaires Reddit dans plein de communautés sur plusieurs autres instances.

    Il y a plusieurs opinions sur le sujet et ce fil de discussion vise à prendre le pouls de l'opinion générale sur la situation.

    Je vous suggères de lire la discussion chez à ce sujet ici, discussion intéressante. 

    Quelques points qui, selon moi, doivent être soulignés :

    • compte actuellement 1,1 million de robots, dont seulement 6 sont des utilisateurs hebdomadaires qui se login.
    • collectivement, ils ont déjà fait 1,59 million de commentaires dans une multitude de communautés dans différentes instances.
    • Ce projet proclame essayer de convertir des utilisateurs de Reddit à passer à Lemmy.
    • Il existe un portail pour permettre aux utilisateurs de Reddit de prendre contrôle de leur version bot.
    • a une seule communauté locale, les bots publient tous sur différentes instances, des copies de différents subreddits.

    Je n'ai pas de liste exhaustive de ces communautés, à première vue, je n'en trouve pas une liste officielle.  Je mettrai dans un commentaire ci-dessous quelques communautés que j'ai bloqué au niveau personnel. 

    Pour finir,  une note sur la version 0.19 de lemmy qui s'en vient :

    • La nouvelle fonctionnalité pour bloquer une instance au niveau d'un uutilisateur bloquera toutes les communautés d'une instance bloquée, mais ne bloquera pas les publications ou les commentaires de ces utilisateurs s'ils sont publiés dans une communauté d'une autre instance.

    Mon opinion n'est pas meilleur qu'une autre et je mettrai plutôt dans un commentaire ci-bas.

    Les commentaires de nos utilisateurs sont les bienvenus.

    Que pensez-vous, cher utilisateurs de de la fédération avec eux?




    Hi, If you know what spam I'm talking about, I'm sorry. If you don't, don't bother looking for it, it's honestly not worth your time. Either way, we've taken steps to reduce the impact of such an event. As always, if you see any, report it.   Thanks,

    Bonjour, Si vous savez de quel spam je parle, désolé. Sinon, perdrez pas votre temps, ça en vaut la peine. Dans un cas comme dans l'autre, nous avons pris des mesures pour limiter l'impact de ce genre d'événement. Comme toujours, si vous en voyez, faites un signalement. Merci,

    4 Tinnitus Linked to Hidden Undetected Auditory Nerve Damage – A Step Towards a Cure

    A groundbreaking study by Mass Eye and Ear associates tinnitus with undetected auditory nerve damage, challenging previous beliefs and opening new paths for treatment through auditory nerve regeneration. A new study from Mass Eye and Ear investigators reveals that people who report tinnitus, whic

    Tinnitus Linked to Hidden Undetected Auditory Nerve Damage – A Step Towards a Cure

    Curing tinnitus would sure be nice for a lot of people.


    Defederating illegal instances illégales defédérées

    Annonce en français:

    Des ajouts ont récemment été faits à la liste d'instances bloquées.

    Comme celles-ci étaient des instances connues pour héberger du contenu illégal, incluant des communautés pedo, loli, etc. elles ont été bloquées sans discussion préalable dans l'[email protected].

    Vous pouvez consulter à tout moment la liste d'instances bloquées au bas de cette [page] ( dans la section Blocked Instances.

    Merci !


    English message:

    We've recently added a few instances to the block list.

    We usually made a discussion and vote in [email protected], but this latest batch was a bunch of instances confirmed to be hosting CSAM, CP, pedo and/or loli content. Since these are illegal, they've been removed without Agora threads.

    At any time, you can see the current list of blocked instances here, all the way down in the Blocked Instances section.


    6 All 41 workers trapped in Uttarakhand tunnel evacuated after 17 days

    The 17-day long wait for the 41 workers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel of Uttarakhand finally ended on Tuesday.

    All 41 workers trapped in Uttarakhand tunnel evacuated after 17 days

    cross-posted from:

    > The 17-day long wait for the 41 workers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel of Uttarakhand finally ended on Tuesday.


    Guinea worm disease is close to being eradicated Guinea worm disease is close to being eradicated – how was this progress achieved?

    In the late 1980s, there were near a million new cases of guinea worm disease recorded worldwide. In 2021, there were only 15. How was this achieved?

    Guinea worm disease is close to being eradicated – how was this progress achieved?

    cross-posted from:

    > There is a discussion on Hacker News, but feel free to comment here as well.


    Lemmy-wide gore spam this morning / spam de ce matin

    Message en Français:

    Comme certains ont pu constaté, il y a eu beaucoup de spam de contenu gore ce matin a travers une panoplie de communautés. 

    L'utilisateur en question a été banni localement et leur contenu effacé.   Ils ne sont pas encore bannis sur leur instance mère, mais vous ne devriez plus tomber dessus tant que vous naviguez avec votre compte

    Désolé pour ceux qui ont eu à subir cette merde et merci à tous ceux qui l'ont signalé.  N'hésitez pas à signaler ce genre de chose quand ça arrive, soit via le petit drapeau (report), ou sur le chat matrix. 

    Pour balancer le gore, voici un chat qui dort: 



    English message:

    As some of you may have had the displeasure to see, there was a user spamming links to gore content earlier today accross several unrelated communities.

    They've since been banned locally and their content removed.  While they have yet to be banned on their home instance, you shouldn't be exposed to their content as long as you browse from here your account.

    Thanks to everyone for reporting it, feel free to reach out either through the flag report icon or the matrix chat whenever something like that happens again. 

    Here's a cat to balance out the gore: 



    5 Karl Tremblay (1976-2023) | Les Cowboys Fringants en deuil

    Il n’aura pas été une étoile filante, mais il s’est éteint bien jeune : Karl Tremblay, le chanteur du groupe Les Cowboys Fringants, est mort des suites d’un cancer de la prostate qui le minait depuis des années. Et c’est tout notre coin de l’Amérique qui le pleure.

    Karl Tremblay (1976-2023) | Les Cowboys Fringants en deuil

    Triste nouvelle aujourd'hui. Je m'en va ecouter une ptite toune d'automne...


    Bangladesh achieves historic milestone by eliminating kala-azar (disease) as a public health problem Bangladesh achieves historic milestone by eliminating kala-azar as a public health problem

    In a monumental achievement, Bangladesh has become the first country in the world to be officially validated for having eliminated visceral leishmaniasis, commonly known as kala-azar, as a public health problem.

    Bangladesh achieves historic milestone by eliminating kala-azar as a public health problem

    Kala-azar is a deadly parasitic disease that's also known as Black Fever, or Visceral leishmaniasis. It is the second most deadly parasitic disease (after malaria).


    New admins: Intro

    Hey there, This post is to let you know that @[email protected] and myself have recently been appointed as admins here by @[email protected] to help them and @[email protected] with moderation.

    We've been meaning to introduce ourselves for a while, but hadn't taken the time just yet, here it is.

    I'll be posting more about me as a comment below because this is getting long already.



    @TheDude nous a récemment ajouté, @kersploosh et moi comme admins dans le but d'aider l'équipe (@TheDude et @imaqtpie) avec la modération du site.

    Ça fait un moment que nous voulions faire ce post pour s'introduire, alors voilà.

    Je vais écrire un peu plus d'info à mon sujet dans un commentaire ci-bas.


    Camping knife: khukuri

    This one's been with me for 11 years now and it will likely be sharp long after I'm not.

    Here, I had just gone through a bunch of stuff for a big batch of chili. The acidic juices from the tomatoes etched it quickly, but any sort of patina never stays after splitting a few logs.

    It's big and heavy, but it's my goto around the yard and car camping.

    This is my most used big knife, what's yours?