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On my redemption playthrough (send help)

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That's a bold strategy...
  • Actually tho

  • Two-Thirds of Americans — Including a Majority of Biden Backers — Want Biden to Drop Out
  • This is why people say "you vote for an administration, not just a president".

  • The Canvas has started, feel free to add your country flag!
  • I like the void

    Not the one that's spreading uncontrollably, the polite one dressed as a bug

  • We here at lemmy love the antichrist
  • And that it’s no surprise it’s been so god-damn hot as of late, we’re never gonna be cold... You know the Devil is LOOOOORD

  • Seattle-Based Chain Mod Pizza Just Got Sold
  • By all accounts, still kicking.

  • Seattle-Based Chain Mod Pizza Just Got Sold
  • This does hurt, a little.

  • FromSoftware is Seemingly Hiring for Armored Core 6 DLC
  • You can't just make a separate user account?

  • "Our movement": In resurfaced speech, Trump endorses Heritage Foundation's Project 2025
  • The Democratic party knows exactly how much they should trust the intelligence of the average voter. The fact that they're right is what should disgust you.

  • Biden backs Starmer’s bid to renegotiate Brexit and bring UK closer to EU
  • Well

    I'm still glad the white house is on the same page as #10 about the EU, at least for a few more months

  • TIL "How do you dress?" means "Which pants leg do you put your penis down?"
  • KAKAROT!!!

    I saw this comment during a server update and couldn't reply sooner

  • Tesla loses EV market dominance, falls below 50% in US [unit sales in 2024Q2]
  • If that was the cost of BEVs getting a toehold in the auto industry...

    ... Nah that still sucks, bad deal

  • Where and how to get books?
  • You might like Anna's archive. It isn't a quick way to get heaps of ebooks, but I bet you can download them faster than you read them. Haven't kept up on e readers in the last several years, I'm sure you can find a decent one on your own though. Avoid Amazon on general principles, and the kobo ones have Walmart integration FYI (bad)

  • Community where you have 2 Lemmy users who were arguing in the comments on a post, where you ask them to make peace and apologize to eachother
  • Recommend picking your battles to start with. This isn't "a thing" yet. Talk to the pairs of users ahead of time, give the idea its best chance to show its worth. Once you've done it a few times, maybe some other people start putting forward arguments to be settled.

    It will be messy - hell is other people, after all. But the idea has my support, for whatever that's worth

  • Community where you have 2 Lemmy users who were arguing in the comments on a post, where you ask them to make peace and apologize to eachother
  • All I can say is that I haven't seen anything like it, and I'd love to see it catch on. Even non corporate social media has a toxic side, and we should be doing more to ameliorate.

    Don't say it's okay, though. If I know I'm only being a little sassy, then I start thinking maybe there's some room for me to be worse 🤔

  • Who exactly is trying to push Biden out?
  • If nobody's got me, I know Robert Reich got me

  • [C-SPAN] Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Introduce Articles of Impeachment against Justices Thomas and Alito (13:37)
  • I hope the republic lasts long enough for her to make a presidential bid, or at least help overturn establishment Dem leadership for more credible left of centre platform.

  • Community where you have 2 Lemmy users who were arguing in the comments on a post, where you ask them to make peace and apologize to eachother
  • I feel like I've been caught up in misunderstandings that, because it's so hard to mend fences while others are chiming in, it can be hard to overcome differences of opinion respectfully. I can be difficult sometimes, admittedly, but I don't want bad blood with anyone either. I would welcome it.

  • ten second portrait of my kid

    Literally about ten seconds. Was happy with the construction at least


    Brimladum, the city at Speed's Folly

    Having great fun trying to depict my setting (link) in Flowscape.

    In order to create the dramatic geography of this city, the cliff faces are actually 3D mountain assets rotated and transformed. As I get more familiar with the software I'm excited to see what else I can do.

    Hopefully I get faster, as this setting has over 50 towns and cities...


    [WIP] Flowscape - Caer Rheg at night

    This is a work in progress. I'm currently doing some post processing in GIMP 2.0 to make it look more painted. This was made in Flowscape (a first foray).

    Here's more about the town:

    A top-down view



    Quesabirria de res, with compound butter

    I made quesabirria de res and proveletta cheese with consomme. My little innovation is that I gave it a pat of cilantro garlic compound butter with flake salt on top. I'm gonna die happy. These are the best tacos I've ever made. They taste better than being thin, god help me.


    Broken Septagram [doodle]

    A normal septagram continues in an unbroken loop, and is used by some to ward off evil as "god's favorite number". This broken septagram represents a failed attempt to resist evil. We can see pentagrams within from multiple angles, askew, but always frustrating the eye. We cannot ever fully defeat evil, nor attain divinity.


    [discussion] This is what walkability means for me

    Living in a walkable city means my weekly shop is a few hours of walking or biking instead of being stuck in traffic, and I'm only mildly tired afterwards since I use a bike with pretty large pannier bags. Since I have no car related costs I can afford more fresh food, a healthier diet, and I can afford to be more choosy about the ethics of what I buy. There's a twice weekly farmers market about a ten minute walk away, and quiet walks through parks to get to the shops. Living somewhere with car centric infrastructure, as I used to, this lifestyle was far less feasible.

    Have your experiences been different with moving to walkable/bikeable cities? Any questions or points to be made? I'm not very up on the theory side of city planning, but my experiences line up with the whole "fuck cars" thing.


    Reasons never to worry about your setting being too strange

    Orcas wore dead fish as hats, and this was a fad among adolescents

    music, but no YouTube no Spotify no Facebook no fru fru The Snark Urge

    I love this album, it's a quirky, twee little bop. Not my vibe at all under normal circumstances, but it speaks to the malnourished side of my soul that just wants to play Earthbound, laugh like a kid, and throw popcorn at the TV.


    Impromptu English muffins (first try!)

    200g flour

    5g baking powder

    Pinch of salt

    30g oil

    125g milk

    Truly idiot proof. You just mix and roll out, cut with a glass cup, and cook in a pan. One came out undercooked, just split in half and toast right in the pan, it was actually the best one of the lot


    Highland Samoas

    These are basically samoas (the Girl Scout cookie) built on top of full sized Scottish shortbreads, laden with caramel, toasted coconut, and dipped in chocolate. Normal samoas are designed so you can eat the whole box before you hate yourself. These accomplish that aim with just one.


    Suddenly having a hell of a time using my DS4 controllers on PC

    I'm used to it being kind of simple - I'd configure DS4Windows, install hidhide etc, and connect via bluetooth. Now, no matter what I do, no game wants to read inputs from any controller I set up. Feeling defeated after a couple hours of poking around. Not looking for anyone to spoonfeed me a solution unless you've had the same issue and solved it, just grumbling.