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More guns = safer
  • It's literally a tactic used by children when they're being reprimanded. If you ever come across an "adult" that argues that way, tell them to sit back while the adults talk.

  • It's funnt because it's true
  • I wish someone would've told me this earlier. I got into it just wanting to make a little cash by selling that salt rock. Now look at me; I can't even enjoy some chicken if doesn't have at least 9 different herbs and spices.

  • Minmaxxing
  • Wrong. Please assume the position.

  • Always wondered how they feel
  • It really depends on the actor. I think we can all agree that not every actor has the same emotional maturity and therefore will not all react the same to it. For example, take a look at what Jonah Hill expects from his partners versus Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively seeming to be a healthy couple while both have had some raunchy scenes in movies featuring other people.

  • Don't be a no-poster
  • Who are you talking to?

  • Don't be a no-poster
  • They posted a step by step guide for making improvised explosives.

  • Richest 1% account for more carbon emissions than poorest 66%, report says
  • I'm now a Marxist-Cannibalist.

    Wouldn't eating the rich be survival cannibalism at this point?

  • After this drought of content, I'm glad to see a lot of promising trailers.
  • You didn't pre-order Fallout 76, did you?

  • Missing out on something
  • Happy? In this economy?!

  • The only thing that matters
  • Billions of taxpayer money gone to AT&T and Verizon? Sounds like their infrastructure should be seized and nationalized.

  • It will only go downhill from here
  • Pedophilia is not a sexuality and CSAM, AI generated or not, is not a healthy outlet. Pedophilia should be treated as a disease, and pedophiles should receive treatment for that instead.

  • Imposter syndrome, but for burnout
  • It definitely is but it's all good 🤪🤙

  • I'm booked!
  • What does a robot vacuum have to do with a dancing exercise regimen?

  • 'Stand your butt up': Fistfight nearly breaks out during Senate hearing until Bernie Sanders steps in
  • Don't put down African nations like we don't have the CIA to keep things that way.

  • Trump Amplifies Call for "Citizens Arrest" of Judge and Prosecutor in New York Civil Case
  • Those who want the benefit of the social contract without adhering to it will be dominant as they have an upperhand.

  • Trump Amplifies Call for "Citizens Arrest" of Judge and Prosecutor in New York Civil Case
  • Belt-and-suspendera approach? We're barely using a drawstring to keep our pants up.

  • Icelandic forensics
  • What could possibly go wrong?

    [Cut to destruction of humanity]

  • workplace safety practices are written in blood

    And your employer will absolutely try to do the bare minimum to enforce them. Organize, fellow workers!


    What was the bleeped content in the latest episode?

    I did some major sleuthing (checked Reddit) and the prevailing theory appears to be that it's about the Piketon Massacre podcast. So here's my best transcript without the bleeps.

    Gare: Trump's Rosie O'Donnell moment.

    Robert: You know what bifurc-wha-we're gonna have to check that one out. You know what bifurcated

    Sophie: Wait, wait, is he gonna c-is, is Trump's Rosie O'Donnell moment that he's also a Casey Anthony truther?

    Robert: Uh I hope so. Ummm. 'Cause-Because I am.

    Sophie: What what.

    Robert: And you know who else is a Casey Anthony truther, Sophie?

    Sophie: Uhh, this ad for the Piketon Massacre Podcast that might come up?

    Robert: There's a non-zero chance that we get an ad for the Piketon Massacre Podcast. Here we go.

    Anarchist Memes PorkRollWobbly

    The IWW is coming!


    What are your best tips on staying hydrated?

    For those of us that have to work in the heat, what are some tips? Are there any foods that help or tricks like adding a bit of salt to your water?