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Be rule do warcrimes
  • Okay I’m all for equal treatment, but you sound fucking crazy right now. Do you know what you’re actually suggesting? Instilling fear of death in people committing a minor intolerance. That’s not a free society and it sounds like the start of a different monster of an oppressive system.

  • Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay $120000 within 24h
  • 250$ a month for their service seems like cloudflare was straight up losing money on the deal. Although cloudflare seemed to have given them extra time than they said before terminating service, which they didn’t have to do. That being said, I think both sides suck here.

  • The New Trolley Era
  • Since the fine is meaningless to Elon, this becomes an ethics problem. Swerve, killing 1 person and be charged with manslaughter—or kill 5 people and be found not guilty.

  • WYR have a fully tamed shape shifting pet or be able to communicate with animals

    The pet only has basic house training and will respond to whatever animal you want it to change into.

    Other option, all animals are compelled to listen to you but not required.


    Tonight I decided to try jack-in-the-box for the first time...

    And by god was it absolutely terrible. New restaurant, clean on the inside, tried 3 different things and I have to wonder, does anyone actually like jack-in-the-box? How are they still in business?


    its been less than a day and the beans meme is already getting run into the ground

    It was funny for the first 30 posts but it’s already getting old. At this rate this place is gonna become ifunny or send new users away. A lot of the memes are low effort crap too