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If you could design your own body and hit a button and have it immediately implemented, would you keep your natural self or would you make changes?
  • I talked to a Dr about ten years ago and he seemed like I was wasting his time. He sent me to physical therapy and told me not to do the activities that cause pain (ok champ, I won't internally rotate my leg ever). So I was kinda jaded about it.

    I have an X-ray and an appointment with an Ortho on Monday! I am so excited. Ready to get my hips ground.

    What was the recovery like? I live in a 3rd story attic so I am a little worried I won't be able to walk

  • FBI, DHS warn of possible retaliation for attack on Trump
  • I skimmed the article, but it looks like they don't have any specific threats in mind.

    So uh no shit? The maga terrorists have been commiting violence since like 2015. Of course they are going to be energized when their king is attacked.

  • Do tutorial/challenge scenarios or mods exist?

    I just got about 100 hours on HOI4 and I cant play it at all. I have to date only won a single game (since I picked it back up recently after release), but typically the second I get into war my divisions lack organization, supply, or whatever else and I get capitulated pretty quick.

    Are there any mods that take a single concept (supply, army planning, division designs, etc) and help you learn those in isolation? I watch a bunch of YouTubers and try to follow their tips but for whatever reason I am still doing it wrong.

    Interestingly, I bought hoi on release and was able to world conquest on my first or second try, so I am guessing new dlc/mechanics (supply?) are probably part of the problem.


    Does there exist a YouTube proxy server?

    I am starting to detangle myself from Google and one of the services I use is YouTube.

    I learned that piped exists the other day but that is just a front end for Google.

    Is there a tool that I can host on my server that will let me give it YouTube links, that will then download/stream to my server and then server to my phone or computer?

    I guess I am looking for a tool that will cache my YouTube videos locally and even download my subscriptions when they upload new stuff.

    I'm not sure what this buys me that Piped does not, except that I am backing up videos in case they are removed.


    Case suggestions for High Ambient Temperature

    I am working on building a new server in my apartment that will have a reasonably beefy GPU and CPU so I can get PCIE pass-through working and get a gaming VM set up.

    Trouble is, my apartment is in the attic in the south. With the AC on I had one or two really bad days last year that it got up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit inside with high humidity.

    Any cooling suggestions for something like that? Is 90 degrees Fahrenheit still cool enough to reduce the temperature of my components? I would really like to avoid buying a phase change cooler, but that is the only thing I can think of if the ambient is too high.


    How do you use full spectrum cannabis oil?

    I got a medical card here in LA and the prices are outrageous. Getting a dablicator with full spectrum oil seems to be the most cost effective. Trouble is I can't seem to figure out how to use it.

    At first I just ate it but I think I wasted $90 because I felt nothing and I don't think it was decarbed.

    Next I got some refillable 510 thread vapes and a small syringe to fill it. That has been a pain but it at least works a bit.

    How am I supposed to use this stuff? Is it all the same or are there different kinds? Is it decarbed at all or not meant for vaping?


    Help me figure out his picking pattern ✂️ strum-pattern

    37 seconds · Clipped by Chris McIntosh · Original video "Mystery Marble Divider?" by Wintergatan

    ✂️ strum-pattern

    Hey All,

    Hoping you can help me grok what he is doing here. He has a capo on 2nd fret I think and it looks like he is just using simple chords, but I can't figure out what his strumming pattern is. I think it is fingerstyle but I am at a loss on how to actually replicate it.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Functional 3D Printing Chocrates

    Remaining Filament Tracking

    Is there a way I can track how much filament is left on a roll? Either an add-on sensor I can build or software that will track how much is used vs how much is supposed to be on the roll?

    Have a Prusa Mk4 and it's working ok so far but been having trouble with very long prints so trying to figure out if my rolls have enough left


    Synthesizers with Guitar

    This is probably a dumb question but I am new to the guitar (about a year in to my learnings with a teacher).

    I have some pedals but I want to branch out into getting a synth as well to experiment with the sound.

    Does there exist a device that I can plug in to my pedal chain so I can drive it with my guitar AND play it on it's own to create sounds? Also hoping synths have a drum machine because I would like to play with a beat.

    I know pedal synths exist but that isn't really what I am looking for, want a synth on its own that I could also use with the guitar but not only with the guitar if that makes sense.

    Am I thinking about this wrong? Does this mythical device exist? If not anyone have some relatively entry level devices I can look at?


    Non Spoiler Tips for Goblins Encampment?

    I am struggling. Only have Shadowheart and my PC at level 3.


    I killed the priestess inside the silence spell but she managed to walk out and call for help on her last turn.

    I then unlocked the underdark but don't want to explore that yet.

    Now I have found the drow and the hobgoblin but they are surrounded by all the minons and I can't take a fight. SHould I keep exploring? I found the cave below the spiders but haven't gone in yet, had to restart that save because it was in battle and I yeeted myself off the cliff to avoid more dudes.

    I love this game. As a BG1/2 fanboy and an overall hater of turn based games I felt betrayed when Larian got the IP and turned it into a Divinity clone, but I am having so much fun. It is like I am playing 5e by myself. Also talking to all the animals is so great.


    Tips for Non Smokers in a Legal state

    Going to Oregon to meet some friends for a few days. They don't smoke at all but are curious and willing to imbibe a bit. I have previously gotten them edibles (Federally Legal Delta 9) but want to introduce them to some smoking as well if they are interested. I also want to get a little fucked up in a legal state.

    What should I be looking for at the dispensary? I dry herb vape my black market flower down here, but I am not gonna try to get my vape through TSA.

    Should I try to buy a cheap bong up there? Never used one, but I hate joints, they make my lungs burn and I cough more than I inhale.

    Should I just stick with edibles? I also kind of want to try RSO but not sure I want to get THAT fucked up. I enjoy doing high doses by myself but I won't have an opportunity to be alone on this trip.


    Baldurs Gate 3 on Steam Deck

    I am a grumpy old man that is/was pissed that we aren't getting a "real" Baldurs Gate 3, but as it gets close to release I am sadly getting excited about it.

    Has anyone played Early Access on the Steam Deck? Is it fun/playable on there? I do nearly 100% of my gaming on that now and barely touch my dedicated gaming Ubuntu machine these days.


    Any RPG Battle Simulators?

    Anyone seen any Android games that use Pathfinder 2e or DND 5e that let you use their battle rules to try out builds? Basically want to play a turn based game using their rules to test out character builds etc. Anyone seen anything like that?


    Mason Markdown Formatting

    I am rewriting my ancient vim config into Lua with nvim. I am using Mason to grab lsp language servers and for the most part it works great!

    I have this in my remaps so I can <leader>f to format the current file (still need to figure out formatting on save too, but I can't for the life of me get Markdown formatting working.

    vim.keymap.set("n", "<leader>f", function() vim.lsp.buf.format() end)

    I have markdownlint, marksman, prettier, and prettierd all installed wth Mason (though I haven't written any keymaps or configs for them). Any idea how I can format my Markdown? I write in it all day every day so it's gonna help a ton if I can get it working. Secondly any ideas how I can do the same mapping for the formatting on save? Still pretty new to Lua.

    networking Chocrates

    Tips on Cooling down your home router?

    I have an Asus Gigabit router AX6000. It is about a year old and has had no problems until I moved into an attic apartment with poor ventilation, cooling, and a heat wave. The internal temps are reporting around 170F.

    This is after I have moved it to get better airflow. Any ideas on how I can keep it colder? I am experiencing very slow network speeds presumably due to the temperature. I have ruled out the modem being the issue.

    Right now my best idea is to remove the cover and see if I can either attach a heat sink and a fan to the CPU or just remove the cover and have a fan blow air over it.

    Any better ideas? Other than not to move here or fix global warming?


    Evaporation at High Humidity

    I have a pothos that lives in half gallon jar of water. It used to live outside on my patio that got morning and early afternoon sun in Central Texas where the temperatures were getting in the 90's, the dew point was in the 70's and the humidity usually is 40 - 60% typically, though weather underground tells me it was closer to 90 - 100%.

    My jar of water would last for weeks before it noticeably evaporated and had to be filled.

    Anecdotally the plant lived in doors in the jar with much less direct sunlight and a near constant temperature of 70 degrees from the AC and I never had to fill it up.

    Flash forward to now, I am in South East Louisiana, my jar of plants is inside in a windowsill that gets morning sun. My AC is bad so it gets up to about 84 in here.

    I am noticing that the water is receding quite rapidly, it is noticeable within a few days and at least once a week I need to get water in there to cover the top roots again.

    The humidity down here is much higher so I am curious, why would it be evaporating so much faster down here where it is much more humid presumably? Any ideas?

    Edit: I should probably add it is growing algae now too and that was never a "problem" before.


    Diablo 4 Aspect Farming

    Hey all, just got to tier 3 and now I have to go find aspects for my build. What are the best ways to farm for them? Should I just do the dungeons on the maps over and over or are there better options?


    Pause Feed Updates?

    Is there a way to pause the feed on the main page? I like to sort by active or new and switch to all, but the feed keeps updating so I can never actually read anything. Is there a way to have lemmy pause the feed once it has generated and selectively let me update it?

    I am using the web UI, I occasionally use Jerboa but that needs a little work and I haven't wanted to contribute yet.


    Hoya leaves browning

    Help! I moved to Louisiana and put my hoya outside and the leaves are browning and dieing. This is happening pretty rapidly, over 2 or 3 days for the browning. My picture sucks but it is pretty widespread on the plant

    USpolitics Chocrates Comer admits nobody has heard from alleged Biden informant for three years

    The Kentucky Republican gives another update on the House Oversight Committee's bribery and corruption probe into the Biden family.

    USpolitics Chocrates Republicans plan to cut free school lunches

    The Republican Study Committee said the move will encourage states to restrict the eligible population receiving school lunch to "truly needy" households.

    USpolitics Chocrates

    Biden says US is at ‘tipping point’ on gun control Republicans plan to cut free school lunches

    The Republican Study Committee said the move will encourage states to restrict the eligible population receiving school lunch to "truly needy" households.