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How Kamala Harris Took Command of the Democratic Party in 48 Hours
  • So, did Biden's intellect just suddenly collapse on stage, leading to his withdrawal, or was the DNC lying to us about his mental competency during all these years it took to set up his campaign? Did they always have this planned, or were they hoping to push a candidate through who they felt wasn't actually capable of performing his duties? On that note, if he's unfit to continue his campaign, then he's probably unfit to continue his presidency too, and should just hand the reigns to Harris now. The whole thing stinks. Yes, vote trump into oblivion, but that doesn't mean we need to like what happened.

  • How Kamala Harris Took Command of the Democratic Party in 48 Hours
  • It's naive to quote objective reality? I didn't say that Biden could win again, I said that Biden beat him, and Hillary lost to him. You said that anyone other than Biden wins against Trump, and that is objectively false, since Hillary already lost to him in a previous election. It's naive to think that anyone could beat him, that's what led to his first victory.

  • How Kamala Harris Took Command of the Democratic Party in 48 Hours
  • No shit. Obviously we all understand what's at stake. But it's been at stake for too fucking long. Throw the bastard in prison. Fucking do something to him rather than keeping him around so there's always a crisis situation. Fix the broken system that allowed this. There's always an imminent threat as tyrants seize power and democracy dies, because tyrants make sure of it.

  • I don't understand Catwoman.
  • Their personality can change over time, but not WHO they are. So things like age (unless you plan to age the entire universe equally), facial features, race

    Oh boy, you're going to piss off so many people with that one.

    I really like how they handled it with Miles Moralis and wrote a completely new story. It's a great story too! They respected who Peter has always been, while still creating a new Spider-Man. BTW, since it seems that you're unaware, Miles came from Into the Spiderverse, which is an awesome animated movie. Check it out, you'll enjoy it. The second one is actually only half of a movie though, and we didn't know that going in, so I'd steer clear of that until the 3rd comes out.

  • How Kamala Harris Took Command of the Democratic Party in 48 Hours
  • You should probably settle down a little. Yes I know who trump is, which is why I'm willing to vote for whomever they shove in front of us. I'd vote for a literal pile of garbage, or an open can of tuna before voting for trump. I would never vote for trump. Maybe read what I wrote again.

    Yes I'm serious, selecting candidates through a primary is how elections have been held in this country for decades, whenever the incumbent isn't running. You think that a candidate selected by the voters is going to be less likely to get those voter's votes in the general election? Do you understand what a primary is?

    Edit: since you're all worked up about "now????" Take a minute and think about it. It's always going to be the same threat from the GOP moving forward, until the actual problem is fixed. If not trump, it'll be DeSantis, or Hannity, or any of the other unelectable people they have in their pool of horrible candidates to choose from.

  • How Kamala Harris Took Command of the Democratic Party in 48 Hours
  • We can caucus with Dems for one more cycle and beat Trump, and then wash our hands of them.

    Except in 4 years it'll be trump again if he's still alive, or Desantis, or trump jr, or whatever the fuck his daughter's name is. This seems to be our new reality.

  • How Kamala Harris Took Command of the Democratic Party in 48 Hours
  • I've been saying it too, met with about the same enthusiasm as your post. The Democrats have been riding the "end of democracy" train for 8 years now, and it'd be nice to have a normal election where we vote for a candidate that we actually want, rather than just voting for whoever they shove in front of us because they're not trump. Well, I did vote for Sanders in the primaries in 2016, and 2020, but you saw what the DNC did to him. They'd rather have trump than a progressive like Sanders.

  • Green Book is an amazing movie!

    We watched this last night and it's definitely the best movie we've seen all year, probably the last few years.

    Viggo Mortensen was nominated for Best Actor for his performance in this movie and it's apparent why. He completely disappears into the role, with no remnant of Aragorn, or Captain Fantastic anywhere on screen. You forget who you are even watching.

    Mahershala Ali did win an Academy Award for his performance, which is reserved, powerful, intriguing, and believable all at once. I've only seen Ali portray villains before, and I had forgotten about my previous conception of him within the first few scenes.

    The chemistry between the two actors is remarkable, and they play off each other very well throughout the movie. We found the movie to have a perfect blend of seriousness, humor, heartbreak, and triumph. The script is great, the acting superb, the directing stellar, and the music is flat out amazing.

    The movie doesn't pull punches with the overt racism of the South during that era. The pair - genius musician, and street smart bodyguard - encounter multiple dangerous situations. They save each other, both literally and figuratively, throughout the movie.

    Overall I can't praise this movie enough. It is an outstanding accomplishment, and deserved every award that it won. Check it out!


    NewPipe stopped working?

    Newpipe hasn't worked on my Android for several days now. Has YouTube blocked the app, or did an update break it?


    Coming out.


    Questions about migrating to Arch from Pop! for a gaming rig

    I've been using Arch on an old laptop for a few years now, but I use Pop on my gaming desktop. I've wanted to switch to Arch for a long while now, but haven't had the motivation (if it ain't broke, and all that). I'm finally ready to do it, but I'm a little concerned about my gaming experience. Are there any gotchas for gaming with an i7 and a 3070 ti that I should be aware of before I make the switch? Is it pretty seamless? Can I still use a freesync monitor with the g-sync compatibility setting? Is it easy to install the Nvidia drivers and well documented on the wiki? I'm open to information about any other sticky scenarios you guys encountered getting Arch set up for use as a daily driver and gaming computer.

    Edit: is there any way to backup my internal drive mappings and mounting points, or will I need to set all of that up again?

    I've only ever used Gnome for Arch, but one of the things that has me motivated to switch is that KDE 6 supports HDR. Does anyone have experience with it? Is it a pretty slick and simple DE?


    I just noticed that they've added a hangover debuff to the game. LOL

    Apparently if the majority of your camp supplies are alcohol, the game now gives you a hangover debuff after a long rest. Thankfully it doesn't last very long, but that's a fun little update.


    I did not fully anticipate just how lonely and depressing an evil playthrough is.

    I'm currently on my 3rd playthrough, and I'm playing as a dark urge character who gives into his urges. For spoiler prevention I'll describe what I just finished as vaguely as possible. I just completed the durge objective that gives you a powerful reward in act 2.

    This is depressing. All of the good that I accomplished in my first two playthroughs is absent. My camp is nearly empty. Lae zel's lifeless body has been laying in my camp for 2 full acts. Karlach, Wyll, Zevlor, Damon, Jaheira, and many others are dead, either by my hand or because of my actions.

    I didn't fully appreciate just how lonely and depressing, self-serving life would be. I have more gold and loot than either of my other playthroughs, and I'm more powerful, but to what end? My own lonely existence? I don't think that I will continue past this point. I've accomplished what I set out to do, which was experience the game as an evil character. I don't think I need another 50 hours of this to pound the point home.

    Hats off to Larian for making such an emotional and realistic game, full of vibrant and exciting characters. I don't enjoy the world where I have betrayed them all.


    Enter the Selfie


    Enter the Selfie




    Astarion can't talk to Raphael?

    In my first playthrough he was able to talk to Raphael outside of the Gauntlet of Shar. This time Raphael just left without ever giving Astarion a chance to ask any questions. So, I reloaded a save, did the whole House of Healing fight again, made sure to have Astarion selected when we approached the Gauntlet, and it auto switched to my character when the conversation started and he left again. Have they changed this sequence? Is it bugged? Do only certain dialogue choices give you a chance to barter?


    Instance filters are not working

    I've added some instances to the instance filters, yet I continue seeing those instances. Is there something else that I need to do to block entire instances?


    The right to bear firearms


    Cal Raleigh's go-ahead grand slam, 5/7/24.


    We meet again

    United States | News & Politics AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet

    The Left Has Fallen Into Reaction How the Left Is Becoming Reactionary - Lithium Magazine

    We need to move toward a leftism that truly loves normal people, appreciates the culture of our base, and most importantly, is of our base.

    How the Left Is Becoming Reactionary - Lithium Magazine

    We need to learn, or relearn, how to build comradeship and solidarity instead of doing capital’s work for it by condemning and abusing each other. This doesn’t mean, of course, that we must always agree—on the contrary, we must create conditions where disagreement can take place without fear of exclusion and excommunication.” – Mark Fisher


    Assassin is actually amazing!

    I hadn't tried it in 2 different playthroughs because it's rated really low online. But since I've used the other builds already, I figured I'd give it a go for Astarion in this new playthrough. He has an item that makes him invisible for two turns whenever he kills someone, which basically makes him a one man killing machine. For 3 different battles now I've split him off from the group and sent him out ahead to sneak attack the enemy group. Welp, reinforcements were never needed. He sneak attacks from range, turns invisible, moves away so he can't be detected, and attacks again. Each attack one-shots his victim, and he can make quick work of entire groups of enemies.

    I can see that this build wouldn't be great for unexpected battles, or outright confrontation, but when you know that you want to fight, dang man! It's amazing.

    If you happen to find that item that gives invisibility on kill, then I highly suggest getting a good bow, and giving assassin a try. It seems like it would be a good option for a playthrough without companions, as long as you are able to get back into stealth after attacking.


    How do I preserve my messages settings?

    Every time I get a notification that someone has commented or messaged me it is back to the Show All option, even though I've set it to Show Unread a hundred times already.


    Well, that escalated quickly.


    Not some, all y'all pics these days.

    shitposting AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet

    I am confident that I could successfully fight off 100 duck sized horses.

    But I doubt I could fight off one horse sized duck.