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Back when America had a great tradition
  • Yes, the great American Traidtion of gross indifference until the Japanese attacked Pearl harbor.

  • The rightwing plan to take over ‘sanctuary’ cities – and rebuild them Maga-style
  • nah, Columbia requires to much science and intelligence to design it, launch it, and keep it in the air.

    MAGA would kill all the smart people, and crash teh city into the ground, killing everyone in a glorious moment of captialistic freedom.

  • ‘A catastrophe’: Greenpeace blocks planting of ‘lifesaving’ Golden Rice
  • Except theres always going to be slack times, and I personally would rather have nuclear power filling in those dips, than fucking coal or oil.

    Especially with new generations of reactors being able to run off of older generations waste.

  • ‘A catastrophe’: Greenpeace blocks planting of ‘lifesaving’ Golden Rice
  • You don't even realize how amazingly stupid your response/argument is, do you?

    Do you have any concept of how many times in human history, that an argument has basically boiled down to "its safe, stupid. Stop being a baby and use it!", Only to find out years or even decades down the road that Oopsy Daisy, it wasnt as safe as was claimed?

    Tetraethyllead being an excellent example, which I bet you would have voraciously argued in favor of at the time.

  • ‘A catastrophe’: Greenpeace blocks planting of ‘lifesaving’ Golden Rice
    1. Theres been more damage from coal ash and oil power plants to the environment than from nuclear.

    2. Coal power plants are responsible for more radiation than nuclear

    3. Again, Coal has done more damage to people and the environment, than nuclear ever has.

    4. No ones making a bomb from nuclear power plant waste. Pointless fearmongering from coal lobbyists.

    5. Coal Ash has, again, done far more damage to agricultural/commerial land, reduced property valuies, and disrupted local communities far more than Nuclear power ever has.

  • California Passes Bill Requiring New Cars To Beep At You When You're Speeding
  • You think GPS can be trusted? Its still sending people into lakes and dead ends.

  • toxic help forum
  • Don't say Lemmy is a forum.

    last time I argued that people got irrationally angry.

  • California Passes Bill Requiring New Cars To Beep At You When You're Speeding
  • Literally impossible unless the cars have some kind of tracking software to monitor location.

    and you know if its doing that, its not doing it without leaking your data to law enforcement and advertisers.

    So, yeah, no thanks. Train cops to do their actual, legitimate jobs instead of letting them waste their time with actual fucking inhuman torture, and the issue would also be solved. and in the right way, instead of the invasive privacy destroying way.

  • Do Christians really think that being educated is sinful and should be avoided?
  • Thats the propaganda.

    In reality its about control and power. Thats why they want to breed an army and take over all elected positions. Thats what they talk about behind closed doors and when cameras are away.

  • Man insults judge who sentenced him to 12 years in prison for attacking police during Capitol riot
  • Oh he wont get out. Someone this stupid is gonna go up to the wrong person, full of undeserved bravado, and get shanked.

  • Germany: We will execute ICC warrant against Netanyahu
  • Considering how many jews Germany has arrested for antisemitism (I.E. Protesting Israel's Genocide), I'm honestly kinda shocked and surprised that they'd say this.

  • ICQ, One of the Oldest Instant Messengers, Is Shutting Down
  • I couldnt remember mine if you put a gun to my head, and it was only 5 digits

  • ICQ, One of the Oldest Instant Messengers, Is Shutting Down
  • Man, I am so sad now.

    I miss the original internet. Back when it was a place for nerds and geeks, before commercial exploitation and SEO and Adpocalypse

  • ICQ, One of the Oldest Instant Messengers, Is Shutting Down
  • ICQ was still around? I thought it died ages ago!

  • Linus Tech Tips (LTT) release investigation results on former accusations
  • yeah, lets remember that the sexual misconduct allegations were just a part of a far larger overall issue with regards to LTT. From Linus being a cunt about warranties, to stealing prototypes and refusing to return them, to lying to the public about having to come to an agreement with the said victims of the theft before ever having even contacted the victims in the first place, to putting out a fake apology video where they joke about the actual crimes they committed.

    and this firm they paid saying they are clear does nothing to absolve them from all the other shitty, asshole, dishonest shit they've done, nor does it make Linus any less of a cunt.

  • Victim reports his father missing. Police instead interrogated him for 17 hours, said they killed his dog, and withheld his meds from the victim. Victim tried to commit suicide in the room.
  • Boy its a good thing rule 4 is here to make sure no one calls for being done to the officers involved what they did to that poor kid. 🙄

  • Harvard board bars 13 pro-Palestine student protesters from graduating, overruling faculty
  • How dare you insult the 11th president of Finland like that.

  • Harvard board bars 13 pro-Palestine student protesters from graduating, overruling faculty
  • Nah, To many republicans sucking Russian Dick for McCarthyism to be doing anything but spinning furiously in its grave.

  • Trump says he is open to restrictions on contraception. His campaign says he misspoke
  • evangelicals are against it cause they dont want women to have options.

    They want women to pump out tiny soldiers of christ who will grow up indoctrinated to take seats of government, starting at the local, and working their way up to state and federal, until the christofascist extremists control all aspects of government, with the power and authority to brutally put down any "non-believer" I.E. anyone that is critical of their behavior or actions.

  • "Starfield's lead quest designer had 'absolutely no time' and had to hit the 'panic button' so the game would have a satisfying final quest" Starfield's lead quest designer had 'absolutely no time' and had to hit the 'panic button' so the game would have a satisfying final quest

    "It became very clear that we were missing the large final location that was going to tie the story together," says former lead quest designer Will Shen.

    Starfield's lead quest designer had 'absolutely no time' and had to hit the 'panic button' so the game would have a satisfying final quest

    ""We were finally at a state in the project where we could play through the whole [game]. And it became very clear that we were missing the large final location that was going to tie the story together and have a satisfying action-filled payoff," Shen said. "I was both implementing the main quest and leading the quest design team, so I had absolutely no time. The entire quest design team was already overbooked.""

    The quest design team being overbooked and not having time certainly explains a lot.

    The Creator of Suikoden died on Feb 6 due to complications from an ongoing illness.

    I am immeasurably bummed to hear this, and worse still that he passed with so little fanfare that I am only finding out now over 2 weeks later.

    Anyone got a good list/collections of "essential"/Recommended mods for Cities Skylines 1?

    Essential as in pretty much everyone agrees are good and worth having, I know no mod is essential in the literal sense, and opinions will change whats essential to each individual.

    Looking for a bit of a list/collection cause otherwise I'll go down the rabbit hole and end up modding my game to much to be playable.. Which I wish was a joke, but that happened last time I got my itch on for city building, lol.

    Would Nuclear Weapons be as destructive in ship to ship space combat, as they are on the ground in an atmosphere?

    As far as I know, the big damage from Nuclear Weapons planetside is the massive blastwave that can pretty much scour the earth, with radiation and thermal damage bringing up the rear.

    But in space there is no atmosphere to create a huge concussive and scouring blast wave, which means a nuclear weapon would have to rely on its all-directional thermal and radiation to do damage.. but is that enough to actually be usful as a weapon in space, considering ships in space would be designed to handle radiation and extreme thermals due to the lack of any insulative atmosphere?

    I know a lot of this might be supposition based on imaginary future tech and assumptions made about materials science and starship creation, but surely at least some rough guess could be made with regards to a thernonuclear detonation without the focusing effects of an atmosphere?

    Steam Link broken on linux? Anyone have experience?

    I set up Steam Link on my raspberry pi to try and do some couch gaming over the holiday.. but its no bueno. I am on a 5600x/6700xt with wayland on linux, and steam is up to date.

    I get a black screen with a mouse cursor.

    I try launching steam with the -pipewire command as i've read elsewhere, and I can see big picture mode, but its horribly slow.. But the weird thing is, its only steam/games thats slow. The mouse runs in real time without lag, and any sounds run in real time without lag or hiccup. But the video is like 1 frame per minute, so I can push left on the d-pad and have to sit and wait forever for the selection on the TV to move (even though its moved over immediately on the desktop).

    Games are the same issue. Game runs fine on the desktop, audio runs fine on the streamed TV, but the video is just like..slide show.

    I've tried running it at the lowest possible image quality settings. at low bandwidth, at high bandwidth, at the max the network test suggested, tried turning all the settings like hardware video encoding and stuff off and on. Nothing makes a difference.

    Is steam link just completely screwed or am I being an idiot and doing something wrong?

    Suikoden II's intro music continues to be one of the greats of video game music to this day.

    And it does such a magnificent, beautiful job of evoking and condensing the emotional roller coaster of the story down into just about 2 and a half minutes of music.

    Starts out low, drawn out, tense. Quickly becomes heavy, evoking a sense of dread and conflict before dumping you off the edge into the uncertanty and panic of conflict and war, building up to a great horror before mellowing out to give you a moments rest..before a massive tonal shift that becomes hopeful, uplifting, an anthem of brighter days ahead. Then it gets more complex, more deep, adding new instruments that represent the new recruits and the growing of the liberation army, before finishing off in a beautiful and powerful crescendo as a triumph over the dark trials earlier in the music.

    Anyone else reconsidering buying the game with the performance issues now being revealed? Or the lack of Workshop support?

    A lot of people who have had hands on experience with the game thus far (certain modders, City Planner Plays, Biffa, etc) have made note of its terrible performance, even top of the line rigs with 1500 dollar video cards.

    Like, 15-20fps levels of performance on top tier cards.

    Granted, that's on high settings.. but its a freaking city building game, not a AAA hyper realism ray traced first person VR experience. It shouldn't require a nuclear power plant to play a city builder!

    And you shouldn't have to run the game on low settings just to get a playable framerate with a decent rig, modern rig.

    That, and the lack of workshop support? I mean, I get them wanting to host it themselves, but that just means it'll be alive only for as long as they want to host it, vs steam which the workshop will be there until valve goes out of business.. and I'd wager CO goes under long before steam does.

    I was excited for CS2.

    But these two bits have really pushed the game off the shelf for me into that "Well, Maybe I'll buy it in a year or 2 when its on sale for 5-10 bucks" territory.

    Is the 6800 non XT worth the price increase over the 6700/6750xt?

    I'm currently running a rx580 (with a 5600x and 16gb of ram), and its finally starting to show its age and not be able to run at the settings i would prefer, at the frames I would like.

    This is a card I'll probably, barring its sudden demise, be sticking with for the next 5-6 years, So keep that in mind too. I know vram demand in games is on the rise too, even for 1080p, which is why I have not considered any 8gb cards like the 6600 or the 7600.

    I've narrowed my choices down to the 6700xt, 6750xt and rx6800 (non-xt). Which will be used almost entirely for 1080p gaming (maybe 1440p if my current monitor dies and I'm forced to replace it)

    6700xt is attractive simply because its the cheapest. 6800 is attractive cause its more powerful, which I would hope means I'd get a bit more extra time out of it.

    6750xt is kinda stuck in the middle.. -100ish bucks cheaper than the 6800, but also 70-90ish bucks more expensive than the 6700xt, and from all the reviews I've seen, it seems like it only averages around a 5-8fps boost over the 6700xt which doesn't exactly seem worth the investment?

    This is where I need the advice of those who are more experienced/knowledgeable than I am.

    Would the 6800 have enough horsepower to be viable long enough after the 6700xt/6750xt hit their limits to be worth the price jump, or Should I save 100 bucks and get the 6750? Or should I just go straight with the 6700xt and save almost 200 bucks?

    My gut is telling me 6700xt, but I'd like some outside, hands on experienced opinions, if you'd be so kind to give them, before I can quash the debate in my head.

    Outer Worlds Spacers Choice Edition: Horrible, Nausea inducing texture/model flickering. Please help?

    I am trying to get Outer Worlds: Spacers Choice edition working, but it has horrible texture flickering, regardless of the proton version of in game graphic settings.

    And I dont mean like, color strobing or anything, World Textures and NPCs both flicker rapidly in and out of existence, to the point you can see through them to whats behind them. I have never had an issue with flickering lights or anything before, but its so intense its even causing me nausea to look at it.

    I have tried many combinations of in game graphic settings from low to ultra, with no effect whatsoever.

    I have also tried several different versions of proton ( Experimental, 7.0-6, 8.0-2 and various versions of GE Proton from 7-20 to 8-6 ) None of which has altered the behavior in any way.

    I'm on Ubuntu 22.04, Using Wayland, and my MESA drivers are up to date. I have a RX580 and a 5600x CPU, with 16g of ram. Edit: I am also on kernal 6.3, not an older one.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.


    Changed video cards from a rx480 to a 6700xt and it worked fine. game must have had some issue with Polaris.

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