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What do you think the Great Filter is?
  • Exponential functions. Seriously. You meet crisis after crisis, each having a risk of ending civilization, but that risk never goes away. It keeps multiplying and multiplying, until you realize the risk curve is approaching a vertical line

  • Lindsey Graham Claims Biden's Student Loan Relief Is 'Beyond Dangerous'
  • As someone who went to a private university and always believed it a superior choice, fuck that noise. A few states have started offering free instate tuition again, at public universities.

    Let’s change course here, let’s steer this baby over to the public side…..

    How about

    • all public funding goes to free tuition at public universities/vo-tech for everyone that wants it
    • if you insist on going to private, you can do private funding. No loans for you. No grants for you
  • Lindsey Graham Claims Biden's Student Loan Relief Is 'Beyond Dangerous'
  • I’m out here working and no one paid for my college but me (well, and …). Dammit, why are we still making people do this? Where can I sign up to help get next generations off to a good start without crippling debt?

  • Canceled Experiment to Block the Sun Won’t Stop Rich Donors from Trying
  • Matrix did it intentionally as a weapon, Simpson did it as greed, but I don’t remember whether SnowPiercer had a reason

    Our goal is more positive, but certainly risky that we’ll do more harm than good. But at what point should we take that risk? How close are we to that point? Have we experimented enough on a small scale like this project, to have sufficient understanding of what we might decide we have to do?

  • Canceled Experiment to Block the Sun Won’t Stop Rich Donors from Trying
  • I don’t know how I feel about this …. As we zoom past climate change targets toward more and more risk of catastrophic tipping points, we really need more options. This issue demonstrates some of the risks of geo-engineering, so they had to stop it, but we need small local research projects like this to figure out how to do it globally because it’s looking more and more like we may need to risk it

  • US Olympic and other teams will bring their own AC units to Paris, undercutting environmental plan
  • There was just an article posted around here about future games in Los Angeles …. Where one of the venues is in Oklahoma, unless I got seriously trolled, for exactly this: trying not to build as much new stuff.

    Here in Boston when they were talking about putting in a bid, all the discussion was about upgrading athletic facilities for all the regional colleges, and getting more hotels built to handle more tourism

  • Can I use the domain ""?
  • The problem is buying means nothing about whether it is legit or whether a company decides they want it. It only means you reserved it. Any disagreements are hashed out after the fact in court. It’s not a game that individuals can afford to win vs a corp

  • I'm canceling my plans to vacation in Pakistan. Also, the Koran is horseshit.
  • WTF, how about not visiting a different place and burning pages of their holy book? What kind of rude and disrespectful tourist would do that? Not that he deserves to be killed but if he really did that, you can’t offend someone and surprise pikachu face when they are offended

  • Amazon Mulls $5 to $10 monthly price tag for unprofitable Alexa service, AI revamp
  • Unfortunately, I’m still getting overnight and next day delivery on a lot of stuff, so I’m not giving Prime up. I did stop watching Prime Video already, since I’m not paying yet more.

    Now I’m already way into the Apple ecosystem, so if Amazon insists that I give Apple yet more money for airpods, I’m ok with that

  • Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • Vice: bad habit, especially used as a form of escapism

    Yes I’m one of those, my vice is alcohol, pleased to meet you.

    You don’t need to be defensive about it: we all need a way to cope with life, something to let off a little steam. But it’s important to recognize it for what it is and be honest with yourself

  • Why Americans aren’t buying more EVs
  • Y’all really need to go about asking your landlord to install chargers. There are even options where it charges you for power so he’s not out the cost

    They’ll probably ignore the request, but at this point it’s progress to plant the seed, give them the idea, show them interest is building. Your future self will thank you

    The condo my ex lives in just had a board meeting about installing chargers. It seemed like a reasonable cost and they haven’t rejected it, so it’s possible

  • Why Americans aren’t buying more EVs
  • That’s what I’ve been saying for the last several years: give me a good commuter EV to replace my more commuter ICE. I still think two car households in single family homes are the ideal market, but i divorced my second car and spent a little more in the EV that can get me places. So far so good with road trips up to 3 hours, but we’ll see this summer with bigger road trips

  • Why Americans aren’t buying more EVs
  • I feel like Jeep owners will be the last to go EV: the car is so unique in appearance, customizable, and functionality. And it’s not like Jeep owners are looking for efficiency.

    Some of Cybertruck’s announced capabilities might have bit into that market, if they’re able to deliver them eventually

  • What specific variety of some fruit do you prefer? (A particular apple, a certain mango, etc.)
  • Granny Smith apples. They have intense flavor and solid crispness, unlike other variety vaguely sweet mushy apples. Most importantly, they’re still good out of season.

    Every year I go wild with variety for 1-2 month, then return to Grannies for the rest of the year

  • EVs Are Selling Well For Everyone Except Tesla
  • I plan on getting a good used EV in the next 5 years or so

    Ask again in five years. I don’t think this is very predictable because the industry is so volatile right now. Case in point, you talk about the low price for a used model 3, but two years ago they had the best resale value if any manufacturer. On a bit longer timescale, Nissan Leaf was the first affordable, practical EV but a decade later its range is unacceptable and its batteries don’t last well enough

  • Traeger Grills AA5B

    Spicing up the neighborhood

    I tried Paprika chicken! The jalapeños were the thing: I could smell them from the neighbors house!

    Huge hit, very forgiving, and fast, but more of a grill item than a smoker item. My Traeger made it easy and almost foolproof, with the wireless meat thermometer. The recipe has a huge hit with my family! Love that salsa, but if you don’t have much spice tolerance, beware.

    This was actually the first time I’ve cooked dark meat chicken with skin on since I was a kid, my teenagers’ first introduction to that, believe it or not. That’s where the recipe falls down. The cooking temperature was perfect for the meat, but there’s no way you’re getting crispy, browned skin with that.

    I did set the grill to 365° instead of 350° but that wasn’t enough to make a difference. Granted, I haven’t checked the accuracy of the temperature setting, but it cooks food in the expected time at the intended temperature, and I have confirmed the meat thermometer matches. Next time I use this, I’ll try the last 10 minutes at max temp to see if that helps

    Has anyone gotten a good crispy skin from their Traeger? What time and temp? My propane grill gets much hotter, but I really don’t want to use both for one food

    Traeger Grills AA5B

    Oink & cluck

    Finally an all around success! Helps to be a bit less ambitious and pick something that uses less time.


    Oink and cluck. I’ve done bacon wrapped stuff before but really like this prosciutto better!


    I did have to have help making the salsa, and the sweet potatoes needed a lot more time than the other veggies. I’d never had salsa like that but it was perfect to liven up plain root veggies.


    Outstanding dessert and easy to put together.

    Traeger Grills AA5B

    Fishy, fishy, cross the ocean ….

    Continuing the learning experience …..

    • on stovetop:
    • made this morning: Pineapple Gazpacho
    • sourdough loaf (did not make)

    Absolutely fan-effing-tastic

    But, things to learn…

    • I planned ahead and bought ahead! Yay!
    • recipe manager generated a shopping list. Yay!
    • great recipes, but a lot of work to bring them all together
    • but missed one bunch of cilantro
    • saved by the meat thermometer! — the import to my recipe manager somehow lost “step 3, increase temperature to 450°”

    It really pays to be flexible, and I had compromised and bought pre-made loaves of sourdough. When things were looking late, I served the gazpacho and bread as an appetizer.

    The pecan pilaf was not only outstanding, but it was not at all affected by sitting in the pot 40 minutes waiting for salmon! This is a lot of work for rice but I highly recommend!

    Salmon was really good (not dried out) especially with that avocado salsa, despite cooking over an hour (30 min at 165°, 15+ min getting up to temp, 20 or so at 450°, 5-10 min oh shit I didn’t allow notifications for the meat thermometer ). Kudos to salmon for being so forgiving!

    Traeger Grills AA5B

    Where are some great smoker recipes?

    I found a two year old thread on great smoker recipes on that other site. Where do you get yours and what is your favorite?

    Let’s add some resources to the sidebar - I’m not going to blindly add from that other site but will be happy to add anything you find useful, even if just copy-paste from there

    Traeger Grills AA5B

    Smoked Ribs take too long

    The big grill claims to fit 7 racks of ribs…. But three St Louis fills it pretty good. I may need to make the corn bread inside.

    This time I planned slightly better, thanks to a recipe app, and generated shopping lists, but …… didn’t get to the store until morning, got a late start, endured massive crowds and got a really late start

    This is not the recipe I wanted to follow but it’s the one I have time for:

    Traeger Grills AA5B

    Traeger Recipes The Best Pellet Grill Recipes - Traeger Grills

    The best pellet grill recipes for grilling and smoking turkey, chicken, steak, bacon, brisket, salmon, vegetables and everything in between. Get inspired.

    The Best Pellet Grill Recipes - Traeger Grills

    Traeger has some great recipes and videos at their website - definitely my first place to look as I learn the ropes (no, not affiliated with them, nor profit in any way. Just a fan).

    However when I tried to somehow group or save multiple recipes, I couldn’t make them convenient for a meal - lots of clicking back and forth, too much searching yet again for the same recipe

    • trying to print or share - they only send the link, which is not useful.
    • “Saving” only worked for one item
    • You couldn’t effectively create a meal plan with multiple recipes - no way to assign tasks, combine shopping lists, coordinate steos

    Anyone have tips on how to use them more effectively?

    Traeger Grills AA5B

    First smoke

    I don’t know if my neighbors ar going to love me or hate me - tiny yards all close together so they’re going to smell what’s cooking…..

    I have no idea what I’m doing but go big or go home: here’s two big ass pieces of meat (14# pork butt came apart)


    First obstacle: how do you pick up a 14# hunk of hot meat? I don’t think any of my cooking utensils can handle that. I didn’t leave room for the tray of Mac and cheese I wanted to add, plus it will eventually be cooked

    Traeger Grills AA5B

    Coming soon …..

    So, no posts, no comments, not even a description on the community. Are we doing this or what?

    Without a description, what should we even post here? Maybe something like “TRACKING INFO WAS JUST UPDATED. MY TRAEGER IS COMING SOON!!!!!”


    Hazy skies with the Sox

    A few years back at Fenway Park watching the Boston Red Sox

    I think this was the game where I was carded and didn’t have my license to prove I’m old enough to drink. Lol, found one of the guys literally half my age to buy beer for me. I guess thanks for the entertainment at stupid adherence to paperwork despite greyed haired reality staring in disbelief



    Blueberry lemon and the Dropkick Murphies

    Finally able to turn off the heat, sitting out on the deck.’c “Shipping off to Boston” with the dog, listening to the Dropkick Murphies with an adult “lemonade”. SUMMMERTIME!!!!

    Ok, not so scenic, especially since I didn’t include the dog, but let’s see you do better. Please. Let’s see beer in the Alps and places more scenic than my deck


    Unfortunate ad placement

    I don’t know if this fits the community, but the way ads placement works can lead to some unfortunate results

    Just looking for some cooking ideas, and I wish I could forget what I saw



    Where to get paint touchups?

    Yesterday at the grocery store, someone keyed my new car. It’s not like I could have done anything to annoy someone, since there wasn’t anyone parking in the next spot when I pulled in, and I was almost perfectly centered in my spot

    I just got the car in November, and it’s that really nice new navy blue. Looks fantastic. And now it’s keyed. I hope it was at least an acciden somehow, because I’ve read too many articles online about people just wanting to see the world burn

    For anyone else who had to have the paint touched up, can I take it to a normal body shop? Or does it need something special? Where would I look?


    Lens flair for the win

    Insufficient tinting, but lens flair got the image at 95%


    Seafood feast!

    I hope this is ok to post: cast iron adjacent and has not better home on Lemmy ….

    Seafood feast I made for the kids last night. That fried rice started as 2c dry rice and would have been tough to make without the space of this griddle top! Or maybe it’s just me, I can’t seem to make it without spreading out and making a mess

    It’s all an experiment

    • only the second time cooking tuna steak
    • only a few times trying to sear shrimp
    • fried rice - ok, hot sesame oil was new, gave it a nice kick without being hot

    Probably use it for a massive number of pancakes tomorrow

    So this is also a cry for help: what can I replace this with?

    • I’m getting an induction glass top, which doesn’t support griddles of any kind
    • I don’t want to go back to Teflon, that all stand-alone electric griddles seem to be
    • I don’t know how big to consider: during the week it’s just me and a skillet is sufficient, but kids do come home from college
    • I considered getting a Blackstone or similar, but the weather here is not friendly to outdoor cooking half the year

    Anyone have ideas what to look for in a stand-alone griddle that’s not Teflon, and is cast iron or cast iron adjacent?


    Dinner around the world

    Can I just say, I’m really happy how successfully my kids appreciate a huge variety of foods, and I’ll pat myself on the back for part of it.

    We had a bit of a rough start with one kid allergic to everything and the other just not eating. Now they’re teenagers and not only know how to eat healthily, but enjoy a huge variety from many cuisines (and are almost at my level for hot sauce)

    Today one kid was home and he thoroughly enjoyed:

    • breakfast: cilbir
    • lunch: pupusas with avocado mash (and when I offered my hot sauce selection, he picked ghost pepper sauce!!!!)
    • dinner: tuna steak and halloumi over salad in a sesame dressing with nori

    At my house: dinner around the world!

    Edit: or maybe I need to rephrase …. As Americans with no other cultural heritage and whose families eat “American” food, my kid in one day had food inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, Central American, and Asian. Polished his plate and asked for more!


    [QUESTION] What to look for in an Olive Oil?

    I use extra virgin olive oil for some cooking - where taste matters, but never knew what to look for.

    Several years back, we did a taste test of brands and styles found in my grocery, and settled on one that was good, but they no longer stock it. Now I need to look for a new one but still have no idea what to look for, so what do you look for?

    I used “Philipo Berio” brand robusto. I don’t know if that’s considered good but it tastes good to me and has a reasonable price. My grocery still carries the brand but not robusto and the other styles don’t have as much flavor.

    Apparently robusto is not a thing, since no other brand uses that nomenclature, so what can I look for to find one with a strong flavor? How can I find a “good” brand without spending a lot? Is there a price sweet spot, like with wine?


    [discussion] …. But can you walk the walk

    I can talk the talk, but this is really going to test that ……

    I live in a fairly walkable town outside one of the most walking and transit oriented cities in the US. I’ve always been a transit and walkable communities advocate.

    My town is centered on a train station/bus/taxi/scooter/bicycle hub and we have a traditional walkable “Main Street” with shops and restaurants that we pedestrianize for the summer. We have a new rail trail that will eventually connect to a statewide network, a riverwalk and even kayak rentals in the middle of downtown

    Higher density housing is centered on the downtown, dominated by 4-6 story apartment/condos, including residential over commercial. Works great. Surrounding that is a belt of 2-3 story multifamily houses, townhouses, and small apartments. I’m the first street zoned for single family, but I can still walk to the town center, and take the train into the nearby major city.

    I even spoke up in favor of new statewide zoning, requiring “as of right” zoning for large apartment buildings near transit …… maybe you see where this is going …..

    When I was out walking my dog this morning, I saw construction …. apparently there are a couple huge 6 story apartment buildings going in just a couple blocks away. It all seemed like a great idea until it was my neighborhood. It was a great idea when things were grouped by size. But now it’s a behemoth towering over three deckers and the like, and even looming near single family housing.

    I’ve “talked the talk” but really don’t know if I can “walk the walk”. This really seems excessive for the neighborhood.

    What do you think? Could you still support higher density housing when it means something twice the height going into your neighborhood, hundreds of tenants where now it’s 3-10 per building? What would you do when you get what you were asking for but it’s in your neighborhood and way out of scale?

    iPhone AA5B

    Is it worthwhile capturing personal photos as spatial?

    I currently have no use for spatial photos, can’t justify the price of the Vision Pro headset, and really don’t have a reason to have strong motivation.

    Looking back at old family photos, I see sepia from my parents, faded from when I was a kid, and low rez/faded even from when my kids were little, looking across that timeline, the march of technology is clear. Older photos are noticeably older (even when not printed).

    However I have a phone that can take spatial pictures and has extra storage, and I just had to raise my iCloud storage. Assuming spatial photos and videos becomes commonplace, it will be another noticeable jump in photo technology. Reviewers of the Vision Pro rave about them

    Do you think

    • spatial photos will become common/normal, or are just a fad like 3D tv?
    • is there a standard format or is it Apple specific?
    • it’s worth getting a jump on the technology for personal photos, even without a use yet? Presumably I will have a use at such time as I look back on personal photos

    How to get “green bubbles” texting to an iPhone user?

    After all this online drama over something as silly as green bubbles, I just discovered their power. I had a brief power outage and apparently my cell provider had degraded service, so I had no data and text messages didn’t go through. Then I tried a green bubble conversation and it worked.

    SMS worked, when data and iMessage did not. So how can I do that on purpose? I don’t know if this is a normal occurrence but the next time I have degraded service with no data, does anyone know if there is a way to SMS to fellow iPhone users?


    Is it normal for right pillar camera to warn about obstruction at night?

    So I’m enjoying exploring my new Model Y!!!

    However I noticed that driving at night on dark country roads, I invariably see a warning that my right pillar camera may be obstructed. This doesn’t happen in daytime, and granted the right pillar may not be able to see much in the dark. However I don’t see any obstructions and cleaning it doesn’t make a difference.

    So is this normal or a problem I need to have Tesla look at?