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My latest grow, one month in

I started these from seed indoors one month ago as of today. The strain is Bye-ya x Cake Fighter, a freebie from Great Lakes Genetics gifted to me by my neighbor. I popped 6 of those and 6 rando bag seeds, ended up with 5 of these and 2 of the randos.

Moved them into the greenhouse last weekend and they are as happy as can be ❤️

Not pictured are the other Bye-ya x Cake Fighter seedling and the randos, I'm keeping 1 rando in the tent to play with mainlining, the other 2 are in the greenhouse with the others. In the end I plan to have only 2 girls in the greenhouse, any remaining females are going to fend for it al fresco for the entire growing season 🤞


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  • Very nice! Always cool to see another soil guy, let alone another greenhouse guy! Super excited to see where these go, please keep us updated

    • Thanks! This is my 4th grow, I've always used soil but this is the first time I'm using live compost instead of liquid nutes.

      • Awesome! I use live composts exclusively, even when I grow indoors. That definitely has downsides, so I'm glad to be in the greenhouse 😂 the weed I used to grow with liquid salt nutes was literally garbage compared to what I grow now in living soil, plus it's super low maintenance.

        Are you making your own compost?

        • Yep, it’s my own compost loaded with veggie scraps plus male plants and root balls from previous grows. I also may or may not pee in it now and then 🤫

          I’m still using liquid nutes on my indoor grow, don’t want all those crawly bois in my bedroom haha

        • Hijacking the conversation as a newbie: What exactly is live compost (as opposed to just compost)? Perhaps I don't know what search terms to use, because I didn't find anything myself. Can you point me to any learning resources? Thank you!

          • A;ways happy to help the new generation of weed farmers see the light of living soil 😂

            When we talk about living compost, we mean biologically active compost. It's got microorganisms in there that help the plants use nutrients and stave off disease. Search terms probably will include things like "organic living soil" or "no-till gardening". Here is a good 1000 foot view. I also listen to a podcast called Shaping Fire that focuses on organic and regenerative techniques and how they relate to growing some bomb ass weed. My own greenhouse really leans heavily on techniques I learned from Shaping Fire, especially the Compost Super Show episode.

            I try not to proselytize; some guys aren't going to grow organic and I respect that. But if you're already interested, I will say that it produces superior weed with less effort than the guys that grow with nutrient salts.