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My latest grow, one month in

I started these from seed indoors one month ago as of today. The strain is Bye-ya x Cake Fighter, a freebie from Great Lakes Genetics gifted to me by my neighbor. I popped 6 of those and 6 rando bag seeds, ended up with 5 of these and 2 of the randos.

Moved them into the greenhouse last weekend and they are as happy as can be ❤️

Not pictured are the other Bye-ya x Cake Fighter seedling and the randos, I'm keeping 1 rando in the tent to play with mainlining, the other 2 are in the greenhouse with the others. In the end I plan to have only 2 girls in the greenhouse, any remaining females are going to fend for it al fresco for the entire growing season 🤞

  • Very nice! Always cool to see another soil guy, let alone another greenhouse guy! Super excited to see where these go, please keep us updated

    • Thanks! This is my 4th grow, I've always used soil but this is the first time I'm using live compost instead of liquid nutes.

      • Awesome! I use live composts exclusively, even when I grow indoors. That definitely has downsides, so I'm glad to be in the greenhouse 😂 the weed I used to grow with liquid salt nutes was literally garbage compared to what I grow now in living soil, plus it's super low maintenance.

        Are you making your own compost?