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Organic weed farmer and sci-fi enthusiast.

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Anybody else grow outside here?
  • I cut them after reading your comment, they'll still be monsters but they were pretty scraggly from revegging lol

  • A hit like Coca-Cola: The cannabis industry generates $40 billion
  • It's definitely easier for me to talk because it's legal here, I feel bad for y'all where it's not.

  • A hit like Coca-Cola: The cannabis industry generates $40 billion
  • Commodification ruined cannabis. Fuck big money, grow weed in your back yard and share with your dawgs.

  • I just switched to Pop OS, any tips on what I should do next?
  • Always has been πŸ™β€β™‚οΈπŸ”«πŸŒŽ

  • Humane is said to be seeking a $1 billion buyout after only 10,000 orders of its terrible AI Pin
  • If you even made one dollar off your own music, that's fuckin cool. You earned that beer!

    What's your band called?

  • Three of my best colas from the Durban Poison.
  • Interested in the canna brush, I've never heard of that but it sounds easy and less likely to beat up your nuggz than my bowl trimmer?

  • Microsoft has blocked the bypass that allowed you to create a local account during Windows 11 setup by typing in a blocked email address
  • If Ubuntu works for you then by all means use it, but if you're a computer guy already installing Arch the long way isn't that hard and they even have an install script now.

  • Happy Pride
  • I choose to believe that the dad is smoking a phat blunt

  • NSFW
    [OC] (x4) One of my best Buds , Hyperion F1 RoyalQueenSeeds
  • Breathtaking. How's it smell?

  • Gerald Foos
  • Is this the guy that invented Foosball

  • What's one word that could describe your life right now?
  • Good!

    Which is nice because for the last like probably 12 years I would have said "trash" so that's progress.

  • Synapse, backed by a16z, has collapsed, and 10 million consumers could be hurt
  • In your opinion, what makes a VC effective or not ?

  • trimming my unkempt bush, before...
  • Looks great! That light is adorable lmfao how many watts is it?

  • Finally starting to reveg
  • Thanks man!

    That makes two of us lmfao I'm already planning a bigger one

  • Finally starting to reveg
  • That's amazing lmfao I'm honored

  • Finally starting to reveg
  • Yeah I really need to get a fan or something in there. The top breathes pretty well but there's not a lot of understory action.

  • Finally starting to reveg

    I'm going to chop off about two feet from each of them, even out the canopy a little bit, and then brace for the stretch at the end of June. Also my cover crop looks awesome, it gives the whole greenhouse a real Secret Garden vibe. I pulled a lawn chair in here, it's my new favorite smoke spot.

    piracy Bizzle

    Where can I watch the Indy 500

    I'm in Avon so it's blacked out please help πŸ™


    Outdoor plants are no joke

    Someone was asking me about pests. These have spider mites, they're not super bad but I'm going to spray neem oil anyway. It's not ideal but my ecosystem doesn't have any spider mites predators right now so it's really my only current solution. I'm not interested in non-native predators but if anyone has a line on some Illinois native predatory insects holler at me.

    You can also see how well established my cover crop is! I'm a big fan of cover cropping. Monoculture is literally poison to the Earth, so obviously Bizzle don't play that shit.

    Anyway the big one in the middle is up to my nose πŸ˜‚ and they're fully flowering which sucks but I'm learning for next year. Nothing I ever do is a failure, it's just some shit I did.


    I got a boat

    I'm naming it Smoke on the Water because obviously I am, but I don't want to smash a champagne bottle because I don't drink. What's something pot related I can do instead?


    What's your go-to munchies snacks?

    We have been eating a lot of ice cream lately when we get our bake on, but that is not ideal. Bonus points for healthy snacks.


    I love weed farming

    My plants are a little leggy still but the days are getting longer so they'll reveg soon. I still haven't planted my produce crops lmfao my wife is starting to complain about my priorities.


    It's 4/20, the best day of the year

    What're y'all doing today? Personally I'm getting married so that'll be fun. I'm gonna be high on edibles for it lmfao


    I put my plants out probably a week too early and they stretched

    I think they'll be ok, they had thrown a few pistils but I don't see them now. But I was already worried about height and now I especially am.


    Put my plants in the ground

    Hopefully they live! This is 5 Black Widows. I don't know how it'll grow outside here but we'll find out soon enough.

    The bed is approximately 8x8. I amended it heavily with compost and used coffee grounds. Someday soon, my cover crop will grow up out of the straw and then it'll be really pretty.

    The greenhouse is an 8x10 model. It locks, but in reality anybody that wants to get in there probably will. I made some modifications to account for air flow, it gets hot as fuck here in August.

    I still have to irrigate. Right now I'm watering with the hose and that sucks, outside cannabis is a thirsty bitch. I have my blumats still but I'm planning on running a drip system like I am for my vegetables.

    At any rate, I think October is going to be a good month for me!


    I sprouted these seeds and the cotelydons fell off

    I think I'm done with ILGM. Fortunately I have 5 plants already growing to throw outside in a couple weeks, but next time I'm going with a different breeder. Anybody else grow outside? Who's your preferred breeder?


    I Love Smoking Joints


    Homebrew guys make labels for their beers, so I did for my weed.

    Yes, I do have a second pair of sunglasses on my collar. Don't @ me.


    🌲 Trees Weekly Sesh - January 28th 🌲

    Sup heads,

    As the January winds carry us through another week, let's keep the conversations rolling in our verdant community. Here's what's sprouting up:

    1. 🌿 Smoke Spot Showcase: Where's Your Go-To Sesh Spot? Share the magic of your favorite smoke spot! Whether it's a hidden nature nook or a cozy indoor corner, let's explore the diverse locations where our community enjoys their green moments.

    2. πŸš€ Elevated Exploration: New Cannabis Products to Try 🌌 Have you discovered any exciting new cannabis products lately? From innovative strains to unique accessories, share your finds and let's embark on a journey of exploration together.

    3. 🌬️ Mindful Cannabis Consumption: Tips for Moderation Let's discuss mindful cannabis consumption. Share your tips for moderation, whether it's finding the right balance or incorporating cannabis into a wellness routine. What practices help you use cannabis responsibly?

    4. 🎢 Green Grooves: Your Ultimate Cannabis Playlist 🎡 Music and cannabis often go hand in hand. What songs or albums are on your ultimate cannabis playlist? Let's compile a community-driven soundtrack for our green moments.

    5. 🌱 Grower's Diaries: Weekly Garden Updates 🌳 For our dedicated growers, provide updates on your cannabis gardens! Share your triumphs, challenges, and tips as we cultivate our green spaces together.

    Keep the discussions positive and the vibe welcoming. Our community flourishes with the shared experiences and diverse perspectives of each member. Join the conversation below, and let's make this week a lush and vibrant one! πŸŒΏπŸ’š


    🌿 Trees Weekly Canopy Chat - January 21st 🌿

    Greetings Forest Folks!

    As the buds bloom into another week, let's cultivate some positive vibes in our cannabis haven. Here's what's growing in our community canopy:

    **1. Cannabis and Creativity: Showcase Your Art! 🎨 Calling all artists and creators! Share your cannabis-inspired artwork, whether it's paintings, poetry, or any other form of expression. Let's celebrate the intersection of cannabis and creativity in our community.

    **2. Strain Spotlight: Your Current Top Pick? 🌟 What strain is currently stealing the spotlight in your stash? Share your top pick and let's discuss the unique characteristics and effects that make it a standout choice.

    **3. Indoor Gardening Tips: Thriving Houseplants and Cannabis 🌱 For our green thumbs, let's talk about indoor gardening tips that benefit both your houseplants and cannabis. Share your tricks for maintaining a lush, green indoor space.

    **4. High Adventure Chronicles: Your Best Cannabis-Fueled Adventures πŸŒ„ Share your most memorable cannabis-fueled adventures! Whether it's a nature hike, a road trip, or a chill night with friends, let's swap stories and relive the highs of our favorite escapades.

    **5. Cannabis Book Club: Current Reads and Recommendations πŸ“š What cannabis-related books are you currently reading, or which ones do you recommend? Let's create a virtual book club to explore literature that enhances our understanding and appreciation of the plant.

    Remember to keep the vibe chill and the discussions respectful. Our canopy is diverse, and everyone's perspective adds to the richness of our community. Share your thoughts below, and let's continue to nurture our forest together! πŸŒ²πŸ’¨


    🌲 Trees Weekly Sesh - January 14th 🌲

    Hey Forest Friends!

    Let's keep the embers burning bright as we delve into another week of 2024. Here's what's sparking up in our arboreal haven:

    1. 🌿 Strain Exploration: Share Your Recent Finds! Have you stumbled upon a hidden gem lately? Whether it's a local strain or a rare find, let's swap recommendations and broaden our collective cannabis palate.

    2. 🌬️ Winter Wellness: Cannabis and Self-Care ❄️ How does cannabis play a role in your winter self-care routine? Whether it's helping with seasonal blues or enhancing relaxation by the fireplace, share your tips and experiences for a cozy winter sesh.

    3. πŸš€ Elevated Hobbies: What Are You Exploring in 2024? Beyond the buds, what hobbies or activities are you diving into this year? Whether it's art, music, or any other passion, let's explore the diverse interests that complement our cannabis experiences.

    4. 🍁 DIY Daze: Homemade Edibles and Infusions Calling all kitchen wizards! Share your favorite DIY cannabis recipes or ask for tips on creating your own edibles. Let's exchange culinary wisdom and elevate our edibles game.

    5. πŸŽ‰ Celebration Time: Memorable Milestones in Your Cannabis Journey From first-time highs to significant discoveries, let's celebrate the milestones in our individual cannabis journeys. What moments stand out as particularly memorable for you?

    As always, keep the vibes positive and the discussions friendly. Our forest thrives on the shared experiences and diverse perspectives of our community. Light up the conversation below, and let's make this week a green and vibrant one! πŸŒ²πŸ’š


    🌿 Trees Community Weekly Sesh - January 7th 🌿

    Hello Treefolk!

    As we embark on the first week of 2024, let's keep the good vibes flowing. Here's what's burning in our forest this week:

    **1. 2024 Green Resolutions: Share Yours! What are your cannabis-related goals for the new year? Whether it's exploring new strains, diving into DIY edibles, or honing your joint-rolling skills, let's inspire each other with our 2024 green resolutions.

    **2. Strain Swap: Discover Something New! 🌈 Got a favorite strain that everyone should try? Recommend it and let's turn this thread into a virtual strain swap. Share the love, share the strains!

    **3. High Thoughts: Start the Year with Your Deepest Musings πŸ€” What profound or amusing thoughts have crossed your mind during a session lately? Share your highdeas and let's see where our collective consciousness takes us.

    **4. Smoke Spot Showoff: Winter Edition ❄️ Brave the cold or cozy up indoors – let's see your winter smoke spots! Whether it's a snowy mountain peak or a snug blanket fort, share the vibes of your winter sesh.

    **5. Cannabis Culture Corner: Favorite 2023 Cannabis Trends πŸš€ Reflect on the past year in cannabis culture. What trends stood out to you? From new consumption methods to evolving attitudes, let's discuss the shifts that defined 2023.

    Remember to keep the atmosphere chill and the discussions respectful. Here's to a year of green adventures and shared experiences! Spark up the conversation below, Treefolk! πŸŒ³πŸ’¨


    🌲 Trees Community Weekly Buzz - December 31st 🌲

    Sup, heads.

    As we bid farewell to 2023, let's roll into the final week of the year with good vibes and shared tokes. Here's what's happening in our arboreal sanctuary:

    1. πŸŽ† New Year, New Strains: Recommendations Wanted! Share your go-to strains for ringing in the New Year. From uplifting sativas to calming indicas, let's compile a list of the best strains to start 2024 on a high note.

    2. 🌲 Smoke Spots Show and Tell! Whether it's a secret forest hideaway or the coziness of your own backyard, show off your favorite smoke spots. Let's create a visual journey of the diverse and beautiful places our community enjoys.

    3. 🍍 Pineapple Express Challenge: A Tribute to 2023's Favorites Take on the Pineapple Express Challenge! Consume your favorite strain or product of 2023 and share your experiences. What made it a standout for you this year?

    4. 🌬️ The Great 2023 Session Recap Reflect on your favorite smoking sessions of the year. Was it a spontaneous adventure or a planned gathering? Let's share stories, laughs, and maybe a few lessons learned.

    5. 🌈 Spark Up Resolutions: Cannabis Goals for 2024 What are your cannabis-related resolutions for the upcoming year? Whether it's trying new strains, perfecting your rolling skills, or exploring cannabis culture, let's set our intentions for a green 2024.

    Remember to keep the vibes positive and the discussions friendly. As we roll into the new year, let's celebrate the camaraderie that makes our community special. Wishing you all a joyful and uplifting New Year's week! πŸŽ‰πŸŒΏ

    Light it up and share your thoughts below! πŸŒ²πŸ’¨


    Chopping on Thursday

    I installed some blumats last week, that's what the black tubing is for. I'm pretty excited to run them for a whole cycle. Those things are heckin' miraculous, tell ya what. I wish I would have started using them sooner.