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I wanna try out vtubing

Not sure if this is the right place, I didn't see a 7CupsOfTea on lemmy. If this is out of scope, let me know and i'll move/delete it.

For a while i've been doing game development and I have been thinking to both better develop my skillsets and engage with the community, streaming my development on YouTube or Twitch. The problem is, I am not really photogenic (i'm out of shape and working on it) and I don't think people would be interested following just another development streamer.

Also, I want a female avatar, which makes little sense as someone who identifies as a man (bi at that), which has me really self-conscious and worrying i'll be accused of sexism or egg. I've seen males using female models and don't care anyways. I'd also have to pay for a model or make one in VRoid, and i'm all so green to it. Not that I don't mind!

So, I dunno. I wish there were some tips for this to help me figure out if this is worth doing.