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attacking kamarule
  • The current far-right boogeyman.

    They use it to claim people that are not white, cishet, able-bodied, male, etc. are hired for their "diversity quota", not their skills, while also appearing as reasonable to moderates. In my country (Hungary), similar backlashes were used to get minorities fired or not hired for some single minor mistake, and then hire a way worse non-minority. I was the victim of such thing, they asked my brother if I have "random violent meltdowns that end with destroyed equipment and bit co-workers", when my brother said no, they decided to make me write on a table (which I suck at), where I was "too slow", so they hired some more neurotypical guy, who had like almost zero programming knowledge, while I was described as "already having junior-level knowledge from open source projects".

  • attacking kamarule
  • I think they will just call her "the DEI candidate", which is a few layers isolated from the actual N-word, so they can have some plausible deniability for the moderates, while also signaling to the radicals.

  • CrowdStrike broke Debian and Rocky Linux months ago, but no one noticed
  • Microsoft already has a very bad reputation, so they will be blamed for every issue on their OS.

    Vista suffered from bad 3rd party drivers, then people proceeded to just dunk on M$ due to their already bad name. Despite Edge is nowadays just a different flavor of Chromium, people are still making "haha IE slow" memes, even those that still claim Google being the "savior of the internet".

  • 2meirl4meirl

    Designated parking
  • Once I made a joke about BMW drivers not using turn signals on Facebook, and then a female BMW driver angrily told me if it weren't for pedestrians and cyclists, cars wouldn't need turn signals. Then the car drivers also started to body her.

  • Rule elitism


    Estrogen level rule

    Is this a transfem reference?

    VTubers ZILtoid1991

    Average VTuber video essay be like:



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    > Dreams Rule

    DIY ZILtoid1991

    Looking for a way to mod my MIDI keyboard to have a Jankó-keyboard

    I have a Nektar keyboard I've repaired for the most part, but the previous owner's bad gluing of the keyboard mechanism wasn't very good.

    Since I'm not very good with normal musical keyboards, I was thinking about modifying its keybed into a Jankó keyboard.


    Hírünk a nagyvilágban: a franciák örülnek, hogy nem fogják kizsigerelni a művészetet mint nálunk Trepidation Grows in France’s Hallowed Arts & Culture Sector Over Potential Far-Right Election Win

    Trepidation Grows in France’s Hallowed Cultural & Arts Sectors Over Potential Far-Right Election Win

    Trepidation Grows in France’s Hallowed Arts & Culture Sector Over Potential Far-Right Election Win

    Nagyon sok fiatal művészt ismertem személyesen 2010 első felében, sokaknak fel kellet hagyniuk vele (sokszor külföldi munka miatt), mert a nagy patrióta költekezés és az állami támogatások elmaradtak. Mindez olyan szinten, hogy pl. az általam is ismert magyar hangszeripart is megtizedelte, egyesek még azután is vérfideszesek maradtak, hogy ma már a kevés megmaradt zenész nyugati gyártmányú felszereléseit javítják, mert nem szeretik a "woke filmeket".


    Wasmtime-D: D language API for wasmtime GitHub - ZILtoid1991/wasmtime-d: D language bindings for wasmtime

    D language bindings for wasmtime. Contribute to ZILtoid1991/wasmtime-d development by creating an account on GitHub.

    GitHub - ZILtoid1991/wasmtime-d: D language bindings for wasmtime


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    Metal elitism rule




    Video essays by VTubers be like:


    Video essays made by VTubers be like:


    Video essays by VTubers be like (rule)


    They go rule


    Ruleout - Rule Vegas


    Name this band and their style rule


    Looking for a free pitch shifter plugin with low latency

    I'm getting back into playing guitar, but I want to skip on constantly changing tunings and strings for them, also I would like some octaver effect or something like that.


    Rule people


    Western rule vs. Japanese rule