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Taylor Swift or highschool crush?
  • I choose MacKenzie Scott

  • OpenJKDF2 - Review (Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II)

    The music from the bar is playing in your head now.

    Connect A Song Dr. Wesker

    City and Colour - Forgive Me


    Taylor Swift or highschool crush?
  • I think my HS crush might be dead of an OD, so I guess the choice is pretty simple.

  • I wanna have a fairy wedding with my bff
  • Find flaws or do whatever the internet does.

    The internet is dumb. If you both want a fairy wedding have a fairy wedding. Have fun, be good to each other. Best wishes.

  • How can I quickly "unclog" firefox when it runs out of memory (with 1000/2000 tabs)
  • 20k tabs means there are other problems that need to be addressed

  • Let's Try BSD, Part 1 of 7: Introduction (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD)
  • I have bookmarked this for later. I really want to try BSD, I just have to decide what computer I'm gonna install it on.

  • ​​​​​
  • It's like 3D! If you showed this in a theater in the 60s, people would faint and call the National Guard. But maybe not in that order.

  • How does it feel being into a loving relationship with someone?
  • You need a huge attitude adjustment, bud.

  • Northeast Massachusetts
  • If red touches yellow, for he's a jolly good fellow.

  • Shadow Warrior (Raze Port + Upscale Pack)

    Everything about me is-a hard.

    Heretic - Fully Remastered [Fan made]
  • It's certainly impressive, but I feel like the liberties taken with some of the modern polish don't do it for me. It looks like a shiny plastic toy.

    I'm a fan of using Doomsday with sane settings and HD textures, but keeping the original sprites. You can dial things in to look pretty, but still feel true to the original art style and mood.

  • Many such cases
  • This clip lives in my head rent free.

  • SNL - Oops! I Crapped My Pants (1998)
  • Oh my god, I forgot about this one. So good!

  • tiled-wallpaper-archive
  • Do you mind if I add them under a subdir, using the name in the copyright header?

  • Connect A Song Dr. Wesker

    Eve 6 - Inside Out

    Tender. He wants to put his tender heart in a blender.

    Are GTK Themes dying?
  • I see the value in your opinion. I agree to an extent, because I'm a fan of reliable best practices and strict-ish design philosophies. However, there's no way I could give up all the wonderful flavors of things, such as WMs.

  • Is there a Linkedin equivalent that is federated?
  • Why stop there? Tattoo it on your forehead.

  • Is there a Linkedin equivalent that is federated?
  • I think sane people likely only use LinkedIn as a pseudo-resume, and for the job search feature.

    For better or worse, I'd say 95% of the application forms in my industry ask if you have a profile. And the job search feature is amazing for quickly perusing reqs you might be interested in and compiling application data, to try to give yourself an edge.

    The "social" (used very loosely) portion I have no personal interest in, and find it to be populated mostly by grindpilled narcissists.

  • Is there a Linkedin equivalent that is federated?
  • What are you using instead?

  • Are GTK Themes dying?
  • I find the whole idea of "unthemeable" apps annoying. One big motivating factor of using Linux for me is the ability to create a custom and cohesive aesthetic. I actually actively avoid apps that take it upon themselves to override and create their own (often ugly) decorations, menus, popups, etc. They're almost never flattering, and they typically stand out like a sore thumb in my workflow.

  • Connect A Song Dr. Wesker

    Finger Eleven - Above


    This whole album is hot, FYI. Recommended front to back listen.

    Connect A Song Dr. Wesker

    Ludacris - Go 2 Sleep

    Sleep. In the song Ludacris encourages your mother to get some rest.

    Connect A Song Dr. Wesker

    Bananarama - Cruel Summer


    Connect A Song Dr. Wesker

    Gravity Kills - Down


    Gravity Kills is amazing, super underrated, and largely forgotten. I highly recommend giving them a further listen.

    Here's an excellent remix of this song, by none other than Lords of Acid:

    The Kids in the Hall Dr. Wesker

    My hands!


    It's June

    Funhole Dr. Wesker


    Welcome to r/Frijole!

    Thank you for refrying content.