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SHOCK: New Polls Show Hillary Clinton And Kamala Harris Beating Trump
  • “We polled 100 random people in LA, and 98 of them said they prefer Kamala and Hillary over Trump!”

    Kamala Harris will naver have the backing and Clinton is too steeped in conteoversy at this point. Don’t rock the boat.

  • Ex-ICE Official Says If Trump Wins, US 'Ain't Seen Sh*t Yet' When It Comes to Deportations
  • I think the main issue is the total number, even though more are being deported it is not keeping up with illegal crossings which have increased dramatically. I think the only real way to fix it is force cities that arrest illegal migrants to hand them over to ICE and expedite deportations.

  • Ex-ICE Official Says If Trump Wins, US 'Ain't Seen Sh*t Yet' When It Comes to Deportations
    1. The definition of deportation changed under Obama, making him have 2.5 million in his 8 years compared to Bush’s 2 million, under the old definition it would be a lot lower.

    2. Trump deported 1.8 million people total, Biden deported 2million. However, 2.3 million people were released into the country after being taken into custody, while less than 300k were under Trump.

    3. Biden’s administration has seen double the border hoppers as Trump’s administration did. Despite this he let Trump era border policies expire, making it harder to deport people. He also placed a hold on ICE arrests, deportations, and raids.

  • What would you do?
  • Be me, Spec Ops

    Stuck in Libya, can’t get past gov checkpoins without firefights.

    Finally make it through and can continue my mission.

    There’s an American already here, holding a surfboard.


  • College Problems - Need Help

    My college professor told us on the first day of class that attendance was optional. The class is very simple so I decided no not attend the second day, at which they announced the class actually was attendance mandatory. I did not know this until over a month into missing classes. Now, the class ended early, and having a higher attendance score would push me from a B to an A. The professor refused to change the grade, should I escalate into a formal appeal or is there another process I should try first.


    Jerboa not showing subscribed only or All, only local

    Title says it all, Jerboa is only showing Local, not Subscribed or All