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Gov. Kristi Noem says Trump should pick a woman VP to show that he supports women’s health
  • You are correct that Kamala wasn't purely chosen because she's a woman - she was chosen as a concession to Hillary as she's her protégé.

    Harris's checkered past as a prosecutor and lack of communication skills make her an exceptionally poor choice for the executive.

  • Kanye West 'trapped ex-employee in room then performed sex act under covers'
  • Nah, that's rape. It may not involve physical contact, but you're forcing someone to participate in a sex act against their will. This is the same shit as Weinstein forcing people to observe him masturbating.

  • A real nut case: Cold Stone Creamery faces suit over lack of real pistachios in pistachio ice cream
  • If you want to advertise your "Pistachio flavored confectionery" you can put whatever you want in it - if you're calling it "Pistachio Ice Cream" I expect actual pistachios to be contributing mainly to the flavoring. I'm honestly sad we allow "X flavored" instead of forcing these shit-heels to explicitly call it out like "Artificially X flavored" but it'll take a lot of consumer advocacy to get us back into the realm of sanity.

  • France's Macron dissolves parliament, calls new elections
  • Most parliamentary systems also allow snap elections - there is usually a maximum length allowed before the next election but the PM can always call one earlier.

    This has happened pretty frequently up here in Canada and Trudeau will time elections after good news if the LPC polling particularly strongly.

    I think this is an overall good thing, it means that as long as a party is delivering success about once every four years it can remain in power - while allowing it to do the unpopular but necessary things in the interim. A hated party can't survive in power, but a party that invests in the long term can thrive... it does have a dark side though. The party in power may engage in frivolous bullshit before the election (like unproductive handouts) to try and sway public opinion. It's up to the public to see through short term bullshit and judge a party more long-term.

  • Right-wing political split not welcomed by B.C. business leaders
  • The NDP has been pretty fucking awesome for business so far - I hate articles that try and paint all business leaders as conservative aligned. Not everyone is at the fucking Chip Wilson level of asshattery.

  • Fabricated Conversations

    Just a sanity check here but... yall ever been mid conversation with someone and confused that they've forgotten a thing you talked about... until you realize that previous conversation took place entirely in your head?