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The NYTimes is once again trashing the most promising mobility innovation of the 21st century
  • This isn't particularly plausible. Searching for news about it, I see stories about a collapsing bike lane and a story about an ebike operator being killed by a truck (this woman was Brazilian but the accident happened in Ireland). Nothing about an ebike killing someone else.

    They don't really go that fast. Anyone can be knocked over and killed by basically any vehicle (including a regular bike) if you land incorrectly, but ebikes are about as dangerous as regular bikes to pedestrians.

  • More important than voting
  • Man, most of the potheads I know would laugh at that amount of weed in only a month

    OK, first of all, 2500 bucks is 8-12 ounces of top shelf around here. Mids is gonna be half that, so 2500 bucks is near the upper limit of plausibility for how much a person can smoke in a month, even by your own far-fetched numbers. That's a pound and a half of mids.

    Secondly, MOST of the potheads you know smoke that much? No they don't.

    Man nobody here cares if you smoke sufficient amounts of weed. It doesn't make you cooler. You don't have to make shit up.

  • This is a theory house only!!!
  • Public shaming is effective

    This isn't public shaming. The original creator didn't make this version of the comic and has no responsibility for it.

    Had you ever heard of stonetoss before people started posting his shit to "publicly shame" it? Well, neither had thousands of chuds who probably read it every day now.

  • Fred Mobster
  • Jesus. And chapter 11 protection means they erase debts, so this shit is free money but cheddar biscuits are sacrificed forever on this blood altar. I just want to talk to them.

  • This is a theory house only!!!
  • I recognize the art style and so I know that this is a bigot's comic, originally. I humbly request that you don't elevate this bigot's comics. Even if you're changing the words, it still puts him in front of more people.

  • I'm with McCoy here
  • I think I've explained this too many times to do it again, but: teleportation doesn't have to be "destroy and reconstitute" any more than going through a door necessitates killing you and reconstituting you on the other side of the door. The key is establishing continuity of your mind across the intervening space, which is mostly an engineering problem.

  • when google bought datasets from reddit
  • Sorry, I didn't know we might be hurting the LLM's feelings.

    Seriously, why be an apologist for the software? There's no effective difference between blaming the technology and blaming the companies who are using it uncritically. I could just as easily be an apologist for the company: not their fault they're using software they were told would produce accurate information out of nonsense on the Internet.

    Neither the tech nor the corps deploying it are blameless here. I'm well aware than an algorithm only does exactly what it's told to do, but the people who made it are also lying to us about it.

  • He is actually the GOAT
  • It's funny but I don't think I ever saw any memes making fun of him per se, just using his appearance to sell whatever the meme was saying. Even before we collectively found out who he actually was. It's like people just read him as a good fella.

  • It looks a lot like VMware just lost a 24,000-VM customer • The Register
  • Similar to docker, but the technical differences matter a lot. VMs have a lot of capabilities containers don't have, while missing some of the value on being lightweight.

    However, a more direct (if longer) answer would be: all cloud providers ultimately offer you VMs. You can run docker on those VMs, but you have to start with a VM. Selfhosted stuff (my homelab, for example) will also generally end up as a mix of VMs and docker containers. So no matter what project you're working on at scale, you've probably got some VMs around.

    Whether you then use containers inside them is a more nuanced and subtle question.

  • A very confusing graph posted by the GovBC account
  • Lol this is hilariously bad though, I can't even figure out what the pie areas represent. Like, 2017 is about 55-60% of the pie. What fact in that set of data represents about 55-60% of something? It's like they just dragged the pie slices around until they liked how it looked. You can't even make graphing software give you that output.

  • What do you with physical light switches connected to automations?

    I'm setting up with HA and zigbee smart bulbs. I've got a few automations already set up, such as turning on a bunch of lights in the morning and turning most of them off again at night.

    All these lights still have physical switches. I don't want to take those switches out for lots of reasons, and putting smart switches there seems like overkill when the bulbs are already smart. What are people doing with their physical light switches to ensure that they don't get flipped?

    Ideas I've had:

    • some kind of physical plastic covering that fits snugly around it. I'd probably do this if I had a 3d printer, but I don't. Maybe someone sells a thing like this? More just a reminder not to touch them.
    • Carefully paint the switches a different color (perhaps the HA color scheme?). Again, basically just a reminder. This especially makes sense with a few multi-switch plates where some of the connected lights are automated and some are intentionally left manual.
    • Entirely replace the plate with a smart switch? Besides incurring a nontrivial cost and being a bunch of work to install, this won't even help me with the aforementioned multiswitch plates. I don't want all my lights automated.

    Other ideas?

    Connect A Song xantoxis
    Far Away - Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack

    This song plays in RDR (the first one) when you enter the nation of Mexico.

    Connect A Song xantoxis
    The Doors - Break on Through to the Other Side

    Seems self-explanatory

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