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ELI5: What is RISC-V?
  • So the main part of a computer that controls everything has a specific set of things it can do. Imagine that each of these things can be triggered by a button on a control panel.

    Every company making this part of the computer has their own set of things and layout for the buttons to trigger them and you have to pay them money to learn what the things are and how to press the buttons.

    RISC-V offers a set of things and a button layout that the community can freely see and use.

    In this example a computer program is just the list of instructions saying which buttons to press in what order.

  • ‘I’m voting in the UK general election after decades abroad’ - BBC News
  • My wife has lived in the UK for 20 years on an EU passport, she was 12 when she moved here, she is directly impacted by general elections as are all of us who live in the UK. This is the first year she can vote in one of these elections because we finally scrapped the money together to apply for her citizenship.

    How does someone who has not lived in the country for 50 years have more of a say than the people living here. It doesn't make sense.

  • The serial killer who bought you on the dark web took one look at you and asked for a refund

    Instant coffee is grand
  • Instant isn't as terrible as a lot of people make out but you also don't need to complicate fresh brewed coffee either, brewing in a french press is only slightly more inconvenient than instant but gives a much better tasting coffee.

    What I can't forgive is incorrectly brewed fresh coffee. People who use a drip coffee machine and leave it in the jug burning and going stale for hours, I just don't get it instant would be better in that case. Then you have the people that microwave coffee until it's bubbling and sunder why it tastes bitter.

  • A Cool Guide to Lacing up
  • I usually go with Train Track, but I've had to replace my laces recently while away and could only get ones that were too thick to double up in the eyelets so reverted to Ladder.

    I find these very similar in feel to the straight methods but you can get them much tighter. Also depending on the shoes you can hide the verticals for the train track method behind the eyelets which has a distinctive look.

  • Royal Mail waives £5 penalty charge for fake stamps
  • They should still be charged if the wrong amount of postage has been paid.

    So if you send what royal mail count as a large letter but with a normal stamp instead of a large letter stamp they will be fined and charged the difference in postage.

  • which launcher would you suggest and why?
  • Niagara launcher

    It's a minimalistic approach, you get one widget at the top of the screen and then a handful of favourite apps.

    There's no app draw instead you scroll an alphabet on either side of the screen to find apps.

    Works really well if you have a lot of apps and you want to find them by name.

    In the paid version you can have multiple widgets but they stack in the one spot and you have to swipe between them.

    It's perfect if you want an uncluttered launcher.

  • What would happen to Lemmy if or ran out of funds to continue hosting and decided to shut down their services?
  • In addition to features for migrating communities and accounts I think the ability to set up a special type of instance that just archives everything from all the instances it's federated to would be a huge benefit.

    Something along the lines of an instance that doesn't allow new content to be created, only consumed. This way if an instance were to permanently close we could migrate it's communities to other instances from the archive.

    This could also extend to migration of lost accounts, though ensuring the original account holder is the one making a request could become a nightmare of an overhead. The situation could be improved though if lemmy got some sort of feature for linking accounts across multiple instances.