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Electricity prices in France turn negative as renewable energy floods the grid
  • Usually in addition to electricity itself you pay for using the power grid per kWh. IIRC here in Finland it's around 0.07€/kWh. At one point due to some error the price of electricity went down to like -0.20€ and we were indeed paid to use electricity. Though we paid back with more expensive electricity a while after.

  • Gun porn rules
  • But there's a cover on top of that which doesn't get hot, as it's meant to be held, at least on assault rifles, which is the only weapon I have shot.

    I'd say, as long as the ass is stable that's not half bad for shooting. The person with ass up though, I can't imagine how one would look through the sights properly like that.

  • Link posts in compact

    Is it possible to have link posts in compact layout while other posts are in cards layout? I miss this feature from Boost and Eternity.

    Remember the Philips I posted about a couple months ago? Here it is now!
  • It was quite a bit of work but it looks and sounds pretty good. On the inside, it got a new EL84 and an EM80, all the tar and electrolytic caps were replaced, a few resistors replaced, a tuning capacitor soldered back on, a new power cord, a fuse added and maybe something I'm forgetting. The lacquer on the cabinet was scraped off and new lacquer put on. The brass parts were cleaned and polished and knobs cleaned.

    I'm still not finished though, when I get my function generator in the mail I will give it a full alignment, I can notice two peaks per channel and the dial is not quite right. More out of spec resistors should probably be replaced too. It does work well as is too, with a wire connected to the antenna input I was even able hear a lot of shortwave stations!

  • Antique Radios vaionko

    Remember the Philips I posted about a couple months ago? Here it is now!

    Can I make it fit, or do I have to just let it go?
  • I also have a 128GB SanDisk that I bought quite a few years ago for a decent chuni if money for a flash drive, has been through the washing machine twice and still works. It fits a lot of ISOs for Ventoy to use

  • Antique Radios vaionko

    Found this beauty in my parents' attic!


    Is the TS10 still the go-to for a small and bright EDC?

    I've bought two of these now and lost both. One just disappeared from my pocket and the other I dropped somewhere in a dark forest.

    Now I want a new EDC. Is it a good idea to get another TS10 or are there better alternatives now?

    I want decent brightness and small size. Andruril is a huge plus and aux leds are also fun. And not very expensive in case I lose one again.


    Text broken on Redmi 5 Plus with Plasma desktop

    A bunch of characters seem to be missing making text unreadable. What could the problem be? !


    Played a little Carcassonne a while back

    We had 3 or 4 sets.

    And if you look closely, you can see some illegally placed pieces that somehow weren't noticed when placed